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  1. That doesn't sound so bad to me. By experimenting, and especially testing schedules, I'm sitting on at least a bajillion negative points. 😉 I quickly looked it up... My total score is -73,740, which is better than I thought. Within the next 150 hours I could catch it up. 😁
  2. I have the impression that it varies a bit for airport, runway and exit. Usually you are well advised to wait until the tail has left the runway on ADIRS before you release the PTT button. (If you have zoomed in on ADIRS, you may want to wait 1 or 2 seconds longer.) But I can't tell you exactly for EGKK. You would have to experiment with a few different types of aircraft.
  3. I cannot confirm this either, neither for Gatwick nor for any other airport DLC in my possession. Lineup order: First B, than M, than CR, A, D and C (I tried BR as well, but the game didn't allow it.) I do not receive any penalties at the lineups or at the starts. I suspect the penalty was misinterpreted and it was for another incident. I made several attempts (4 to be exact), starting with waiting until the lineup was completed to do the next lineup. Then giving lineup commands very close to the same time, as fast as possible, and twice a mixture of that.
  4. texpack23 is for KDFW. You are missing texpack2 for KPHL, it is clearly not installed at the right location according to your screenshots.
  5. NOTE Currently the Schedule Builder is not available. The hosting provider is maintaining the server. In the worst case, a total shutdown or sporadic downtimes may occur until Wednesday. It is more likely, however, that the work will be completed within the next 3 hours and the Schedule Builder will then be again fully available.
  6. Did you buy the right RC Pack? Real Color is available for both Tower!2011 and Tower!3D (which also applies to Tower!3D Pro). Have you installed other RC Packs besides the KPHL one? If so, then the KPHL Pack was probably installed not properly or was installed in the wrong directory. Are you using the current version of the base game? Unfortunately you did not tell us which product and version it is. Are you using a current version of Real Traffic for your game version? It probably has nothing to do with it, but you never know. Are you running your game as administrator?
  7. @crbascott has already answered it, but now I have already made the screenshots and answer anyway. 😊 One simple scenario: - First departure is AA589 at 16:45. There are no departures prior to that time. - There are arrivals between 13:29 and 16:59 in the schedule. - If the session starts at 16:00, the game jumps to 16:45 for the first departure. - If there are no departures in the schedule for the starting hour, this will cause problems. - If the session starts at 14:00, like here, it breaks the game with flickering background and other graphics errors. - In this case, the game has jumped to 06:12 and only arrivals are coming in, although there are no flights in the schedule before 13:29. - In my case, the game crashed after a few minutes.
  8. Please don't be disappointed. I would never think that in a derogatory context of you. I interpreted it as: "Too bad more airports aren't available immediately, would be nice." Since I wrote two weeks ago that the pandemic had unintentionally given me more time, I thought it was a valid thought. But in the meantime I am back in my normal working life and just wanted to explain why it takes so long until a new airport is implemented in the tool. I have a high opinion of you, and that will not change so easily. 🥰
  9. @Pedantic G Now that you said it, I see it too. You're most probably right. That it didn't occur to me before, I blame my limited English skills. On the other hand, I don't think it's so bad to have that statement out there. Should I ever be unable to meet an announced deadline, I can easily refer to it. 😉 I also want to make clear that I did not feel offended by @crbascott. Even if the statement was addressed to me, it matches my own wishes. I myself would have liked to have a lot more airports available in the Schedule Builder already.
  10. Until now it took several hours after each release of a DLC until the current version of RT was available. Maybe it has something to do with how BMT Micro manages its servers. However, v21 has been available for download for a few hours now. You should be able to download it.
  11. The first flight will always be a departure. That's how the game works.
  12. @crbascott I'm working hard on it, but I have to do it in my spare time. However, it will be quite a while before I get to EKCH, but that shouldn't be a problem, because you can rely on @battlehawk77. Fortunately, one person has agreed to do most of the research for the airports, so I can fully concentrate on the implementation. Most likely there will also be another person who will provide me with solid information. Nevertheless, after the research is completed, I still need (depending on the airport) 5 to 10 hours per airport for the implementation. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere near 10 hours of free time per day. But no matter what happens, first of all I have to make sure that we get food on the table, then it is time for the Schedule Builder. And also the family needs a little attention from time to time. In addition, I don't own all DLCs which also leads to delays, as questions about a research result cannot be answered in real time, usually only after several days, because even the "Voluntary Research Department" does not have unlimited free time. For me, it is now 4:20 a.m., and I think I can solve the problem of moving defunct airlines tonight. So on or shortly after this weekend you could already see the next airport or airports in the Schedule Builder. Cross your fingers! 😉
  13. Update v0.45 KPHX added Note: When I created the Schedule Builder I did not consider the possibility that in the future airlines might cease their flight operations. In order to be able to react to this, I will rework the code in the next 2 weeks (at most) to be able to react to such incidents. As soon as the work is finished, I will continue to implement more airports into the tool. This post has been revised because my previous wording obviously irritated someone, according to the emoji at the bottom right. Edit 2: I have found a quick way to solve the problem so that new airports should be available next week.
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