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  1. ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization IATA - International Air Transport Association. Google is your friend.
  2. Sky King

    KPHX Default RT Traffic

    In Excel 2016. My pleasure! Let me know if you need anything else in the future! SK
  3. Sky King

    KPHX Default RT Traffic

    Final version. I think I have cleaned up all the little issues. Please let me know if any corrections need to be made. Enjoy! SK KPHX.xlsx
  4. Sky King

    KPHX Default RT Traffic

    Above is a draft. I need to clean up a few things. Feedback is welcome!
  5. Sky King

    KPHX Default RT Traffic

    I've got to go and clean our swimming pool (am in Tucson, AZ where it is supposed to be 100 today) but will do this sometime today.
  6. Sky King

    KPHX Default RT Traffic

    What kind of chart do you want? What should be on the X-Axis and what on the Y-Axis. Will be happy to do the conversion and post as a PDF if you want.
  7. Sky King

    Schedule Information Tool for Tower!3D (Pro)

    Thanks. Seems to work fine!
  8. Sky King

    GPU Usage?

    Thanks for the reply! It just seems strange that the display doesn't seem to me to be particularly complex requiring this level of usage. Perhaps this is something the next version of T3D can address. Something doesn't seem right on the programming side. I wonder how this would perform with a less beefy video card.....
  9. Sky King

    GPU Usage?

    I just noticed that in Tower 3D Pro, my 1080Ti GPU usage is pegged at 99-100% all the time, regardless of the graphics settings. Does anybody else experience this? Even with P3D at moderately high settings, the GPU runs at about 35%. Here are my specs: Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK,Black Edition Motherboard; Intel I7-4790K CPU; 16 Gb G.Skill RAM (F3-2400); Win 7 Pro; 3 Samsung 1Tb SSDs; Toshiba 3Tb hard drive; Gigabyte Aorus 1080Ti, 11 Gb of VRAM (card factory overclocked).
  10. Sky King

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    Airnav only has US airports.
  11. Sky King


    A quick question -- so these service packs have fixes in them or are they only to accommodate the newly released airports? Sorry if this is an obvious question. Regards, SK
  12. Sky King

    ATC communication

    If you have a VPN service, just set it to USA.
  13. Sky King


    See https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/7658/when-is-an-aircraft-cleared-to-land for landing clearance info in the US (scroll to the comments to see).
  14. Sky King

    TTS Speaking XML

    Running as admin?
  15. Sky King

    Current version of Real Traffic for Tower3d

    Mike -- I have the exact problem with PCAviator. Good prices but terrible in updating.

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