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PMDG 737 for MSFS: irs_display_left/right

Andy B.

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I tried the new PMDG 737 MSFS offsets yesterday. Everything seems to be working just fine. The only problem is an error I get while building with the MSFS offsets. It appears the PMDG 737 SDK states that irs_display_left and irs_display_right are character strings as they were for P3D. Building the project gives me the following error:


Cannot convert Offset<byte> to string.


The code referenced is below:


leftIRSDisplayTextBox.Text = Aircraft.PMDG737.IRS_DISPLAY_LEFT.Value;

rightIRSDisplayTextBox.Text = Aircraft.PMDG737.IRS_DISPLAY_RIGHT.Value;


Is it possible to fix this?

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Yes, I'll fix it. The documentation says this is a byte array instead of a character array so that's why it's wrong.

I'll have a new beta version out soon. I'll be getting rid of the new MSFS version of the 737 offsets class and amending the original 'NGX' to intelligently switch to the MSFS offsets when connected to MSFS. The offsets names will be the same, you'll just have to change the class name where you instantiate it.


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