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  1. Hi mikal, What hardware did you used in that build? I mean, ehat was there ? A computer for sure, but were there other controllers and/or microcontrollers? Aand what is actually needed to build a full simulator for home use? Do you have ideas?
  2. Thanks for your help! I was sure i'll need the Pro version ;)
  3. Hi controllers out there! ;) As i mentioned in my last post I'm really interested in ATC and I want to build my own DIY "ATC simulator". For software I want to use Tower!3D but i'm not sure that it supports more monitors . At the other side I want to ask for help guys by building it. I mean if WE could collect what is needed in a control simulator that would be amazing! So firstly can someone help me find out what i'll need to build a realistic ATC simulator? It doesn't need to be look really professional, it needs to be useful because i only want to use it for private use. ... So, what else? Oh yes! After we'll know what we need for it i'll start building it. I need guys your help by building it! I'm not a pro at wiring and stuff like that. If someone is, he/she can help me in the forum too! But i'm happy to have EVERY help! So what do you think guys? Can we do it? My budget for this project is max. 200$ for the start. Maybe in the future i'll have more money for it!
  4. Thanks Vic for your hyper fast answer! ? How should I contact with your team for the simulator building?
  5. Thank you DragonWin! ;)
  6. Hi! I"m a real newbie at tower! 3d. Actually I'm trying to build a realistic tower control simulator (So, I mean not the program, the hardware for it with voice recognition system, multi monitor system etc. Because i'm interested in air traffic controlling) and I found TOWER!3D which looked great, but the I found that they're going to realese a pro version with voice recongnition built it and so on. So: Does anyone know what the exact release date is and does someone now a pricing for it already? And what are going to be the main features of it?
  7. So.... At the very end of February?
  8. When is the pro version going to come out? I'm really waiting it!
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