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  1. EliGrim

    EDDM SP1

    So the 10 EDDM CARGO liveries are in the LFPG RC? I may be mistaken but I can't read that from the first post! What I get from the post is that EDDM RC will be updated along with 10 bonus CARGO liveries (without specifying a timeframe) and that RT will be updated with the release of LFPG (which was the case).
  2. EliGrim

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    Let's take it this way: It makes the game a better challenge! 😁🙄
  3. EliGrim

    LFPG install issues Tower3D Pro Steam

    That should solve your problem. With every new airport DLC a new version of Real Traffic will be released. This version has to be downloaded and installed for Real Color to work for the new airport. Real Traffic does not need to be uninstalled; just reinstall the new version.
  4. EliGrim

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    Yes and no. It's the other way around. (Sorry I didn't make myself clear.) The landing plane QFA132 on runway 09 hasn't completed its landing or passed the intersection before you gave clearance to QFA444 on runway 16. In that moment, for the game runway 16 was not clear. In the real world it may not be a problem, but the game doesn't differentiate whether to start from before or after the intersection. It only asks if the runway is clear or not. Only if a take-off or landing process on the crossing runway (here: 09/27) is completed or the intersection has been passed the other runway (here: 16/34, your starting runway) is clear for take-off or landing. I hope that makes it a little more understandable. Otherwise @hexzed or another user will surely step in, because English is not my first language.
  5. EliGrim

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    I wouldn't necessarily call it Bug. It is simply not considered in the programming that with crossing runways, airplanes start their take off procedure behind the intersection. For the game it makes no difference whether you roll onto the take-off runway in front of or behind the crossing runway. Your runway is clear if: a) the take-off or landing process on the crossing runway is completed. (You get the -successful takeoff/landing- message plus your 10 points.) It doesn't matter if this happens before or after the intersection. b) (as @hexzed wrote) the starting or landing plane has passed the intersection. In the case of a), however, there is the possibility that minus points will still be awarded if there is no way to exit (for the arriving aircraft) in front of the intersection and the aircraft passes over the crossing runway while you have already given take-off clearance on your starting runway.
  6. I don't know what is causing this issue, but it is generally possible to use STRIPS in a separate window. I hope someone can help.
  7. EliGrim

    Troubleshooting chart

    @707FAN Here is something quite interesting for your chart: https://steamcommunity.com/app/588190/discussions/0/1639793203780808014/
  8. EliGrim

    Windows 10 - running Tower!3d Pro as administrator

    Same for Win 8.1, 8 and 7.
  9. EliGrim

    Schedule Information Tool for Tower!3D (Pro)

    Done! It would be great if you give a short feedback if it's working now.
  10. EliGrim

    Cdg schedule

    Unfortunately I cannot test the schedule myself. I hope that another user has an idea and can help. Leider kann ich das Schedule selber nicht testen. Ich hoffe, dass ein anderer User noch eine Idee hat und weiterhelfen kann.
  11. EliGrim

