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  1. Three other airports that would be cool are KMSP and KMSY and KDEN.
  2. Some other airports that would be cool are CYYZ, CYYC, CYUL, and CYWG
  3. I was sitting being curious about the fact that there has not been a new airport released in months the only thing I can see is that the new version of Tower must be why that this is not occurring *
  4. i don't know why I said south america i meant north america
  5. why hasen't EGLL been added to the schedule builder tool?
  6. another one that would me cool is MMMX as that is a South American airport which I believe is the hub for Aeromexico.
  7. I saw a article about the Boeing 767-Max which would be better then the 797 as that more airlines are showing an interest in the 767 max it is a old design for a plane but would have the new engines that General Electric makes for the 737-max jets and the 787's so it would be more economical and have more seating then the 797 is suppose to have. Boeing in the planning stage and talking stage for that variant of the now. was just wondering if anyone else had seen anything on this or what their thought was on this.
  8. I know it might be awhile but when can we expect the 777-8 777-9 to be added to the airplane list.
  9. the thing about panc is that there are some international flights and Alaska has a hub there but also a lot of cargo flights.
  10. PANC, KGEG would both be cool airports to have in Tower 3D Pro
  11. these are a couple of the airports I have added to all my airports in Tower 3D Pro BER BERLIN_BRANDENBURG_AIRPORT_GERMANY 52.22 N 13.30 E EDDB PKX BEIJING_DAXING_INTERNATIONAL_CHINA 39.30 N 116.24 E ZBAD
  12. i seem to be having this issue but different then the pictures you have it seems to be just on the tail of certain airlines and it is like the livery on the tail doesn't cover the whole tail the way it use to and I even tried uninstalling and installing everything and it is still doing this. So I am wondering if it might have something to do with the newest update with real traffic.
  13. Well EGLL-LHR came out this morning for Tower 3D Pro
  14. Yeah KORD and CYYZ would also be cool to.
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