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  1. Aryeh747

    Hi Aryeh, I cannot answer your question.You are posting in the wrong forum. Please click this link to get to the correct forum: http://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ Start a new topic there and ask your question again. Thanks, Paul
  2. Aryeh747

    Hi Aryeh, Please repost your question in the main forum so Pete can answer it. http://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ This is a sub-forum for questions about programming. Paul
  3. FSUIPC error numb 12

    Is the error 12 coming from a program you wrote yourself using the FSUIPCClient.dll? If not, you need to repost your question in the main support forum. It might not be seen here in this sub-forum for programmers. Paul
  4. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Benny, Yes this is normal behaviour for ACTIdentifier. As the DLL says this is the Airline + Flight Number, or if there isn't one (GA Aircraft) then it's the tail number. To always get the tail number you have two choices: 1. Override the FSUIPC.INI file file settings in code to always bring back the tail number in ATCIdentifier. Call this before you refresh the traffic info: FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.OverrideAirbourneTrafficINISettings(ATCIdentifier.TailNumber, null); There is a similar one for ground traffic. Note that this will affect all FSUIPC applications reading AI Traffic. 2. The other method is to use the extended information properties: Call this once after you open the connection: FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.UpdateExtendedPlaneIndentifiers(true, false, false, false); This will fill the property AIPlaneInfo.TailNumber. However, this will be a bit slow the first time you refresh the AI traffic as the DLL has to make additional calls to FSUIPC for each aircraft. After that the additional calls will only be made when a new plane is seen. But, this won't be very noticeable if you're only getting the tail number. Paul
  5. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    Yes the code looks fine, and works for me with FSX. Have you checked what values you are getting for these two lines? Dim lat As FsLatitude = New FsLatitude(gps_next_lat.Value) Dim lon As FsLongitude = New FsLongitude(gps_next_lon.Value) Is sounds like gps_next_lat and gps_next_lon.Value might be 0. If so then it's the same problem as the distance offset. It's not working in P3DV4. I've attached a new version of the DLL. This should load your AirportsDatabase now. Paul FSUIPCClient3.0_RC8.zip
  6. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    You could try 60AC and 60B4 (Lon/Lat of next waypoint). If those are okay you can make a FsLatLonPoint with them. Then make another from the Player's Lat/Lon. Then you can get distance between both points (FsLatLonPoint.DistanceFromInNauticalMiles()). You can use Math.Abs() to make a number positive. Math.Abs(5) = 5. Math.Abs(-5) = 5. Paul
  7. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    Thanks for the file. I will investigate... I see you're using P3DV4. I know there are some things that don't work with V4. Maybe this is one of them. I would ask Pete in the main forum about this distance offset in P3dV4. I think he's back from holiday tomorrow. I have FSX and it works okay. I don't have P3D so I can't test it there. Paul
  8. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    This code works fine for me: Dim gps_distance As Offset(Of Double) = New Offset(Of Double)(&H60EC) Dim gps_nextWaypoint As Offset(Of String) = New Offset(Of String)(&H60A4, 6) FSUIPCConnection.Process() Dim distanceNM As Double = Math.Round(gps_distance.Value / 1852, 0) Me.TextBox1.Text = gps_nextWaypoint.Value.ToString() & ": " & distanceNM.ToString() + "NM" First check unconverted (metres) value in gps_distance.Value. Is that 0 as well? These offsets are only active when you have a flight plan active in Flight Sim. Are you sure you have one loaded? Are there waypoints defined in the flight plan? If you load the default Cessna with the G1000 GPS do you see the route on the GPS in the cockpit? It should be a magenta line. For the AirportsDatabase error - it seems there is a problem with one of the coms frequencies at an airport. As you have different scenery to me, I can't reproduce this. Could you zip these two files from your main flight sim install folder and attach them here please? F5.csv Runways.xml Thanks, Paul
  9. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    1 NM is 1852 metres. Divide gps_distance by 1852 to convert metres to nautical miles. Use the Math.Round() function to round to however many decimal places you need. Paul
  10. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    Okay - So does your project compile with the new DLL now? If so, I just need the exception details. Paul
  11. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    This is now called SetReferenceLocation - just change the name in your code. Paul
  12. Vb.NET Closest NAVAIDS SQlite

    Sorry Fred, I didn't see your reply. I think you edited the post. I don't get notified of edits, only new posts. Yes the message will be the same, but this time the stack trace has line numbers. However, my source code has changed a lot since I sent that .pdb. Can you please use the current version attached, get the error and show me the full exception as above. There might be a few changes to the DLL that break your code. I have renamed a few properties and methods. Let me know if you get any errors and I'll tell you the new names. Thanks, Paul FSUIPCClient3.0_RC8.zip
  13. Play with GPS Offsets

    I'll answer on that thread. Paul
  14. Play with GPS Offsets

    Hi Fred, There is a table in the UserGuide.pdf that tells you how to work out which VB Types to use. This is in the 2.4 download package found here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/74848-fsuipc-client-dll-for-net-version-24/ See page 6. For the offsets you listed: If they are 8 Bytes and the description says "floating point double" then declare them (Of Double). If the description says string then declare as string and set the stated size: e.g. for 60A4: Dim gps_nextWaypoint As Offset(Of String) = New Offset(Of String)(&H60A4, 6) 4 byte (32-bit) integers are (Of Integer). 2 byte (16-bit) Integers are (Of Short). Paul
  15. Profiles in FSUIPC4

    Hi José, You have posted in a sub-forum about programming for FSUIPC using .NET languages. You should repost your question in the main FSUIPC support forum. http://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ It's unlikely to be answered here. Paul