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  1. @FeelThere, @ATControl -- Joe thanks for your attention. Well... I'm conforming with @MrMatt24 here. I have repeatedly completed stress and benchmark tests. Also, in the meantime, after the KLGA problem, shortly before and after the EDDM problem, I have played F1 2018 (6 hours straight), A Plague Tale: Innocence (2 hours straight), Motorsport Manager (2x 1.5 hours straight), Planet Coaster, X-Plane 11 and other T!3D DLCs. All without any problems. (However, I had not touched KLGA any more!) I also use CPU- and GPU-heavy Photo, 3D and Video FX software on a regular basis with this PC. Even if it looks like a dying graphics card, I doubt that strongly. (This doesn't have to be relevant, but I've seen dying graphics cards before and they didn't distinguished between 2D and 3D content in one game. As I said, it doesn't have to be relevant, hardware errors can show up in many different ways.) Also that KLGA floods my Windows Page File, is extremely unlikely (not impossible) a graphics card issue. The video was made after the problem occurred for the second time in a row. So it was the third start of EDDM. @nyergesdesign, I don't know if this can be helpful for error analysis, but after the post from @ATC AlaskaGuy... ...I replaced all custom schedules from all airport folders with the original RT sp6v17 files I had saved before. Then I uninstalled EDDM via Steam, restarted Steam and reinstalled EDDM. Then I quit Steam again, switched to the second user account in Windows (set to US English), started T!3D and set the same starting time (08:00) as in the video. Now, for one hour and 20 minutes I was able to play EDDM without any errors. Besides I ran the programs MSI Command Center and HWiNFO64. Concerning temperatures, clocks, power, etc. there were no abnormalities. Either I was just lucky, or the problem is somehow related to either custom schedules or the way RT is updated and the game loads RT, RC and the DLCs.
  2. Encountered it today. My hardware is tested and fine. It's only T!3D Pro and only EDDM so far. @FeelThere @FeelThere Ariel @nyergesdesign what's going on with Tower!3D?
  3. After today a 0 byte update was displayed at Steam and I had executed it, I tried to play KLGA a few more times trying to get to the bottom of the strange behavior. But that was unsuccessful. The problem persists and I still have no idea what it causes. Among other things, there is one player who reports that liveries are cut in half, another can't use speech recognition with ATL although it works with another DLC, some players have a wild light show with CDG and others don't, with me LGA kills my PC although it works for others... After excluding all factors known to me that could cause the described behavior, I am sure that the problem is in Tower!3D Pro and not in my system including used hardware and software. Now I decided not to waste my time anymore. I just don't touch KLGA and enjoy the airports that are working for me. I won't buy any more DLCs anyway and simply take KLGA as a bad buy. Many thanks to everyone who gave their input here. I only hope that the developers will schedule long-term technical support for the next version and will not discontinue further development and updates after one year. I'm curious!
  4. This is so weird! No idea what is wrong on my end and why it only relates to KLGA.
  5. It happens with every schedule, custom and RT with this DLC.
  6. Depending on the game engine used and optimization or missing optimization, this is what you typically try to do if you experience stuttering in the game or very unstable frame rates. Open Task Manager Click "Details" Tab Right-click "tower3d.exe" Click "Set affinity" Normally your PC handles the use of the cores very well, so that fiddling around at this place is not necessary and can be counterproductive in many cases. It limits the app to using the selected cores/threads even if they are already under load. I did it temporarily because I was curious if there was a change in the described behavior. Unless you're using an app that is poorly or non-optimized for multicore processors, I wouldn't recommend making changes here. Edit: Apart from gaming, there are some useful scenarios; VMs could be an example. In my opinion, the "typical" Windows user is better advised to set priorities, if necessary, instead of manually assigning cores.
  7. Just tested it. This is the complete schedule, played in 1x speed: ATL, LGA, 320, DL, 1001, 10:01, 12:00, 1, DL ATL, LGA, 717, DL, 1003, 10:07, 12:00, 1, DL ATL, LGA, 735, DL, 1005, 10:13, 12:00, 1, DL LGA, ATL, 739, DL, 1002, 12:00, 10:04, 1, DL LGA, ATL, 73H, DL, 1004, 12:00, 10:10, 1, DL LGA, ATL, 320, DL, 1006, 12:00, 10:16, 1, DL After I pushed DAL1002 back and sent it to the runway (about 3 minutes in game), I got the blue screen with the Page File Warning and the PC shuts down. After the restart, the CPU was still at 73 °C / 163 °F. I played EDDM for 2.5 hours straight earlier this day without any problems. Edit: Even if the CPU gets hotter all the time (KLGA only) the load never exceeds 35%. Restricting the Tower!3D Task via the Task Manager to threads 0-3 has also not caused any change. This is a mystery to me and I also don't know what the flooding of the Page File causes.
