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  1. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Ray Thanks, it's something I will spend some time on as I think it will improve matters. Simon
  2. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Ray Thank you for the suggestion, It's an interesting take on the problem of AI traffic density. It's entirely a "feature" of the simulator that future departures are "injected" so far in advance. I could probably introduce a configuration setting that treats AI deleted at the gate differently than those deleted in the air. Rather than "Departed at xx:xx" I could simply delete them from STB entirely. Unfortunately I can't tell who deleted an aircraft and why, and whether it was a third party of the simulator itself. The thing you may not like is STB for Prepar3D V3 is no longer under active development, so this is something for STB for Prepar3D V4. Simon
  3. Ai refresh problems on STB

    STB does not poll for refresh for most of the information it requires. Instead it asks to be notified when something changes, a programming pattern that was introduced with SimConnect and is a very popular model in software engineering today. For your situation it sounds like one of the following has occurred: 1) For some reason we are not receiving notifications from the simulator 2) Internally within Prepar3D the gate information is not changing. If a third party simply relocates an AI to new coordinates, I don't think that does anything for the simulator's gate allocations (and runways too as appropriate). The only way this can change is for the AI to go through it's normal workflow as driven by the simulator. 3) Maybe it's not being deleted correctly and the simulator still has knowledge about it, if it persists on the board after disconnecting and reconnecting the STB client. The "correct" way is to invoke a method in one of the runtime simulator DLLs, as a suitable method does not exist in SimConnect. I've seen some applications simply move the aircraft beyond the "reality bubble" in an attempt to force the simulator to delete, but that does not always work. If you would like me to further qualify what is happening, please do the following: 1) Do Settings -> Columns Tab and check and enable the Object ID and State Columns in all three sections. 2) Set up a trace as per appendix C of the user guide 3) Reproduce the problem, send me the trace file and tell me the Object ID values involved. Better still, send a screenshot. Thanks Simon
  4. Thank you - I've fixed the link

    I checked my code, I don't see any case where I would set the "Airline Name" to NONE. We need to see what's coming from the simulator. Can you set up a trace please as per Appendix C of the user guide, recreate the problem, and then send me the trace file? Please include a screenshot of the problem, and mention which flight on the board you think is a problem (although it should be obvious!) Thanks Simon

    This depends on exactly what callsign P3D is sending us. What is it in your case please? Thanks Simon
  7. If Prepar3D is crashing as well, there's not a lot I can do about that. The crash you see in STB seems to come from the SimConnect interface, which is consistent with the simulator crash. Just now I followed a flight from London to Hamburg and it worked fine. I appreciate that does not help you much, but there's isn't evidence of a systematic problem here. The only other thing I can suggest is for you to set up a trace as per appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem and send me the trace file. I will look to see if there's anything we can do differently, but it's a long shot. Simon
  8. The first thing to do here is check whether your crash.txt represents your actual problem, because you've been taken to the default Microsoft exception handler rather than STB's (that generates the crash.txt file). In crash.txt, it says the error occurs when you disconnect STB from Prepar3D, which I'm not sure matches your problem description. Can you comment please? Thanks Simon
  9. Flight number is missed

    Flight numbers are not as easily available as you may think. Historically, FSX only publishes them to SimConnect add-ons such as STB when an AI aircraft begins it's departure cycle or is created as an in-flight arrival. This is something to do with the way FSUIPC works, and SimConnect wanted to behave the same way even though it does not make much sense to me. To get around this, STB reads AI traffic schedules so we can present flight numbers for flights before they occur. For this to work, you need to perform "Compile Airport Database" from the menus any time you change or add flight plans to the simulator. Thanks Simon
  10. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    You'll still need to do the compile airports step in STB. Thanks Simon
  11. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    The only important part here is the file does not end in ".bgl". FSX/Prepar3D will ignore it when it is something other than .bgl. Simon
  12. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    The same way you would rename any other file, right click in Windows explorer and rename
  13. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    Yes, then in STB do "Compile Airports" from the menus. STB has an airports database that reads the content of BGL files so it can predict future flights before they show up in the simulator. Simon
  14. While I'd never rule it out completely, integration with UTLive looks very unlikely at the present time. If you are referring to Just Flight Traffic Global, my understanding is this package uses regular BGL scheduling like everyone else, in which case I'd expect STB to support it. We'll have to wait and see of course, but I've already reached out to Just Flight to see what it has to offer at the earliest opportunity. I've no information about what may happen when, but it's on my radar. Simon
  15. There is a database in STB, and we get the original information for that database by scanning the scenery library and reaching the AFD files that define them. If you change your airports a lot and the names are not satisfactory, doing "make runways" followed by "compile airport database" will give you the best result.