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  1. I cannot seem to get planes to take off from intersections. I'm playing on St. Thomas and I'm hoping someone can tell me the voice commands to use. I've tried using the commands found here but they don't work, www.atcsuite.com/tower-promanual Everytime I try to get a plane to taxi (Cessna) at an intersection, it insists on going all the way down to the end to take off. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I would be willing to try multiplayer if anyone is interested.
  3. Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply! If I have the Steam copy and purchased an add-on from atcsuite.com, do I need to install it in a specific location?
  4. If I purchased Tower! 3D Pro through Steam, would I be able to download and install add-ons from ATCsuite.com (such as Real Traffic) and have them work with my Steam copy? Or did I have to purchase Tower! 3D through ATCsuite? Thanks and this game is awesome!
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