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  1. battlehawk77

    Military Aircraft

    Are there any plans to add military aircraft (at least cargo planes)? I know they're are a couple of airports that have military ramps, and it would be great to add that variety of traffic. 🙂
  2. battlehawk77

    EDDM Taxiway Question

    When taxiing an aircraft through the Apron 2 corridor, how do I refer to the taxiway between W2 and O2? The taxi chart I have shows that is called Center 2, but trying to tell an aircraft to taxi via Center 2 gets translated as S2.
  3. battlehawk77

    Add-on download links *

    If you paid via PayPal, the download instructions will go to the email address associated with that account. Otherwise, as was mentioned, contact BMTmicro.
  4. As an update, China Cargo Airlines (CK/CKK) now has the call sign of "Cargo King."
  5. An airline that will need to be added is a new Canadian ultra LCC, Swoop. Per their Wikipedia page, they started operations in June of this year. They are fully owned by Westjet. IATA - WO ICAO - WSW Callsign - SWOOP As of right now, they fly in to KLAS, KPHX, and KMCO. Rather a striking paint scheme, too:
  6. battlehawk77

    Tower 3D pro! - LAX - Gate Issue

    Dang, that would be very nice. I'll put my vote in for that once the FT folks open up the request lines...
  7. battlehawk77

    Weather Settings and another thing

    Three questions for our wonderful developers: Would it be possible to have other weather modes, like overcast and snow? I know snow would likely introduce a de-icing element as well. Plus, there are days when the weather is clear at ground level but there is a cloud deck above. Also, would there be a way to manually set the winds to a realistic direction and speed at the start of a session, maybe even getting the latest update from the appropriate METAR? It was mildly annoying to run LAX in reverse (as it was IRL) and still have the winds blowing for its standard configuration. Last question: Will there be an updates to LAX and PHL any time soon to fix the bugs many have mentioned and to update the layouts to reflect the current runway, apron, and taxiway setups?
  8. Gary: That's the correct livery for ZW now. I only noticed this because I'm a former Air Whiskey flight attendant and I still keep up with them. Regards, Gavin
  9. Running PHL, I have noticed that AWI aircraft are in AA paint and treated as an AA aircraft, when they should be treated as a UA aircraft with appropriate paint. Any way I can fix this?
  10. battlehawk77

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    For me, several YouTube creators (Jeff, Joe, Buggs) showed me how amazing the voice control aspect is, so it was a no-brainer for me. One it went on sale last week (thank you, FT!), I got the wife's blessing and got Pro plus RT and RC (she said it would be part of my Christmas, which I'm 100% okay with). Like others have mentioned, having all of the DLC on Steam would be an amazing thing, as updating is a lot easier. Having the airports on there already is a good thing. Adding RC and RT would complete the set, as it were. And I agree that having a unified version going forward would be good. I'm sure it's a lot easier to develop one product versus two. 🙂
  11. battlehawk77

    UT2 Beta Testers Required

    I'll gladly volunteer for this. :)
  12. battlehawk77

    Where'd they go?

    Simon: I saw that, too, and that does look somewhat promising. When you do release a beta for it, I will be more than happy to test it. :) Again, this is an awesome product and well worth the money. :)
  13. battlehawk77

    Where'd they go?

    Okay, now I feel like an idiot. :oops: I failed to install the second patch, aimed at addressing problems with UT2. I installed that, and now my version shows as And, after doing that, all of my parked UT2 aircraft now show up. :) Thanks for your help, Simon. :) Now, if Flight1 will help you figure out how to get the flight departure times and data from UT2, we'll be all set.
  14. battlehawk77

    Where'd they go?

    Taking a look at my statistics tab, I'm showing my version of STB as being, which is a slightly older version that what you specify. I downloaded the patch from the STB site, and, after once again uninstalling and reinstalling the program and the patch, I'm still showing my version as being Oddly enough, I made a copy of the FlyingW Simulation folder in the Application Data folder, and, on looking at the settings.txt file in that copy, it shows the version as The same file in the actual FlyingW Simulation folder shows the version as being, even after a full reinstall. Did I miss something or did I do something wrong?
  15. battlehawk77

    Where'd they go?

    I appreciate it, Simon. :)

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