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PMDG 737 cdu screen data


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I have been trying to get the screen data out off the dll using c# and .net6.

I had some luck to get whole display text but I saw that there should be a option to get each screen cell with the flags color and font size type. But can't find out how to get to this data.

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There are a number of ways to get the data from the CDU, depending on what level of detail you want. Here are the options:

            cdu0 = new PMDG_NGX_CDU_Screen(0x5400);

            // Entire screen
            this.txtCDU.Text = cdu0.ToString("\r\n");

            // Individual Rows:
            string row3Text = cdu0.Rows[2].ToString(); // Rows are 0 based. Third row has index 2

            // Individual Cells:
            // e.g. Character in Row 3 (Index 2), First Character (Index 0):
            char R3C1Char = cdu0.Rows[2].Cells[0].Symbol;
            // Same but as a string:
            string R3C1String = cdu0.Rows[2].Cells[0].ToString();

            // Get cell colour:
            PMDG_NGX_CDU_COLOR R3C1Colour = cdu0.Rows[2].Cells[0].Color;

            // Get cell Flag:
            PMDG_NGX_CDU_FLAG R3C1Flags = cdu0.Rows[2].Cells[0].Flags;
            // Flags values can be combined (e.g. Small and Reversed). To check if a certain bit is set use the HasFlag method:
            bool cellIsReversed = R3C1Flags.HasFlag(PMDG_NGX_CDU_FLAG.REVERSE);


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