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  1. Sky King

    Question for developers Tower3D pro

    I would hope that nothing is added that isn't available in real life controlling (such as colored backgrounds).
  2. Sky King

    A/C sloww leaving Runwy

    Perhaps an "expedite" command would help which would cause the a/c to taxi/exit faster?
  3. Sky King

    To Developers Tower3D pro

  4. Sky King

    Great Tower 3D just a litte question

    Mike -- have you tried San Diego (KSAN)? I agree about mixing Tower Controller and Ground Control roles. Have a great weekend!
  5. Sky King

    To Developers Tower3D pro

    Re Q2: Yes you can, in one area. Just click immediately to the right of the departure/arrival airport column. There are two dashes there, just click on one. See for more information.
  6. Sky King

    Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    Hey Vic -- Just FYI, I have had this problem before I changed to my 1070. Was using a Radeon R9 270X.
  7. Sky King

    Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    Same problem here -- I7-4790K, OC'd to 4.5 and Gigabyte 1070, 8 Gb VRAM.
  8. Sky King

    tower 3d Crashing

    There is no reason to go to Win10. Win7 and Tower Pro are rock solid stable on my PC without a single crash. I am sure the log will show if it is a Tower-related problem or not. Also, the OP could look at the Windows Event Viewer to see if an error was logged there.
  9. Sky King

    New airport

    Rather than new airports being developed it would be good to finally fix the outstanding issues with existing ones (such as the red center lights in KPHX, etc).
  10. Sky King

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    According to other posts, the time period for simulation use is 2 hours which reflects the actual time tower controllers spend in each position. The issue you raised is because of that reality. See
  11. Sky King

    What new liveries are in RC KSFO?

    Thanks so much for the post. Does anybody have a "master list" of RC content by airport? SK.
  12. Sky King

    BOS winds qustion

    Craig -- with the qualification of 'in this sim', surprisingly I agree. IMHO, the weather part is the weakest part of the sim. Too bad they don't use a version of simconnect (to P3D weather add-ons like Active Sky, etc) to allow real weather to be imported into the sim. Also, is the random timer outside of the sim? Regards, P.
  13. Sky King

    BOS winds qustion

    While Wayne's statement is technically true, Xwinds,headwinds, tailwinds all have significant impact on the plane's groundspeed which means that landing/takeoff performance will be affected. See http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=726501 for a discussion of this. SK

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