  8. I used the vanilla RT schedule at 1100h, 1500h and 2000h or 2200h.
  9. Hi @hexzed, yes, JFK also stutters for me as soon as I use DBRITE or ADIRS on a second monitor. Hi @DeltaVII, thanks for your reply. I used UNetbootin to use SystemRescueCD on a USB Drive to check for hardware errors, without result. eventvwr.msc (Windows Event Viewer) shows the crashes (shutdown), but otherwise no abnormalities and a RAM test using mdsched.exe (Windows Memory Diagnostic) doesn't detected any problems. I use dust filters under the magnetic air inlet grids (I don't know if this is the right English translation) of the PC case. However, I have checked that my PC is clean. I also made sure that the thermal paste (ARCTIC MX-4 2019) is not dried out. I successfully ran CPU, GPU and Drive stress tests and benchmarks using CINEBENCH, 3DMark AE and 7-Zip. Tower!3D Pro and all AddOns were uninstalled, system and registry cleaned and then reinstalled before I replayed all DLCs (including KLGA). T!3D Pro typically uses ~1.5 GB of dedicated GPU memory at (of course) near maximum 3D utilization (96 - 98%), ~5.5 GB of system memory, the CPU temperature rarely exceeds 63 °C / 144 °F, and the CPU core power draws about 20 W with peaks of up to 63 W. Once I play KLGA these values explode within minutes. And it is EXCLUSIVELY the case with KLGA! I think it's fair to say I'm completely at a loss!
  10. Hello everyone, I bought KLGA quite a while ago, but I only got to try it yesterday. At first I noticed that the movements are faster than at other airport DLCs. The aircraft models move so fast that it is comparable to twice or maybe even four times the speed at other airports. Personally, that's very welcome to me, but... At the same time T!3D Pro overheats my CPU while playing KLGA and overflows the Windows Page File. After a few minutes this results either in a safety shutdown of the system or in a crash with blue screen and Page File warning. Changes to the Page File, such as reducing or enlarging does not bring any change. A deactivation of the Page File results in a Windows system hold with blue screen due to insufficient RAM or an even faster emergency shutdown of the PC due to overheating. CPU, GPU and case are dynamically cooled. Typically the case fans are at 100% when 60 °C / 140 °F are reached. The CPU cooling is at over 71 °C / 160 °F at 100%. Running all fans manually at 100% (2200 rpm CPU - 140mm, 2900 rpm system fans - 5x 120mm - 2x front in, 3x top/back out) is merely loud, but does not prevent overheating when I try to play KLGA. Today I tried the base game airports and all DLCs in my possession. Only KLGA has these problems. Other DLCs or other CPU-intensive games like Planet Coster don't overheat my system. My Specs (as detailed as possible to avoid a back and forth): - Windows 10 Pro v1903 (latest build, latest updates) - MB MSI B350M PRO-VDH (latest Bios) - CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6 cores / 12 threads, 3,4 / 3,9 GHz, not OC) - GPU MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X (6GB GDDR5, 192-bit), (core clocks 1784 MHz / 1569 MHz, memory speed 8008 MHz, not OC) Latest GeForce Game Ready Driver v441.08 (10/29/2019) installed - RAM T-Force Nighthawk 32 GB DDR4-3200 (running in 2999 MHz profile with 1.32 V) - SSD (240 GB) for Windows, SSD (250 GB) for Temp, Data and Program Cache, SSHD (2 TB) for games - Latest Steam Version of T!3D Pro (SP3.3c), RC for KLGA (and others), RT sp6v17 Has anyone experienced anything like this or has any idea what I can do? Regards EliGrim
  11. Haven't @runduur and @Michi10 reported something similar for EDDM, which is also a @nyergesdesign DLC?
  12. Nope, not really. Just downloaded the latest version of the RC Master List, saw this thread and thought: Well, why not?
  13. You need to understand the differences between ICAO codes (used for the technical aspects of airline operations), IATA codes (used to identify an airline for commercial purposes), callsigns (with that I mean the telephony designators) and airline (or operator) names. Using your first entry as an example: "tcx Textrol KESTREL" "TCX" is the ICAO code with the telephony designator "KESTREL". This entry is included below, with the IATA code "MT" and the airline name "Thomas Cook Airlines". The same applies to the other entries. If you took a look at a flight ticket, you might see that it is for example for flight UA 419. UA (IATA) then stands for the operator (United Airlines) and 419 is the flight number. An air traffic controller will most likely have UAL419 as callsign on his/her screen. UAL (ICAO) and 419 as flight identification number. (The flight identification may but does not have to match the flight number.) ATC will then call the flight with the telephony designator (gernally referred to as callsign) + identification number. Here: UNITED 419
  14. So the 10 EDDM CARGO liveries are in the LFPG RC? I may be mistaken but I can't read that from the first post! What I get from the post is that EDDM RC will be updated along with 10 bonus CARGO liveries (without specifying a timeframe) and that RT will be updated with the release of LFPG (which was the case).
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