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  1. i seem to be having this issue but different then the pictures you have it seems to be just on the tail of certain airlines and it is like the livery on the tail doesn't cover the whole tail the way it use to and I even tried uninstalling and installing everything and it is still doing this. So I am wondering if it might have something to do with the newest update with real traffic.
  2. Well EGLL-LHR came out this morning for Tower 3D Pro
  3. Yeah KORD and CYYZ would also be cool to.
  4. KMIA, KDEN, EHAM, ZBAA, VHHH, and TJSJ these would all be cool airports to have in the collection I have for tower 3D Pro
  5. well that is true but I have ran into a issue with the game not working right when two different airlines have the same flight number where the planes won't push back if the flight numbers are the same so because of that i had to go into all of my schedule files and do them with my own way to number the flights with a particular airline. that is the reason it is the way that it is. I should have said something about this before and just didn't think about doing that so that is my fault for not clarifying that i know for sure the schedule files i make work great actually.
  6. that is because of the way i make my own flight numbers so no flight number is the same as another airline also i put the lowest numbers with the airlines that have a hub at the airport so flight numbers are not the same as is in flight aware or flight radar24 its so no flight number is used in the same hour with two different airlines
  7. i guess that the next update to real traffic will be when they release EGLL
  8. Ok then maybe it is something else then I noticed that united 788 still has the old livery and it is listed in real color 31 in UA in the manifest file.
  9. I noticed that the newest version for the master list says that united has the new livery on the 787-8, and I just checked by playing the airport and the United 787-8 still has the old yellow gold looking livery in the game Tower 3D Pro. and was just wondering if u have ran into this problem with the release of KIAD
  10. i just noticed that the real traffic files are the same as the KEWR when it was released. is anyone else having this problem.
  11. That sounds good to me will be cool to create the liveries on your own as to what the livery is suppose to be.
  12. had some issues that I discovered in the schedule file so this file has been updated now.
  13. KEWR custom Schedule Files hope that this works for everyone there were some errors but I fixed them so these are the updated files. The only files that are not there yet are the GAANDLOCALTRAFFIC files. these files are coming I have to fix this file that came with the airport and when I have I will add them to this. kewr_airplanes.txt kewr_gaandlocaltraffic.txt kewr_airports.txt kewr_schedule.txt kewr_airlines.txt kewr_terminal.txt
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