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  1. Have you installed the latest Windows updates and drivers? Did you try to start the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Windows 8? Have you searched the forum of the developer Electronic Arts? https://answers.ea.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?advanced=false&allow_punctuation=false&filter=location&location=forum-board%3Aother-nfs-games-en&q=the+run+black+screen Did you ask the Internet about the problem, e.g. by doing a web search? https://www.google.com/search?hl=&site=&q="need+for+speed+the+run"+black+screen+fix If you can answer all questions with yes, then I would recommend posting in the developer's forum or contacting the developer's technical support. https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=need-for-speed-the-run&platform=pc&category=technical-support For further help, for a game that is not from the game developer who runs this forum, this is most likely the wrong place.
  2. This is the incident I mentioned that happened over a year ago. At that time (until today) there has been no rebranding. Changing the name of a damaged brand is an often used marketing strategy. It is quite possible that Boeing will make such a move. However, just because an airline dispenses with the word MAX in its press release or another has the name changed on a few aircraft does not mean that a rebranding has taken place. There is no large-scale re-labelling of all the jets and no official statement from Boeing that I know of. I'm not saying that it won't happen, but until it does, I agree with @crbascott that there should be no announcement that a rebranding has been done. An official source that confirms such a rebranding could not be referred to in this thread so far.
  3. According to several sources there is no official statement from Boeing. As far as I know, the last official statement from Boeing on the 737 MAX is from February 2020. https://boeing.mediaroom.com/2020-02-17-Boeing-Enlists-Ken-Feinberg-and-Camille-Biros-to-Oversee-50-Million-Boeing-Community-Investment-Fund-to-Support-Communities-Affected-by-Lion-Air-Flight-610-and-Ethiopian-Airlines-Flight-302-Accidents After the purchase, it seems that Enter Air's press statement referred to 737-8 and not 737 MAX and it is believed that 737-8 is also written in the purchase agreement. But this does not necessarily mean that there will be a rebranding. There were similar rumors last year when Ryanair had some aircraft painted with the designator 737-8200 and not 737 MAX or 737 MAX 200. I think airlines do it in order not to worry their customers with the MAX because the name does not have the best reputation in terms of safety. But, as said, it doesn't have to mean that there is a rebranding by Boeing. But it also does not exclude it and a good rumor can have its charm! 😉
  4. I think you can't give it early. I use enter final runway and it works without problems so far. In fact, it is better to give the command early so that the plane doesn't turn around because it is already too close to the airport and has to re-enter its final.
  5. On final you can give the commands CHANGE TO RWY or ENTER FINAL RWY. You can take a look at my Voice Commands - Reference Card if you like:
  6. Yes... By this I meant that Nyergesdesign would have to create duplicates of the corresponding airlines with new IATA codes in all RC Packs. If additionally the program code would be changed, so that instead of the ICAO code the IATA code could be used in the terminal file, this would be the cleanest solution, apart from the possibility to assign planes to individual gates. Thus no fake ICAO code would be in the identifier / callsign. But for this to happen, both developers, Nyergesdesign and FeelThere, would have to make the necessary changes and I don't think that will happen.
  7. This is not possible. Both @corrigancr and @crbascott are right here. I suppose you have overlooked that the TO would like to distribute the planes of certain airlines to different terminals depending on their destination and at the same time keep the liveries displayed. As already mentioned this is only possible if there are copies of the airlines in the Real Color AddOns with their own IATA code. Furthermore you would have to use a fake ICAO code to assign the duplicate of the airline to the correct terminal. The phonetic callsign could remain the same. The assignment of aircraft to individual gates will probably not be possible in this version of Tower!3D (Pro). However, a change in the source code could be made, so that IATA codes could be used instead of ICAO codes in the terminal file. So it would be possible to assign the duplicate with the made up IATA code to the correct terminal without having to change the ICAO code. I doubt very much that both of the developers will make the necessary changes but I would be happy to be proven wrong.
