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  1. Probably with the editing of the subkeys for Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.manifest in the Windows Registry. A bit more user-friendly is as follows: Right-click a .manifest file and choose Open with -> Choose another app. Click on Show apps. Select or search for the text editor of your choice. Tick the checkmark for Always use this app to open .manifest files. Click on OK. From now on, all .manifest files will be opened with the selected program, when double-clicking on the file name.
  2. Files with the manifest container can be opened with any text editor. They contain plain text and are basically something like a table of contents of the files without the manifest container. These files on the other hand, the ones without the manifest container, are not supposed to be read by you (or me).
  3. Although I've been using your great document for so long now, I've actually never clicked on the last tab. Shame on me! So, in fact, there is no model in the game, but: This raises the question (for me) whether it is really necessary to have a separate model for the E195 in the game. As far as I know, both the E190 and the E195 are available with and without blended winglets (in the real world, not in the game) and apart from the fact that the E195 is apparently 2m longer, which will be hard to see in the 3D view of the game, I, someone who is really not well versed in the differe
  4. Besides EMJ_-EMJ, a rather general entry for 170/175/190/195, there is a separate entry for E195 in airplanes.txt. According to my understanding there should be a model available then. E195-E95-EMBRAER 195 -REGIONAL JET Or do you mean that a model was recycled that is not explicitely an E195?
  5. This is unlikely. Depending on the settings, Steam updates software automatically or notifies in the downloads section and updates can then be installed with a single mouse click. Of course, this assumes that the developer provides updates correctly.
  6. FeelThere processes sales through FastSpring for some time now. If it is a download product and not just a key (for Steam, for example), then the download should be possible. Try to visit the following page: https://feelthere.onfastspring.com/account (At least this is the typical way I know from FastSpring. Whether it is the same with purchases from FeelThere, I can't say.) If that doesn't help, I recommend contacting FeelThere directly, since as far as I know FastSpring doesn't offer end-user support like BMT Micro does. https://feelthere.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. Even though it often doesn't look like it (on my end) the game technically sits at 60 fps on my PC. With the tools at my disposal, I can't measure any difference either. It's good to have a second experience report, but only someone with knowledge of the source code can probably clarify it conclusively. My conclusion is based on longer loading times, the more content the addressed files have, which means for me that at least at one point the files are scanned completely. Of course, we are not talking about tens of seconds here. These are minimal differences, but they are reproducible, on m
  8. @Ron C Perhaps a final note or more of a personal thought. I prefer to have only the airlines, airports and aircraft in the files that are needed for the current schedule. Whether the game builds a database internally when loading the airport/schedule or scans the files constantly, the game becomes more performant the fewer records need to be processed. Whether this will be noticeable in the framerate, for example, I don't know. Most likely, you won't even gain a fraction of a frame per second. Nevertheless, my personal experience with the airlines file has shown that the fewer entries in
  9. It varies, but usually only for the latest airport. This makes sense, because as long as the RT schedules of the old airports do not change, there is no reason to touch the text files of these airports. The Real Traffic package is extended and not RT plus (potential) custom schedules. There are many (even free) text editors and other software that can compare files and highlight differences. Apart from that, as far as I observed, Nyergesdesign adds new lines at the end and does not hide them between other lines. So it shouldn't be that hard to identify the new entries.
  10. That is correct. The IATA codes in the drop-down list, when adding an airline, are from 1,681 combinations (A-Z, 0-9, #, *, $, +, -) that have not already been used by RT, respectively all airlines known to the Schedule Creator, and your own list. (The same applies to the 17,576 combinations for airports.) The Schedule Creator makes a random preselection, which of course can be changed.
  11. Unfortunately, yes. I don't understand what you mean by "pair" requirement. Essentially, all flights spawn in a "magical" manner. If there are "Restarters" for GAandLocal flights, I can't tell, but I don't think so. In my schedules I usually have local flights in the main schedule, although this requires the airlines to be included in the airlines.txt, and for the GAs I make sure that arrivals depart after an appropriate time to keep the apron "clean". However, this does not mean that my approach is the most appropriate one. Theoretically, every flight can be inserted into ga
  12. Known bug in v0.9g: Flights with single digits (e.g. DAL6) are dropped when using FlightAware data. I'm trying to make sure that the problem is fixed with the next update.
  13. Folks, I need your help! With the last update the number of gates resp. a/c stands of the individual terminals or aprons are displayed in the Schedule Creator. I think especially with fantasy schedules but also for real schedules this is a helpful information. However, this information is missing for the following airport: - KEWR - KIAD - EGLL - ZBAD If you have RT installed and own one of these airports this airport, could you run the schedule linked below (you must be logged in to the forum to download), click on the arrivals one by one and count the available a/c stan
  14. If you have a terminal with no assigned airlines and one or more airlines that are not assigned to a terminal, they will use the free terminal if there is a suitable gate for the size of the aircraft. It is more unlikely that the terminal will be used if all airlines in the schedule are assigned to other terminals. I can't say if they then will spawn at this "free" terminal, this didn't happen during my tests back then, but it can happen under certain circumstances that airlines will taxi to this terminal. To be on the safe side, it is therefore advisable to use an unused code for the terminal
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