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  1. All sorted, thanks for the replies. Russell
  2. Hi, this has most probably been covered, just purchased KLAS for tower 3D pro, benefitting from the discount 👍 downloaded as normal but it doesn’t seem to have loaded . The file KLAS is in airports extension but isn’t hi lighted when I boot up tower 3D pro.
  3. should be sp4 as part of nyerges design releases today Russell
  4. just for the record jackwhite, I had to create my own shortcut Russell
  5. Nice pics, looks nothing like EGLL though vic lol ??
  6. Especially EGLL, come on vic, Ricky j has got us all hyped up now. I for 1 have got got carried away with tower pro's recent additions, now I need more . You've been getting off lightly for to long now. Russell
  7. I had this problem, I could not get to the bottom of it so I gave up on voice recognition, which I know, isn't the right attitude. I did post the problem and got a few suggestions back, but not being a computer wizard , I couldn't get it working. I shall be following this post though. Russell
  8. I can only think that you will have to find what directory tower pro is loaded into. Presumably the steam folder. Then when you go to install real traffic and real colour you will have to direct these files into the folder to which tower pro is loaded by using the browse button on the install prompt. Hope this makes sense, I'm not a computer guru, but I use this method because I downloaded my tower pro into my D: drive. Russell P.S Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong
  9. hi, this is not ATC relevant, but a note just to say a big thank you to bmt micro. A few weeks ago my email account was compromised. Eventually I had to close it. This meant I lost all my download links for all my feelthere/nyreges design purchases, which meant if any SP's were released I could not download them. I emailed BMT micro about the situation ,giving them a few proof of my purchases including dates purchased. Within a few hours all my purchases were forwarded to my new email address with no fuss. My point is ,as consumers we are always ready to criticize and moan about customer care,
  10. I'm sure You use same link in which you downloaded tower pro. Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong. Russell
  11. I purchased my tower pro through feelthere and they notify users on this forum when a new SP is available. If you purchased yours through steam , I think they upgrade automatically. Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong.
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