  8. From time to time I tend to be nitpicky, too. But in this case I'm going full rant on it. This is not aimed only at Ariel or FeelThere, but as well: Can you please stop recommending to turn off antivirus or firewall software, if for testing or not? It's 2020; it's not the 90s or early 2000s. With modern antivirus and firewall solutions there is absolutely no reason to disable them. You could refer to articles from the companies' knowledge bases. Every antivirus program I know of can be configured to install and run a computer game without negative impact. If you want to go the easy way, you could say: Make sure that installed security software does not interfere with the installation and execution of the game. In this case it is up to the customer to decide how to do or solve it. I personally consider a recommendation to deactivate a security software as a solution to install and run games to be wrong and unprofessional. At this point I declare my tantrum to be over.
  9. Update v1.0 SCHEDULE BUILDER REACHES VERSION 1.0 Retro fuse option: Seven randomly selected airlines from the Real Color Retro Pack can be merged into a regular schedule New pages: Support, Updates, Airport List Minor code changes and backend optimizations Enjoy! Schedule Builder Website
  10. VR has never lost its fascination for me, but like any technical toy it gets old relatively quickly. In the first months I had the headset on several times a week, then less and less and in the last 12 months not a single time. It is simply not comfortable enough. What's really annoying is the preparation, if you don't have the ideal gaming area available. Depending on the model and platform you need the right lighting conditions, enough space on all sides, having to deal with an annoying cable or charging the battery... It's a bit like playing with a controller, if you would have to screw it together and take it apart again and again before and after playing. At some point you would leave it as it is and play with mouse and keyboard again. Furthermore, after a certain time the headsets are not as light as they look and you sweat under them, get drops on the lenses, need to clean them... And if you don't want the headset to get dusty, you will have to constantly repack it and unpack it. VR is great but not (yet) convenient enough to use it regularly, at least not as a recreational player. For professional gamers, YouTuber and Streamers it might be different. Most games that support VR but are not VR-only titles I mostly tested in VR, but in the end always played without VR. Meanwhile I don't even test the games in VR anymore and it turned out that most of the games are not very well designed if it has been tried to develop them with the same quality for VR and non-VR. I will keep my PSVR in case I want to have some fun with friends and family and because I surely want to play some Beat Saber or something similar in the future again. My Oculus I have sold recently. In short: VR is fun but expensive and a pain in the a** if you're not creating the perfect gaming environment. At least that's my opinion and experience after several years of using VR. Edit: If I could do it, I wish FeelThere would create an extremely solid non-VR game that comes close to a simulation but with VR in mind and then taking a year time to program a very good VR extension and sell it as DLC. Edit2: Btw., is it okay to say technical toy or would gimmick be the better word, phrase, terminology?
  11. I have a lot of fun with VR, but with games that you play on a regular basis it becomes a nuisance very, very quickly.
  12. Update v0.80 LFPG added Minor code changes The most feared opponent LFPG seems to be defeated, beaten, conquered, and thus the last airport is implemented. With that the Schedule Builder doesn't quite make it to v1.0 yet but that should be in the next days. Feedback and Bug Reports are much appreciated. Schedule Builder Website
  13. Since the game does not always stick to the planned approach sequence, I personally would advise against using the same flight numbers for an airline. In most cases it works fine, but I have also experienced unwanted duplicates of flights when the same callsign is used more than once. A certain willingness to take risks can be fun, but here I would say: Better be safe than sorry. 😉
  14. I sincerely hope that a multi-monitor setup will be supported. At the same time I hope that this will not be mandatory, i.e. it makes gameplay more difficult with only one monitor.
  15. Without the peripheral field of view it might be impossible to imitate that outside VR and I sincerely hope that Tower!XX does not go VR. FeelThere will have to come up with an intelligent solution for that, if they want to avoid that three or more monitors become a necessity for the game.
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