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  1. Erj 195 PreparedV4 INT01 point at FMS when entering a SID

    Hi Alex, is there any news about the fix that you've made , if so where can I dowload the fix. Regards!
  2. Hi Janc as far as i know its not possible to use v4.0 with this aircraft , I understand you situation as I also didnt want to make the upgrade but unafourtunally i ended up doing so, with the v4.1 the aircraft works fine but i still have some issues with the FMC when upgrading the airnav data from Navigraph . Kind of frustrating :(
  3. Erj 195 PreparedV4 INT01 point at FMS when entering a SID

    Hi Alex excellent news and thanks !!! please let me know when you've published the fix
  4. Erj 195 PreparedV4 INT01 point at FMS when entering a SID

    Hello Alex, thanks , i forgot to tell in the previous post that my flight was about 200 nm however the INT01 point is displayed at 400 NM from the origin, so I think that maybe could be a miscalculation in the FMS this issue happend me at after a fresh installation of the product, then after I tried installing the latesr AIRAC from navigraph the issue stills happens, My flight was from MMCU ( SID ULURO2A ) to MMCS What can i do?
  5. Hello every time im entering a flight plant and when i enter a SID at the ERJ 195's FMS appears a point called INT01 located at 400NM from the current location, what does that point "INT00" means , am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hi AJ I Know its been a while since you replied , after i updated to 4.1 it worked OK thanks!!
  7. Hello , I Just bought the E-Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and 195 , has any one had have the problem when the virtual cockpit buttons does not work and also the main displays (PFD , etc ) are black as well? (even when you set the "engines running" startup mode) on the prepare3d V4? What can i do to get the buttons working properly? My prepar3d version is : 4.0.23
  8. EJets Prepar3d version 4.1

    Hi Algy, What have you done for get the virtual cockpit buttons working? did you have the main displays black as well?