    Cdg schedule

    @danilars The log file refers to some non-existing airport codes, like E70, which is an aircraft type, and flights with unassigned terminals, which according to Braf's files shouldn't happen either, as I understand it. That's a bit odd! Did the airport load before you tried Braf's schedule? If so, please try this: - Delete the following files in the folder ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\LFPG lfpg_airlines.txt lfpg_airplanes.txt lfpg_airports.txt lfpg_gaandlocaltraffic.txt lfpg_schedule.txt lfpg_terminal.txt - Reinstall Real Traffic (RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v15.exe). - Make a backup of the folder LFPG. - Copy the files from the ZIP attachment (LFPG_by_Braf123456.zip) into the LFPG folder. (Braf's schedule) Overwrite the existing files. - Test if the schedule can be loaded. If the airport still does not load, copy the files of the second ZIP attachment (LFPG_by_Braf123456_split.zip) into the LFPG folder and overwrite existing files. Decide which files from the download you want to copy, depending on whether you want to start the game with a time in the morning or in the afternoon. If it still doesn't work, please attach the new output_log.txt. Die Protokolldatei bezieht sich auf einige nicht existierende Flughafencodes, wie z.B. E70, bei dem es sich um einen Flugzeugtyp handelt, und FlĂŒge mit nicht zugewiesenen Terminals, was nach den Dateien von Braf auch nicht passieren sollte, zumindest nach meinem VerstĂ€ndnis. Das ist schon recht seltsam! Wurde der Flughafen geladen, bevor du Brafs Zeitplan ausprobiert hast? Wenn ja, dann versuche es bitte damit: - Lösche die folgenden Dateien im Ordner ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\LFPG lfpg_airlines.txt lfpg_airplanes.txt lfpg_airports.txt lfpg_gaandlocaltraffic.txt lfpg_schedule.txt lfpg_terminal.txt - Installiere Real Traffic erneut (RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v15.exe). - Erstelle ein Backup des Ordners LFPG. - Kopiere die Dateien aus dem ZIP-Anhang (LFPG_by_Braf123456.zip) in den Ordner LFPG. (Brafs Schedule) Überschreibe die vorhandenen Dateien. - Teste, ob der Zeitplan bzw. der Flughafen dann geladen werden kann. Wenn der Flughafen immer noch nicht lĂ€dt, kopiere die Dateien des zweiten ZIP-Anhangs (LFPG_by_Braf123456_split.zip) in den Ordner LFPG und ĂŒberschreibe bestehende Dateien. Entscheide, welche Dateien aus dem Download du kopieren möchtest, je nachdem, ob du das Spiel mit einer Zeit am Morgen oder am Nachmittag starten möchtest. Wenn es immer noch nicht funktioniert, fĂŒge bitte die neue output_log.txt an.
  12. EliGrim

    Cdg schedule

    To narrow down the problem it might be helpful you would attach your log file (output_log.txt - after the error has occurred and you have quit the game) from the ..\tower3d_Data\ folder in this thread. Um der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen, könnte es hilfreich sein, wenn du deine Logdatei (output_log.txt - nachdem der Fehler aufgetreten ist und du das Spiel beendet hast) aus dem Ordner ..\tower3d_Data\ in diesem Thread anhÀngst.
  13. EliGrim

    Cdg schedule

    I can't check it right now, but I'm very sure that the ICAO code is used in the file structure for CDG. Therefore, the files would most likely have to be renamed to: lfpg_terminal.txt lfpg_airlines.txt lfpg_schedule.txt Ich kann es gerade nicht ĂŒberprĂŒfen, aber ich bin mir sehr sicher, dass der ICAO-Code in der Dateistruktur von CDG verwendet wird. Daher mĂŒssten die Dateien höchstwahrscheinlich umbenannt werden.
  14. EliGrim

    Runway holding points

    You need to assign the intersect with "at [taxiway]". At Pushback: [callsign], pushback approved, expect runway [xx], at [x] After Pushback: [callsign], runway [xx], at [x] or [callsign], runway [xx], at [x], via [xyz]
  15. EliGrim

    Callsign Information Tool for Tower!3D Pro

    I have updated the Link removed. In addition to the Airlines file, it is now also possible to search the file for GA and Local Traffic. This means that you can now also find (using the ICAO code) the callsigns for local and other airlines that the schedule creator has stored in this file. You can also search for callsigns of GA flights (e.g. N5383RT, if included) if you are unsure how to pronounce the callsign. Furthermore it will be shown if e.g. a Low Approach or Stop and Go is planned. If no special approach is planned, Regular procedure will be displayed. (This is estimated to be 99.999% of the time! 😉) Local airlines will always display Regular procedure. I hope this will be useful for one or the other. Happy controlling! 😎 I don't feel comfortable here in the forum anymore. In particular the arbitrary censorship of user posts and topics is not in line with my understanding of a respectful interaction. Therefore I retract my Callsign Tool.

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