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  1. Is there a Radiocd4.gau version for FS2004 running on Windows 10 Pro or can the original file be twiked to run on Windows 10? When installing the original receive and error about a "mixer". Appreciate any ideas. Jesse
  2. Dan Moore, you still can...download the upgrade zip file again, the 9.6.9 supplement is now included.
  3. To y'all, where else are you going to find this quality of customer service?
  4. gwdoc...since you mentioned the "name of the flightplan has something to do...." If the FP has any space characters, remove them and see if that corrects the issue. I had to delete the spaces from all my old saved plans to correct a similar issue with FS9 and FSX. Regards.
  5. Hi Volker. Have tried a few thing trying to resolve this issue to no avail. Did a Fallback to 9.6.7 by replacing 3 files - FSC.exe, FSCDbManager.exe and FSCP3DCFG_V3.exe and deleting the C080, COPR, Cities.fsc file. (1) FS9/FSC9.6.7 ran fine; all the saved flight plans including a flight plan generated after updating to FSC9.6.8 are recognized and usable. (2) Again, updated to 9.6.8 and only the flight plan generated after 9.6.8 can be open. Error message received is attached. (3) To eliminate the probability of an AIRAC issue, tried flights plans with cycle 1704 and 1705 they ran ok on FSC9.6.7. Has anyone reported any issues with old flight plans? Not really a big issue since flight plans generated under 9.6.8 are ok. However, while this may turn out to be a "local" issue it is strange that only occurs after installing the 9.6.8 update. Just letting you know in case there is a bug in the update that may later show up. If there are any files that I need to provide you please let me know. Regards, Jesse from Ohio.
  6. 1. FS2004 2. FSUIPC 3.999z2, Registered 3. Network use: No 4. FSC 9.6.8, 01May2017; FSCDbMgr 9.6 Rev 2 (??) - (Last FS9 database update: 4/10/2016) 5. Navigraph, AIRAC 1705 Rev 1 6. Windows 10 Pro 7. Monitors: 4 After updating to the new build, 9.6.8, 01 May 2017, only new flight plans are found and loaded after being saved. "Paths" are the same, for the old and new flight plans, in the "Save/Load Flight Plan" page. Is this by design and should all flight plans saved prior to the update deleted? Question asked before dumping all the prior printed flight plans. Sorry for taking your time with this, know you have more technical issues being queried about. Thanks for a great product. Chao!
  7. FSC 2 Screens (answered)

    speeed8...Hope you understand that you need video cards in you computer that can support multi-monitors. It is not a function of FSC whether it works with more than one monitor, your system configuration dictates that. Hope this is what you are trying to address. Regards.
  8. FSC 2 Screens (answered)

    This is my configuration with 4 monitors.
  9. Try the Revo Uninstaller app...google for a free download...
  10. Forum (answered)

    Your response is the first new entry since 8 August...just wondering...
  11. Have not seen any posting in the forum for a while, it something happening or it is on my end?
  12. No doubt in my mind that I am experiencing a senior moment (78 soon). Thought I had downloaded and installed FSC9.7 but in the meantime also updated to Windows 10. Now I find that when opening FSC it shows as version 9.6.7. Not that anything is wrong with that because the program performs as advertised. Nonetheless, would like to stay up to date with the latest version, i.e.,V 9.7. However cannot find it to download, again, in the website www.fscommander.com. A senior moment or something else that i fail to understand?
  13. FSC 9.7? (solved)

    Thanks, Volker. My fault, was misreading the sc96upgrade zip file as an upgrade from 9.5 to 9.6.
  14. FSC 9.7? (solved)

    Hi Volker. "FSC Version 6, Rev 6...what am I missing? Am showing Version 9.6 Rev 1, Build 03 Mar 2015.Hi ???, === And what do you get when you follow the link? Volker" Do I need to have the Lockheed Martin Prepare3D installed to get to that version? The FSC splash screen only showing V9.6 Rev 1.
  15. FSC 9.7? (solved)

    FSC Version 6, Rev 6...what am I missing? Am showing Version 9.6 Rev 1, Build 03 Mar 2015.