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E-Jets V3: Heading Bug Stuck, Sudden Go-Around Activation


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I did many flights with the E-Jets recently. While the majority of them was successful, there was still a significant percentage of flights with unexpected problems:

Heading Bug Stuck: I now and then observe that after starting up the aircraft and setting up the FMC for the flight, that the heading bug is stuck. When I try to set the heading, the bug moves just a little and returns to the initial position immediately. The only way to get rid of this problem is to start a completely new flight. Frustrating!

Sudden Go-Around Activation: This happens on about every third or forth flight mostly during a stable approach (ILS approach, LOC approach or VOR approach with AP and AT on). Suddenly, the active approach mode changes to G/A mode for no obvious reason. There is no way to re-activate the before stable approach again. The only option to land the aircraft is by turning OFF the AP as well as the AT.

Who has ever observed such behaviour and possibly has a solution?

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18 hours ago, sax702 said:

Could it be something with your controller? Do you have any mapped keys? If so, I would clear all of that. 


Thanks for your tip. Although it was neither the controllers nor the key mapping which caused the problem, your tip led me the cause of the malfunction. I normally run the Garmin GTN750 addon in the background, in airliners mainly as map display, which is particularly helpful for taxiing. So far I never observed any problem by using the GTN like this, but in connection with the E-Jets it obviously interferes with the autoflight system, if I also enter the route in the GTN. But if I limit the use of the GTN to display maps, there is no problem and every flight with an E-Jet was a pleasure since!

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