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  1. Sure you can Google it, but there is no arrival/departure or route information. Perhaps it is different in Europe. See https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/11814/do-flight-tracking-websites-also-track-non-commercial-and-defense-aircraft
  2. And the USAF does not allow flight tracking of their flights.
  3. Cool! Thanks so much for the information. One quick question (different flavors of English) -- what does the phrase 'manifest order' mean in this context? Order by File date? Version number? Again, many thanks! SK
  4. Given the great BF pricing on Real Color, etc, can I just buy the Real Color packs to add/update the contained liveries to all airports that I already bought (i.e. I wouldn't buy the associated airport)? Hope this makes sense. If not, ask away :) Happy Thanksgiving! P.
  5. Can somebody upload the corrected version or is this considered copyrighted material?
  6. Other than real weather, a "cleared for immediate takeoff" command to expedite departures when necessary', "Turn right/left on Taxiway xxx" command, and a "Give way" command. i.e. "Give way to DAL 737 before joining taxiway Mike." a fix to KSAN and the trees blocking the tower view part of the terminal/taxiways/runway. And a fix to the arrow in the wind direction indicator.
  7. And don't forget that the airport add-ons is from a different developer than Tower.
  8. I agree with @crbascott. The poll was for what airport would you like to see next, not whether there should be new airports vs a new version/bug fixes. Here is @crbascott's poll: Here is Feethere's poll (note the statement "our first poll"): Regards, SK
  9. ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization IATA - International Air Transport Association. Google is your friend.
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