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  1. Hi EliGrim, Thanks for the feedback, looks like my trial and error cost a few thousand points but its a learning curve 😄 Don't do the expecting thing, do the actual thing in this game, lesson learnt.
  2. Thanks everyone for experimenting, you guys rock when it comes to getting help here:) I tried it again a few times now and you're right, it didn't happen! I must've had a conflict somewhere else, 2 times though at the same time of a double line up, will keep trying to figure it out. Just another really quick one to ask as I work on the assumption the aircraft vacating after landing will be clear of the active runway just short of his turn off into the taxi way and I start rolling a take off down the runway for a dep, how tight can I make it before points start piling up to do that, Its EGKK and the single runway ops is a bitch most times, which is why I like it 😁 Thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. Will try but had them lined up B first, then lined up one on M, as soon as I did that, got -260 plus points
  4. Thanks Delta, I'm realistically looking for the most International airport of the bunch. Heard some mixed reports about OMDB, not much International traffic using standard download, is there some good International schedules out there as would only imagine just Emirates and Fly Dubai as most of the traffic?
  5. Thanks for letting us offer our crazy ideas, A couple of update things, First and demanded year on year, a full in zoom to the aircraft, currently we all knows its * unrealistic, all Towers use binoculars if required and have CCTV on every gate and taxiways now. Use an inbuilt voice program that doesn't have to rely on Windows which is a nightmare to set up. (not sure why you didn't do this already as there are very limited voice commands anyway) A flight strip comment box, to add text as we require, like assigned taxiways, runways, gates etc of our choosing (this can aid multiplayer immensely). Allow multiple line ups on runways without being penalised (in other word have the ability to line up on ALPHA and CHARLIE, releasing CHARLIE first then ALPHA, especially for runways with single runways (real world does this so why can't we) Add more goals, easier to harder than we have now, reduce the hours to first goal/aircraft handled, that encourages new users and veterans alike. Option to have a deps/arr list for say the next hour, just for info. Now the eye candy stuff...... Landing lights on approach from a 5 mile distance at least and after dep on wheels up. Gear down 5 miles out and gear up right after deps. Make the airport more realistic, have fuel trucks, loading trucks including baggage, cargo and catering, pax loading and push back and arrival marshals for remote stands, this way we can see whats going on and anticipate rather than wait for the wing lights and then beacon lights at sometime to know whats going to call us! Offer more position views like approach, overhead view, gate area view, pilot view etc. New seperate approach/departure controller pack to add to TRACON and TOWER. Thinking outside of the box....... Have P3D, X-Plane and the new upcoming Microsoft FS2020 pilots be able to join us to control at our airports (as with FS Multiplayer, VATSIM and IVAO have now) with TOWER, TRACON and EN-ROUTE packs (new separate en-route controller pack to add to TRACON and TOWER). Offers goals that include something for free, like an additional airport for free after so many landing and departing aircraft, (like free military, emergency or civilian airport packs etc). Updates are needed, eye candy nice, outside stuff a dream 🙂 -- * profanity & poor tone removed. Be appropriate in future comments please - Mods.
  6. Hi guys and gals, Limited funds, after all its lock-down due Covid and laid off for a few months, looking to play something more International than I have already have and looking for your opinions. Which is better, LFPG, EDDF, OMDB, KLAS or LEBL? Opinions including whats available so far as real world schedules to download and where would be great. Thanks for your support and opinions. P.S need the opinions now as desperate during this lock-down!
  7. Hi, Real world we can line up an aircraft and get ready to depart him first from Bravo and line up an aircraft from Mike simultaneously meanwhile ready for a departure after (he can vacate via Alpha if it all goes wrong real world), did this today and of course got the inevitable minus points, grrrr. I'm sure Tower 3D has limitations but would this ever be possible in any future update? Thanks,
  8. I know its a stretch, schedule for Summer, guess we wait till end March? Brill work, by the way, thanks for winter sched, work for TUI rw, so appreciated
  9. Hi Pete, Looked at the coding, not an expert but know some programming knowledge and yes, I can manipulate v4 for v5, shortcut stuff and update mostly, I'm just a bit annoyed that the only vendor is SimMarket, Olaf was the one that replied to my email; to SimMarket regarding having paid over 20+eu in support for your development of FSUIPC 4 and just recently another 28eu for Widefs, I do support your work, I paid for the full versions , this was his reply: Olaf - Support Date: 11/30/2018 Status: Closed please discuss this with the vendor. simarket does not make the upgrade policies nor prices. there is no free update so we consider this as closed! Its because I want to support your work I'm writing this, nearly 36EU, this is not a completely new re-write, an amendment and upgrade agreed but is a lot of money to some of us and was hoping from v4.9 owners to upgrade at least a discount. If you feel otherwise, fine, and you're right, I don't have to purchase it, but at least I can question it.
  10. Hi, As the subject says, Already bought FSUIPCv4 for over 20+eu why when there is no real difference should I have to pay another 30+eu for FSUIPCv5 forP3D? Olaf from SimMarkt told me to ask you directly
  11. Now bought and running Tower on Steam, what do you need for me to try EGKK? Do you also have the colours with it yet and not to be a pain but voice commands, UK English?
  12. Great 🙂 Will keep an eye on it and see about buying the product, thanks for the info
  13. Hi hexzed, Thanks for the link, as I mentioned, another release for a German airport and further USA airport may be released before a UK or an Australian one as you asked for, strange how they are are not realising the potential if they open other airports globally?
  14. Hi, So far its just USA and Germany with airports available and that's stopping me from buying the product, being from the UK, and with the fact we have a strong base of gamers that like ATC games, is it not beneficial to have a Heathrow, Manchester or Gatwick, what about a Paris Charles de Gaulle for potential French customers, Hong Kong or Moscow for a gazillion other interested players. Seems like a lot of sales could be made adding a few other world airports? Not sure why the developers haven't already done this!
  15. Hi All, I notice only when the VATSIM 4 server connection is loaded do I receive updated online aircraft (servers 1 to 3 do not update anything). Any way I can get FSC to default to Server 4 always rather than random choice? or is there a way to import up to date VATSIM online servers? Thanks in advance for any help. Maw
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