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  1. battlehawk77

    Real Color - A New Concept

    As a rule, the number of gates at an airport determine the number of inbound and outbound flights. Even at peak times, with a snippet schedule like cbrascott and I use, all scheduled arrivals will appear, as the gates won't be slam packed. So, if you make a snippet schedule based off real data, you should have no trouble with everyone having a place to park. 🙂
  2. Updated to correct several duplicate flight numbers across multiple days. Thanks again to @707FAN for catching them. 🙂
  3. @707FAN Good catch! Should be fixed now!
  4. @707FAN If you do happen to notice any double flights or the like, please let me know in whatever manner you wish and I'll certainly address the issue. 🙂
  5. battlehawk77

    Gatwick (EGKK) Bugs

    So, if I'm understanding the initial post correctly, are you trying to have that aircraft enter 08R at taxiway G to depart? If so, as @DeltaVII mentioned, you would need to tell it "Runway 08R AT G via K Q ZZ." The aircraft will always repeat the commands you give it, but, if it cannot determine a path based on those instructions, it won't do anything.
  6. battlehawk77

    KMCO - Orlando Real Traffic Custom Schedule - Winter 2019

    Removed duplicate SWA flight from Friday's schedule (thank you, @Pedantic G for that catch. 🙂 )
  7. Removed duplicate flights in Sunday's schedule. 🙂
  8. Updated to fix broken Sunday snippets (thanks to @jonas243 for the catch).
  9. Yeah, there will definitely be spring and summer schedules to reflect the increased holiday traffic. 🙂 And thank you. 🙂
  10. battlehawk77

    KMCO - Orlando Real Traffic Custom Schedule - Winter 2019

    Props to @Ripskin for featuring this schedule in his video. 🙂
  11. battlehawk77


    @Braf123456 It has been released. 🙂
  12. Watcha, mate! It is my pleasure to introduce my third offering for week schedules - EGKK - London Gatwick! Like Barcelona and Orlando, you get to experience a typical week in southern England, taken, as always, from actual traffic data. You will be seeing what the actual controllers saw. Gatwick is a hub for several airlines, including EasyJet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Norwegian Air Shuttle, and is Britain's second-busiest airport behind Heathrow. Given that, this place will keep any decent controller on his or her toes. That said, there is very little GA or cargo traffic. As always, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries. There are only a couple of aircraft that will show up as white: a one-off BA CityFlyer E170 and a few Freebird Airlines charters. Like with Barcelona and Orlando, you will find, within the main EGKK-battlehawk77 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. It is recommended to place the EGKK-battlehawk77 folder in your main EGKK folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Cheers! Gavin (battlehawk77) EGKK-battlehawk77-v1.21.zip
  13. @Pedantic G Happy to help. 🙂
  14. battlehawk77


    @Braf123456 I currently have one under development. 🙂 Should be out in the next few days.
  15. battlehawk77

    KMCO - Orlando Real Traffic Custom Schedule - Winter 2019

    Minor update for a typo in the Tuesday GA file. 🙂

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