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  1. How about a small side project between all the big airports, which could be offered as a little thank you to the community at a greatly reduced price? I'm thinking of a smaller airport, where not many liveries are needed, but which is very interesting in terms of design or landscape. What I could imagine would be, for example: Macau International Airport Wikipedia, Picture or Congonhas Airport Wikipedia, Picture or even Robinson Crusoe Airport Wikipedia, Picture Just an idea.
  2. EliGrim

    Speech recognition performance&weather

    At least it should. Sounds to me like the microphone is picking up gameplay sound that's messing up speech recognition.
  3. EliGrim

    Tower!3D Pro won't work with schedules

    That is indeed a very good point!
  4. EliGrim

    Tower!3D Pro won't work with schedules

    Yes and yes! Edit: And there will be an updated RT installer each time a new airport DLC is published. So it makes perfect sense to keep the download link and the serial number easily accessible.
  5. EliGrim

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    Can't confirm that. Just tested it with EDDM: Is it possible that there are differences between the website version and the Steam version? I am using the Steam version.
  6. EliGrim


    Screenshots of character models posted here in the forum but I don't know if the thread or post still exists.
  7. EliGrim

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    @DeltaVII (@hexzed also) has tried to explain that the game assigns aircraft automatically to terminals. So if there are planes of airlines in the schedule (eddm_schedule.txt) that are not assigned to any terminal, they are automatically allocated to free terminals. It is therefore necessary to assign all the airlines of the aircraft used in the schedule to a terminal in the "eddm_terminal.txt". I assume that the same can happen if a terminal is full and no gates are available at the moment. The latter, however, is an unproven assumption on my part. @DeltaVII (auch @hexzed) hat versucht zu erklären, dass das Spiel Flugzeuge automatisch Terminals zuordnet. Wenn also Flugzeuge von Fluggesellschaften im Zeitplan (eddm_schedule.txt) vorhanden sind, die keinem Terminal zugeordnet sind, werden sie automatisch freien Terminals bzw. Gates zugeordnet. Es ist daher notwendig, alle Fluggesellschaften der im Flugplan verwendeten Flugzeuge einem Terminal in der "eddm_terminal.txt" zuzuordnen. Ich gehe davon aus, dass das Gleiche passieren kann, wenn ein Terminal voll ist und im Moment keine Gates zur Verfügung stehen. Letzteres ist jedoch eine unbewiesene Annahme meinerseits.
  8. EliGrim


    FeelThere has already stopped all work on v1 and if I interpret the published screenshots correctly, they are currently working on a completely different game.
  9. EliGrim


    But nobody knows if they will be compatible with a v2, right? That's hard to believe. Personally, I do not expect a v2 within the next few years.
  10. EliGrim


    How many airports are planned, if the question is allowed?
  11. The *sp6v[x].exe installer overwrites (if necessary) and adds new files for all airports, whether owned by the user or not. It should be easy to distribute the current text file to the airport folders before compiling the executable. Has this ever been suggested to @nyergesdesign ? Edit: Of course, you would have to check for each airport if model identifiers appear twice. Obviously this means more work, but in the end it's a paid product and I feel you can expect that.
  12. Come on! That's cheating! 😂 Okay, this might be worth a topic of its own, but anyhow... Why is it in his kbos_airplanes.txt and not in yours or mine?
  13. That does the trick, but raises the question why the schedule creator has more aircraft models in that file than the "average user". 😕 If he had added the model manually, there would at least be a hint in the ReadMe, wouldn't it? There is also a much more pressing question... How'd you figure that out? Did you really worked your way through the schedule and airplanes file line by line, "Du Verrückter"? 😁😉
  14. Seems like this schedule just isn't for me. KBOS (sp2) and RT (sp6v12) newly downloaded and re-installed, 0600, 1000, 1400, 1800 and 2200 tested from the corresponding folders. The loading of the airport stops at either 63% or 72% - I waited roughly 5 minutes each. This is the first time I have had problems with a custom schedule. With the standard RT schedule the airport loads without any hassle.
  15. I can confirm that, even if it's 72% for me. I've testet 1400. (T!3Dpro v1.2.78.946 SP3.3c, KBOS sp2.0, RT sp6v12)

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