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  1. Please switch on the "Object ID" column for arrivals and departures. This is in Settings > Columns Tab > Check the "Object ID" box in the arrivals and departures groups. Save your settings. Then do the following: 1) Reproduce the problem and take a screenshot 2) Wait 2 minutes 3) Take another screenshot Send both to me please Thanks Simon
  2. [error.0] error=AceXML Parser Error Source: C:\Users\Andre_Casa\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Common\add-on.xml Line: 5 Column: 0 Error: 'AddOn.STBTag' - (0x83600FB7) Yes, that's an extra XML stanza I put in so I can manage the ownership of the component better between STB and STB-DS. Any other side effects other than the note in the content errors? If not, I'll put this in the list to deal with post release. Thanks for checking, it didn't occur to me to do so! Regards Simon
  3. Having run some tests, I think the best way of addressing the C++ pre-requisite is to deal with it in house once STB is running. If we fail to load simconnect.dll, we can take the user down the path of installing the redist. For everyone running STB on the same PC as Prepar3D, you should never get here as the simulator itself will have the redist already installed. For STB on a remote PC where the C++ isn't installed, STB will issue a friendly dialogue then launch the redist installer for you. Sounds like a good experience all round whichever scenario you find yourself in
  4. Some beta testers are reporting problems installing beta 2 revolving around the C++ 2015 prerequisite. If you find yourself in that situation please contact me first so we can diagnose the issue, then I can provide an installer without the prereq. Simon
  5. The installer does check if the VC++2015 redistributable is installed, and if not we go down the road of downloading and installing. A separate problem reported by other users revolves around STB trying to download and install an older version of the redist compared to what the user already has installed. It seems MS is using different registry keys for different updates of the same runtime, so a 2015 runtime can have several keys if it gets several updates. I'll have to rethink my approach here, and perhaps take it inside the application itself to resolve. The prereq is actually required by simconnect.dll, and is only an issue on a PC without P3D installed (think remote STB here). If you can't fix it or find yourself spending too much time on it, I'll be happy to supply an installer without the c++ prereq.
  6. Could you explain a bit more about "could not install dependencies" please, it's difficult for me to picture what is happening? STB setup does not save the redist, it is downloaded as a temporary file, installed, then the temporary file discarded.
  7. STB V4 Beta 2 for Prepar3D V4 is now available, all testers should have received an email or PM with the details. If you didn't receive anything, please contact me. Here's a list of what changed in Beta 2: ⦁ Relocated trace file to MyDocuments\SuperTrafficBoard folder. ⦁ Rewrote Addon XML parser to be case insensitive towards XML content. ⦁ Tolerate minor errors such as missing path statements. Report back to user and continue rather than throwing exception and ending the complilation of the airports database. ⦁ If a V3 settings file is missing during migration, it's ignored (but logged in the trace) rather than failing the process. ⦁ Migrate ArrivalStates.<lang>.txt, DepartureStates.<lang>.txt, ColumnHeadings.txt, CallsignOverrides.txt from V3 to V4 when requested. This was overlooked in the beta 1 wizard. ⦁ Disabled enhanced View AI Cameras until a resolution is found to the Prepar3D rendering problem. ⦁ If the user aircraft reports a zero cruise speed, set the user's arrival schedule to an invalid time ("??:??"). This may happen when the user selects the control tower as their aircraft. ⦁ Store core simulator backup files in My Documents\SuperTrafficBoard rather than the STB application data (the latter is often lost following software deinstallation). ⦁ During application uninstall, chaged the deletion of the application data folder to delete the entire SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client structure rather than just the sim specific folder. ⦁ Updated STB Client support for running on a separate computer to Prepar3D ⦁ Improved reporting of SimConnect client assembly load failure. Here's a list of what's left to do: STB-DS is coming soon, is currently undergoing testing. The user documentation hasn’t yet been updated. Update the deployment tab in the STB Client Settings Notebook . Review the keyboard commands available in observer based views: Arrow keys (horizontal movement) and page up, page down (advanced movement) were done up to P3Dv3. It is not possible from P3Dv4. Simon
  8. Certainly, but as a new member of the forum please send me a copy of your STB software purchase, either via PM or email. Thanks Simon
  9. Beta 2 installer testing begins tonight!
  10. Yes I will. There will continue to be the "check for updates" facility which allows me to push updates without having to go through the shops. That won't deal with new versions however. Simon
  11. I won't comment on the first part, but I invested some time with Prepar3D V4 and AIFP and also found it to be a joy. The quality of the paints, models and schedules are all excellent and it's so good to see the fruits of your efforts show up in the simulator. It is also a labour of love so I tended to concentrate on the major airlines at the airports I usually visited. Just as soon as I can stop developing and spend some quality time with Prepar3D V4 (as if!) I'll be repeating the exercise. Simon
  12. The important thing is whatever traffic is actually present in the simulator as put there by UTLive is correctly shown by STB. When there's an inbalance, that can be difficult to see because you may spend more time investigating the imbalance than enjoying what is happening. If you are still able to have a good experience with UTLive then by all means continue and look for anything that STB isn't handling well. Otherwise there is always the default traffic with it's limitations (FPS expensive models and poor scheduling coverage). Have Flight1 acknowledged the problem? Simon
  13. Thanks - I'll let you know when it's available.
  14. Hi Everyone Many thanks for taking a look at Beta 1. As far as I can tell no major disasters, but plenty to work on as a result of your testing. Here's a list of what I'm currently working on for Beta 2, the first four items in the list are already complete. As for the rest, I'm working on them. Depending on how they go I may release Beta 2 before some are complete. In the meantime don't hesitate to provide further feedback. Treat add-on.xml content as case insensitive (even though XML is case sensitive!) This is breaking the airport database complication for some beta testers. Tolerate minor errors in add-on.xml, such as a missing path statement. Again this is breaking the airport database complication for some beta testers. Migrate all configuration files from Version 3 to Version 4. In Beta 1 we overlooked custom arrival and departure state names, column headings and callsign overrides. STB Client support for running on a separate computer to Prepar3D STB Data Server (may come a few days after STB Client Beta 2) Investigate issues around STB approach control not minimizing go-arounds due to arrival volumes Investigate exception occurring with user aircraft schedule time generation. Store core simulator backup files in core simulator directories rather than the STB application data (the latter is easily lost following software deinstallation). Store traces in a My Documents folder rather than My Documents root Thanks Simon
  15. Beta 1 is now full. As you are new to the forum, please send me a copy of your original STB order and I'll be glad to include you in Beta 2. thanks Simon