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programming radio box

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hi, i am writing codes for radio control box. i am using following ofsets. 

        private Offset<int> com1offset = new Offset<int>("com1", 0x05C4);
        private Offset<int> com1stbyoffset = new Offset<int>("com1stby", 0x05CC);
        private Offset<int> com2offset = new Offset<int>("com2", 0x05C8);
        private Offset<int> com2stbyoffset = new Offset<int>("com2stby", 0x05D0);
        private Offset<short> nav1offset = new Offset<short>("nav1", 0x0350);
        private Offset<short> nav1stbyoffset = new Offset<short>("nav1stby", 0x311E);
        private Offset<short> nav2offset = new Offset<short>("nav2", 0x0352);
        private Offset<short> nav2stbyoffset = new Offset<short>("nav2stby", 0x3120);

com offsets are ok. it returns  9 digits value like 132850000. i am cutting last 3 digits and splitting rest characters like following.

 132     850   000
  mhz   khz   delete

but nav offsets returns different value. it showing 110.50 in msfs2020 but returns 4176. What am i doing wrong in?
(Sorry for my poor English)

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The NAV offsets are stored in hexadecimal, not decimal like the COM offsets.

To convert the value, you must convert it to a string using hexadecimal format. Then you need to add the 1 at the front and the decimal point in the middle...

string nav1String = nav1offset.Value.ToString("X4"); // Convert to hex - exactly 4 digits
nav1String = "1" + nav1String.Substring(0, 2) + "." + nav1String.Substring(2, 2);

 In your example you got the value 4176. In hexadecimal this is 1050. Which represents the frequency 110.50


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