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  1. my traffic live

    I'm getting the email not registered msg myself today.
  2. I can't connect to mytrafficlive I get this error: Anyway to fix it ? My sub is current .
  3. very little traffic around the fsx world

    Burkhard, yes today all is fine. Btw, I have just noticed something strange. At about 3.15pm european time not uk time an easyet a320 landed ( at luton) like a brick...it came down like a brick literally, bounced twice and took off right away .
  4. very little traffic around the fsx world

    Burkhard, early this morning around 7-9 am european time there were again only 3 airplanes in LIMC.
  5. very little traffic around the fsx world

    [ I noticed the same big drop of traffic also in essa and ebbr.Almost zero planes.. Edit: I installed the 2012 schedules and all airports are full !
  6. Hi, I have mytraffic 5.4 with fstraffic live and yet all of a sudden i see little traffic around. LIMC with only 5 "planes" during peak hours is strange.I have simgiants limc btw. Is there anything I can do to find out what causes this "drop" in traffic ? Thanks
  7. sorry, error 3 detected

    Yes It happens all the time. I sent you a pm.
  8. sorry, error 3 detected

    What does this error mean when downloading fslive traffic ? Thanks
  9. My traffic Live : error 1 no download possible

    I have user rights to write the file.The disk is not full (not even 50% full).I have internet connection. I have sent you a pm with the contents of myemai.txt
  10. I just tried downloading a new traffic live file and I got the above error message. I'm including a picture V
  11. MyTrafficX beta bug ?/problem

    Will email you.Thanks.
  12. I open Mytraffic Communicator and I click on downloads and then on Mytraffic Live. I click on Download now to get the traffic file and I get a white popup that has my password that is used to connect to the traffic server on it. After a few secs, the popup goes away and the download starts.. the download size is 16466305 and it takes for ever to complete. Btw, After the traffic download is finished and I get the black dos window and it asks me what to do I always enter A. is that correct ? Thanks
  13. my traffic live renewal price

    Yep. you're right. I was looking for the wrong title. I entered mytraffic live and it's still on sale.
  14. my traffic live renewal price

    Sounds good. I checked simmarket and they don't have the $19 offer anymore.Now the 6 months sub cost eur90+ something !! Let us know when you have more info. Thanks
  15. Will we get the same price we got when we first bought vs 5.4 to renew the traffic live ? Thanks