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8.33 kHz Example Code?


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Hi there.  Is there a chance you can add an example of getting/setting 8.33 kHz?  Not being a coder, I found a way to make it work a while back but then lost my code and now can't remember what I did.  I decided to have a C# developer who isn't familiar with FSUIPC try to rebuild my app but he's getting stuck.  If I can point him to an example, that would be very helpful.

Also, it would be great if you can add an example in the sample code.  Currently it only has an example of the 2 decimal BCD way of doing it which doesn't work for 3 decimals.

Thank you!


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Hi Tony,

The new offsets for COM frequencies start at 0x05C4. These are just normal 4-byte 'int' offsets that store the frequency in Hz. To convert to/from the normal MHz value just multiply/divide by 1,000,000.

These offsets are read/write in P3D, however the Offset Status document for FSUIPC7 (MSFS) says that writing to these offsets does not work yet. It's worth trying though. 

Also, some third-party aircraft may use their own coding for com frequencies and so these offset won't work at all for those aircraft.


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