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  1. Hi All, I recently created an Excel version of most of the output from running makerwys on a default FSX installation (with taxiway info excluded). Many thanks to Pete, both for creating makerwys / FSUIPC and also for being kind enough to upload the file which is available via the following link; http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Airport_Runway_Parking_Com.zip Best regards Richard
  2. Hi Pete, Hopefully the train holiday was good? Many thanks for looking into it! In at least some cases yes, I believe this is the case. I wondered about AK02 but that's less than 1503 (see below). Ah, I see (& I also see the W on the runway designator now, I really should have done so previously, sorry). Hmmmm, I've just tried re-running (with />10) and the shortest I get is 1503, almost as though the switch is not being considered. I've just tried />500 too and the shortest I get is still (oddly!) 1503. Wonder if it can be a system related issue? F
  3. Thanks Pete, On it's way to you... Best regards Richard
  4. Hi Pete, Just cleaned up the file for upload...... Unfortunately though it's still 11.5mb so way over the attachment limit size. Is there any other way to upload / share it? Best regards Richard
  5. Hi, Following on from me asking about getting (regularly updated) data from FSX to Excel I thought I'd attach an example of what I've done, just in-case it's of any use to anyone here. The demo includes only data for the Bahamas, please ensure you're in that area. Open the file, ensuring that macros are enabled (see note below first). You'll be presented with a scatter graph, showing the lat / lon of airfields in the Bahamas, in effect a simplified map. The orange markers are those I've set to 'Visited' and blue are 'Non-Visited'. The red circle is the last logged aircraft posi
  6. Thanks Paul. Yep, very true.... After a few issues (probably caused by me), I'm getting decent results manipulating the autopilot too. I think once I've finished the initial project (Excel based map with ability to randomise flights (within distance & runway limitations) ) then I might look at something to provide guidance to airfields without nav-aids (to guide towards an extended centre-line). Best regards Richard
  7. Using a list of airfields (filtered in this example to just the Bahamas) I created a scatter graph of locations (orange: those I've visited, blue: not visited) and also the aircraft position. It's working well, I've put the code which gets the aircraft position into a timer loop so it updates every second, sure enough I see the green circle move around the chart.
  8. Hi Pete, No probs! I've been a bit tied up for a few days but once I have some time I'll tidy the file up and post it. Best regards Richard
  9. Hi Pete, Thanks for the info! I couldn't get anywhere with the thought of using google maps in between FSX & Excel, however, see below. Hi Paul, Thanks for the info / link. The visual basic modules do indeed seem to work in VBA. Well with the code from one of the accompanying text files I was able to get the aircraft title into Excel. A simple bit of info yes but hopefully it means the other bits of info I need won't be an issue (lat / lon primarily, perhaps also altitude & speed). I had a quick try last night with altitude and couldn't get it to work but I believe
  10. Hi Pete, I managed to manipulate the info in runways.txt to create a spreadsheet with a listing of all airports, all runways (inc length / width, surface & including closed) & all comms data. I understand that the files that MakeRwys creates are intended for use in the like of ATC utilities so my file may be of no use but if it might be of benefit to someone please let me know & I'd be very happy to send it. Best regards Richard
  11. Hi Pete, Many thanks again for another speedy reply! Almost, I meant put the lat / lon (& any other info which might be available) into specific cells in an existing Excel file. I.e. that a single specific cell gets updated at intervals with the current lat (and a single specific cell for each of the other bits of data) (not that it records a series of locations a-la a flight recorder). Ah, by coincidence I've just been reading a few bits about Lua, I'll happily admit that most of it went straight over my head haha I'll look in more depth when I get a chance though, thanks f
  12. Hi All, A slightly random question......... Is it possible for FSUIPC to pass a location to Excel? If any other variables (particularly heading & aircraft type and / or registration) could be passed also it would be ideal! It would be ideal if I could get the lat / lon into cells in Excel. If it's possible where might I find some pointers on how to start with doing so? Once I've got information into Excel I can handle it from there but would be lost with the bit before that (hence not knowing if it's even possible). Best regards & many thanks Richard
  13. Thank-you very much! :) Enjoy the travels! Anywhere nice? Best regards Richard
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