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  1. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    The only important part here is the file does not end in ".bgl". FSX/Prepar3D will ignore it when it is something other than .bgl. Simon
  2. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    The same way you would rename any other file, right click in Windows explorer and rename
  3. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    Yes, then in STB do "Compile Airports" from the menus. STB has an airports database that reads the content of BGL files so it can predict future flights before they show up in the simulator. Simon
  4. While I'd never rule it out completely, integration with UTLive looks very unlikely at the present time. If you are referring to Just Flight Traffic Global, my understanding is this package uses regular BGL scheduling like everyone else, in which case I'd expect STB to support it. We'll have to wait and see of course, but I've already reached out to Just Flight to see what it has to offer at the earliest opportunity. I've no information about what may happen when, but it's on my radar. Simon
  5. There is a database in STB, and we get the original information for that database by scanning the scenery library and reaching the AFD files that define them. If you change your airports a lot and the names are not satisfactory, doing "make runways" followed by "compile airport database" will give you the best result.
  6. error message says I should report this

    I can't comment about FTX Vector, you'll need to contact ORBX for assistance with that. For your STB problem, please set up a trace as per Appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem, and send me the trace file. Thanks Simon
  7. error message says I should report this

    We are interested in both repaints (really the new stuff added to the aircraft.cfg rather than the actual texture itself) and airports. When I've seen this sort of thing before, it usually occurs because the compile did not complete successfully and manage to evade the detection I have for such an event. Without being able to reproduce it I don't think I can suggest much more, but I will improve the advice given by STB when it occurs. Thanks Simon
  8. error message says I should report this

    Your airports database is not properly compiled. Please do the following 1) Delete all files in the STB Application Data Folder\Database directory, e.g. C:\Users\Simon\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client\Prepar3D V4\Database 2) Recompile the database through STB as normal Simon
  9. Coming soon, updates for STB V4 for Prepar3D V4. I've already fixed the following: - Remove the STBTag from add-on.xml if it exists, which resulted in the simulator reporting content errors (just cosmetic rather than functional). - Fixed bug preventing the Prepar3D SimConnect Client version being reported in settings notebook. - Removed AIRound indicator, and some of the code associated with AIRound. - Fixed length of "Page" indicator so it displays the full text of "page x of y" when using STB without scroll bars. - Added "Do not Change" option to the list of views available to change automatically to when commanding follow/shadow AI. - Improved behaviour of board in response to user repositioning during FollowAI: Flights are no longer predicted nor auto select closest airport re-evaluated each time the user aircraft is moved by Follow AI. Note we cannot prevent the SimStopped and Simstarted callbacks when the reposition occurs, which is seen on the board as a short lived updated to the heading text. - Fixed bug where departures that had left reality bubble did not get an updated departure remarking referring to yesterday when midnight is crossed. Next I plan to have a look at the following: · - Review Depart/Arrive now options for STB replacement aircraft created at the gate - Departure schedules for replacement STB arrival flights are not allocated to the corresponding predicted flight. - Dead flights are not removed after switching from predictions mode to summary After that, I plan to have a look once again at the Prepar3D V4 camera system. An initial analysis suggests there are no easy solutions to replace what was lost in moving from V3 to V4.
  10. For aircraft that are under the control of P3D ATC but are not generated by regular BGL schedule files, we have some extra code to handle the situation as best we can. When we see the aircraft transition from sleep state to something else, we ask the simulator for the departure and arrival airports as that information should now be available. Flight numbers are a similar situation, however the simulator does not make the flight number available until the aircraft becomes active. So for UTLive, I believe we should see departure and arrival time information as soon as UTLive gives it a flight plan (e.g. we go from "sleep" to "flt plan". If that's not what you are seeing, please set up a trace as described in the STB user guide, reproduce the problem and send me the trace file. Please enable the "FS Object ID" column on STB and identify the value associated value of a flight that did not behave as expected. I can cross reference that in the trace . Thanks Simon
  11. Stay in tower when switching AI being shadowed

    I'll be working on an update in the near future, so I'll see if I can include this. Thanks Simon
  12. Stay in tower when switching AI being shadowed

    So I think what you are asking for is an option not to change the view after selecting "Shadow AI"? Thanks Simon
  13. Follow ai aircraft problem

