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  1. FireRx

    Control disconnection

    yeah, I checked all that and Ive disable power management on the hardware and the USB's. Still getting disconnect in mid flight. Mostly happens on my Milviz helicopters. I have the latest 5.15d . dll installed too.
  2. FireRx

    FSUIPC Problem after installing 5.15

    Thank you Pete. I had the same issue and couldn't figure it out. 😁
  3. hey Pete, When you get back from Vacation, I have a weird issue I need help in figuring out with you on FSUIPC 5.15. every once in a while I'll lose controls in my Helicopters 20- 30 mins into a flight, or if I pause the flight for more than 10 mins. Really odd. I'm on Prepar3D V4.4. Please note the Disconnect occurred when I returned from a paused state this time to continue the flight. FSUIPC5_prev.log
  4. yeah, that's what I was asking :)
  5. is the better to get the DL from Simmarket or from here?
  6. yeah "I'm still on 5.122 for that reason. when I tried the new one my sim went wonky.
  7. Pete, What exact build should I be downloading for Prepar3D v4.2? Thanks you sir.
  8. weird, 5.122 seems to work fine in v4.2 so far. I was just checking to see if there was a new one for P3D 4.2
  9. FireRx

    FSUIPC version 5.122a only

    ah okay yeah it was on Schiraitti site, still showing 5.1.22
  10. FireRx

    FSUIPC version 5.122a only

    Pete how do you download this update.. it's not on the main page yet :)
  11. okay, thank you edit: found it. It's on the other options on the controls. :)
  12. Pete I have a quick question, I was looking in the control menu and I didn't see anyplace where we can uncheck the P3D controls and use fsuipc5 exclusively
  13. FireRx

    FSUIPC 5

    yeah, I just caught you other post ,Pete. No worries/ Right now I trying to figure out why Umberto's addon manager is crashing V4 lol..

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