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  1. yeah I saw that to delta is or was suppose to start flying to EGKK like this fall but not sure that will happen now with this covid 19 pandemic.
  2. i just looked up something with Wamos Air they don't even fly to EGKK or OMDB so why are these listed in these airport real color packs?
  3. why in the new real color aircraft list are the retro airlines listed in there when that color pack isn't out yet as far as I know anyway it isn't
  4. in my schedule to i added some extras just for fun united use to fly to Dubai as well as Delta and i was able to add those to the schedule and terminal files to
  5. oops I forgot to say that i updated the schedule and the terminal files to reflect real airport situations
  6. Updated the files for OMDB should better from a realistic stand point
  7. yeah me to i have London Gatwick but really want to see London Heathrow and its dynamic
  8. there was a post a while back that said the next three airports being done are PHNL KSEA and EGLL
  9. EGLL is in the works so that one is going to be next in line.
  10. I know and that is why I said after the sale is done on 7-2-2020
  11. well guess this wont be out until after the sale that ends on 7-2-2020
  12. something i noticed to is that now Ein Ei Aer Ligus A330-200 now has the new livery to not sure if that was before or after the fix but just noticed it earlier as that livery being in there now.
  13. what had to be fixed with the Real Color SP for KSEA that now it is KSEA SP1a?
  14. Just so that anyone that downloads these files knows there is one HAL FLight that is the L1011 (L10-L101) aircraft it is just in there for when the Retro Service Pack is released.
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