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  1. why is there not a new version for real traffic if Copenhagen airport has been released the version should be 21 not 20 at least i think so anyway can someone please clarify this.
  2. well I still am kinda curious about it plus something always better then nothing
  3. when will these retro airlines and liveries be available or does anyone know?
  4. well nobody knows what would happen between now and august so you may be right but then who knows.
  5. no the construction is done to where the new international terminal opens in October 2020
  6. since i saw KSEA listed was just wondering if what your working on with that airport will have the new international terminal with the new sky bridge connecting to the south satellite here is a picture of what it looks like.
  7. well that might be I was just saying is all and the way I do scheduling might be a little different then or at least the way I understood how to it is that way.
  8. also ariv8ng have to have tist on the right and flight airport codearriv8ng from on left then all departing flights have to start with tist then the destination code.
  9. if u look at the line that says tisx, tist should be tist, tisx
  10. its cool, there are some really cool liveries with the eddf color pack and the lebl rc update.
  11. wasnt tryingto sound rude or nasty i was just saying that i found this out a while back and was saying that the way i have mine seems to be the only way it will work
  12. the only airline I know for sure is air Europa now has the 787-8 other then that I dont know
  13. ok so it isnt in new livery then and it was just a mistake with the excel spread sheet and not the order of the real color packs then. is this correct
  14. ok so in the newest version of the master list it is in there that the United 789 is suppose to be the new livery the 78X is but not the 789 i have tried with no avail to get the new livery for United Airlines 789 to work but it doesn't so was this a mistake in the master list? also here is a link that shows that United's 789 is in the new livery, the Tail Number is N29977 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n24976#240ebda2
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