    The first thing to establish is whether your DXB has parking sufficient for an A380. If not, or the parking is occupied by others, your AI is deleted near touchdown. When the AI you are following is deleted, STB returns you back to where you started from. After that, please set up a trace as per appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem and send me the trace file with details of the AI you were following (all flight details please) Thanks Simon
  14. Unable to connect from remote PC

    Hi Please send me the following files: 1) simconnect.cfg from the My Documents folder on your STB Client PC 2) simconnect.xml from the Lockheed Martin application data folder on the Prepar3D PC. Thanks Simon
  15. Closest airport

    A couple of things to note about this: 1) The function depends on the STB airport database being up to date. 2) The determination is made every 15 seconds of elapsed simulator time. If the problem remains, please set up a trace as per appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem and send me the trace file. Pause the simulator for one minute to ensure everything is stable. Please tell me which airport STB thinks is the closest, and which you think is the closest. Simon
  16. This forum delete my Topic ! why ???

    This forum is the addon "Super Traffic Board" only. Other topics should be discussed elsewhere.
  17. STB and add-on sceneries

    I think this is the way FSDT works in relation to the user aircraft. One of their utilities (Coualt?) listens to the simulator for the position of the user aircraft and draws their scenery when it is close by. Normally this is fine, and more suppliers are using this kind of approach to add capability not normally found in the simulator. However when using Follow AI there can be a problem, as STB positions the user aircraft some distance behind the selected AI to keep it out of the main view. I can easily imagine this is too far away for the FSDT scenery to be drawn. You might consider "Shadow AI" instead of Follow along with the invisible aircraft, depending on the simulator you are using. Simon
  18. I can finally show my problem

    In STB v4, we only have the standard ViewAI command for both Shadow and Follow. That looks at and tracks the AI aircraft chosen. If the camera is shaking, I dont know why that is. The only thing I can suggest at this time is to review the global camera.cfg file and see if changing any of the parameter for the AI camera. Simon
  19. STB Super Traffic board for P3dv4 error

    Yes, it's just a cosmetic issue. I look to fix it in a future release. thanks Simon
  20. Anyone else seeing this in Prepar3D V4? About half the time in the simulator, I notice an arrival getting a parking gate at touchdown, and that changes to a different gate shortly after. It's hard to see in STB as that only reports the initial gate allocation, but you can see it in traffic toolbox and by listening to the ground ATC. Here's the exact scenario: 1) AI lands and changes to start "Taxi-in". Over simconnect for STB and in Traffic Toolbox (TT), I see the gate allocation. 2) AI exits the runway and calls ground for "taxi to gate/parking". 3) Ground controller reads out the gate allocation which is sometimes different to step 1. 4) AI reads back, and at that point the gate changes on TT. This probably shouldn't be happening, and I checked Prepar3D V3 and do not see it there. Before I go any further, anyone else seeing this? In case it is helpful, I've including an add-on configuration file to Traffic Toolbox. You'll need to update the path according to your own PC. TrafficToolbox.zip Thanks Simon
  21. Incorrect Gate Allocations

    Thanks for the info. I'll add it to the list of items to investigate. It may be possible to subscribe to gate updates in the simulator and update STB if and when it changes (which I don't like to do, but this bug will not be fixed in the simulator). Simon
  22. I'm in the process of sending STB V4 out to the various shops, and it can take a while to get there. However the first is already up and running at PCAviator: http://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=20730&cat=0&page=1 In case I've not mentioned this before, STB V4 is a free program to anyone that has previously purchased STB for Prepar3D. I'll update this thread as the other shops come online, please give me a shout if I can help. Thanks once again to the marvellous beta team for helping me get STB V4 into great shape. Simon
  23. STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 now available

    Thank you all for the kind words. Just Flight have just gone live, which just leaves Aerosoft..... https://www.justflight.com/product/super-traffic-board-for-p3d Simon
  24. super traffic board

    The problem seems to be in the microsoft simconnect client. Please set up a trace as described in Appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem and send me the resulting trace file. Thanks Simon
  25. super traffic board

    I'm not sure installing it again is going to help. Based on the information so far, the problem is with your computer rather than STB program code. Please tell me a little more about your configuration: 1) What version of FSX are you using? 2) Are you running STB and FSX on the same PC? 3) Please take a screenshot of the UT2 pull down menu while FSX is running. .Net V4.5 is not a problem as STB is a .Net V3.5 application. If you have simconnect.cfg in my docs I'd like to understand why before taking any action.