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  1. I am beginning to think that backwards compatibility issues between Prepar3D V3 add-ons and Prepar3D V4 might not be as challenging as previously suggested. If that is the case, I can only applaud their efforts. Simon
  2. He goes on to say that MyTraffic is working, which suggests the traffic BGL format is unchanged. If that's the case, it's a very significant piece of good news for STB. Many other boxes will need to be ticked, but so far so good. Simon
  3. And a +1 from me also. Including MakeRwys with STB saved me tremendous amount of work, just decompiling and normalising the content of scheduling BGLs for STB was more than enough so I'm glad to hear they've not changed. Some more steps in the right direction for all of us. Thanks Simon
  4. +1 here, it's an essential component of Super Traffic Board that Pete kindly permits me to use. Have the BGL formats changed in P3D V4, for example the traffic schedule BGLS all used 32bit wide internal indexes? Thanks Simon
  5. Do you have a link to some information that says 32bit FSX model formats and 32bit traffic BGLs are supported in a 64bit Prepar3D V4? That sort of thing is pretty important to SuperTrafficBoard also. I agree with the comment, we'll need to try it and see what the issues are with lots of add-ons and not to mention freeware. Thanks Simon
  6. Thank you for the kind remarks, to be in anyone's top 10 or top 3 is an absolute honour for me. I have some STB for FSX work to do first to bring it's story to a close and then I can begin thinking about P3DV4. Apart from anything else I am excited about what's on offer, but I'd love to hear something about performance in the coming days and in particular has anything been done to improve the performance of having AI aircraft in your scenario. It's the one major part of the sim that seems to have been largely overlooked for improvement since FS9. Sloped runways too in P3D? That's a reach, but it's one thing (the others being the night lighting and the plausible world concept) that I like about XPlane. Simon
  7. Please see summary of the simulator landscape in a separate topic.
  8. All of a sudden we are awash with new simulators: XPlane 11 not so long ago, Flight Sim World early access in the last few days and now Prepar3D V4. So how do we think STB will participate in these? XPlane: No plans right now, any effort would be significant and a large rewrite of the existing software. Flight Sim World: No plans right now, it's unclear what the effort may be required and the commercials of selling through Steam or FSW just don't add up for a small player like me. Prepar3D V4: Out of the three this is the most likely, but I can't say what may or may not happen until I've had time to work with the SDK and understand the internal changes that STB is dependent on. Unfortunately I've never been able to find a way to join their development or beta programs, buying a development license isn't sufficient it would seem so I like most others will have the first opportunities at the end of the month. I imagine an assessment alone will take some significant time to complete, let alone a full product development. Thanks Simon
  9. A new update is available for Super Traffic Board (and Super Traffic Board Data Server) for Prepar3D V3: STB: STB-DS: The installers are contain all previous changes and will update your current installation, there's no need to uninstall first (assuming you already have some version of STB or STB-DS V3.4 already present on your PC). Compared with V3.4.1.0, the update addresses the following areas: Flight Plan Complier Bug fix: Don't append "Scenery" to a scenery library path if it already ends with "scenery". Disable message about simulator security warning the first time an exe or dll is executed for Prepar3D based simulators. Such warnings are only generated by FSX simulators. The first issue was the main driver behind this update, especially since it's a zero day problem (i.e. it's been there ever since STB/STB-DS began reading the scenery library). That said, I don't think too many people have such scenery library entries but I felt it was worth addressing all the same. Compared with the V3.4.0.29, the following changes are included: ⦁ Limited support for Flight1 UTLive: Ability to select logos, airlines and aircraft definitins for UTLive (shared option with UT2); ⦁ Bug fix: Absolute departure and arrival time for hourly repeat period BGL flights incorrectly calculated leading to errors in "Approach Now" and "Depart Now"; ⦁ Remove redundant switch back to user cockpit action when an AI subject to an extended view ai camera is deleted; ⦁ Added Help link for finding the STB-DS computer name during the remote connection wizard; ⦁ Improved text in remote configuration wizard; ⦁ Added STB Client Computer Name to statistics tab of settings notebook; ⦁ Checked a value for simulator computer name has been entered before allowing the user to continue through the remote connection wizard; ⦁ Bug fix: Deleting extended view AI cameras and observers through SimConnect when the API is closing can crash STB; ⦁ Bug fix: Reset the Follow/Shadow AI View to "View AI" when the Extended AI Camera facility is disabled in settings notebook. Disable the Follow/Shadow AI View control when the Extended AI Camera Facility is disabled; As always any feedback is most welcome! Thanks Simon
  10. One of the things I like about MyTraffic is the variety of engine types available for each aircraft, so for example on 747-400 you'd get GE, PW and RR models. In UT2 that seemed more limited, some aircraft having just one engine type. This in turn made it difficult to use AIA repaints, as sometimes they'd be for an engine model not available in UT2. Sounds like that is still the case? Simon
  11. There may be one more FSX update to come....
  12. I've made a small improvement to STB that will make it as good as it can be where UTLive is concerned and any other external scheduling engine (e.g. Air Hauler) that creates traffic with SimConnect. In this update, we will apply a schedule time to reflect when the AI becomes active, and this should improve the sort order for arrival and departure flights where the complete scheduling isn't known. So instead of the incomplete flights being pushed to the bottom of the board, they will get the current (simulator time) when they go active. This may not be to everyone's liking, so it can be controlled through settings. Here's an example with UT2 where UT2 isn't transmitting schedule info to STB (just like UT Live). The flights with scheduling times are regular (MyTraffic) BGL flights: If the update proves to be well behaved, it will be available here first. Only STB for Prepar3D will get the update, STB for FSX is largely closed for development now. I appreciate this falls short of what many would like to see with STB and UTLive, but in the current situation it's the best compromise available. Thanks Simon
  13. Not closed as far as I know, but you might like to read the following:
  14. It needs to be in your "SIM" section: [SIM] LoadAIVirtualCockpit=1 The STB Installer will do that automatically for you, but if you have deleted the Prepar3D.cfg file at a later time it needs to be added again manually. Simon
  15. Screenshots are ideal, thanks.