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  1. Yes the voice/speech engine was updated, you're right, I read it, but the "Radar Contact" is recognized because it's written on the "commands history" and directly on the command line when I speack it. Also, I tried with the keyboard command (when I saw that the pilot always answers "negative") and no success either. So I don't know really what's going on here, I have to make some tests to see exactly how it happens but it seems that there is something wrong sometimes here. But if I imagine I can reproduce it each time in some scenario, it doesn't matter if I report it or not because I think that will be never patched. For the sound, be aware that the voice/speech engine is not related with the environment sounds (just to say that I don't understand why in this version we don't have them). It seems that FeelThere wanted to port the sim on steam without really keeping in mind what will not work and doesn't work on this version, or they know but don't care about. I saw some topics that talk about this "sound pb" on the SE version. We have a chance that the "alarm" sound works lol but that's only this one that works, the other two doesn't play in this version. I checked several solution with OpenAL too but without success. If I have to say something, it's that's the only thing that is better than ATCpro (an other Tracon product) is the voice recognition that is far better imo (I'm not english and it's very cool to train the computer for that, it's not possible on ATCpro making the sim difficult for an non english guy or for an english guy with a strong accent, because ATCpro doesn't use the Windows voice engine but an home made engine). There isn't a lot of Tracon sim so, we have to do with...what we have ^^ PS : sorry for my english and if I made some mistakes.
  2. Crystal Noir

    [Tracon! 2012:SE] : Real traffic questions please

    I call "original traffic" the ones that come with the sim without Real Traffic. On a session I can have some real traffic call sign and some fantasy like we have without the addon. For the red line I understood but with only one plane on the scope I don't understand how the sim can fail to show me the right flight plan the plane should have. If it's a shortcoming (bug), don't know why it was never fixed. Anyway it's not a big deal. The things I regret are the environment sounds that never play on the SE version but the alarm (the alarm sound work) but the two other sound never. May be it's a "little thing" and very important for the sim itself but break the immersion.
  3. The video I watched was about the non "SE" version but the SE version should be the same, the only difference are the colors...If you look at the folder you have all the sounds in place the "bleep" sound and in the Environment folder the noise sound (ogg files). On the non SE version we can hear these sounds (radio noise when a pilot talk) on the SE version we never hear them despite the environment sounds slider in the setting is set to max. For the Radar Contact, I missed something because I do it when the pilot said to me the sentence with informations, it's not "with you" directly but this is a sentence that the pilot says after confirming to the tower he will contact departure (for example). After confirming the tower he will contact departure, he says an other sentence with informations he has (altitude etc...) I suppose it's for me. That's why I don't understand why I have a "negative" when I said "Radar Contact". And if I dont do anything, anything else happens and about 1-2 mns have a penalty for "no contact". I will make some tests to see exactly how this happens. I found how to communicate with GA traffic, but I don't understand why in the manual they talk about for example LESLIE callsign that never comes in the sim (end of the manual). That's why I misunderstood that at the beginning. (and in Tower!3D we have this kind of callsign directly that's why I was confused too).
  4. Hello, I've updated this topic with some comments that show researches I made, the things I have understood and the one I've not, and some explainations that come from my second topic that covers a part of the question here. Some point stay very dark, so if you have some advices for these, I will be happy 😉 Please be aware that I made my possible to try to search, read the doc and try to understand things of my own but some are too dark for me and need some helps to go in the right way. I'm pretty new on ATC sims so I have a lot of thing to learn. Also, some technical problems are always here (see point "5"), and it seems that I am not the first one that report something like that. Thank you in advance guys ! And once again please apologize for my english 🙂
  5. Crystal Noir

    [Tracon! 2012:SE] : Real traffic questions please

    Thank you !, let me come back on some points : You are true, because this "traffic" I've got it before having the addon, that's why I asked for that. 1. I understood that the real traffic addon add real traffic but doesn't put the original traffic off. 2. That's the point I thought. I mean, I told me myself : "Hey your are a controller so, it's up to you to guide the plane where the "red lines" are". With some research I find that the LAS5 replace the LAS3 one but it's a little difficult to read this kind of doc for me now (I'm a beginner that love this kind of sim and flight sim in general, so ATC sim are new for me, on flight sim we have some tools that help us with procedures and have less difficulties to read this kind of doc with some of my airports here that are...smaller and easier). Also, I re-read the manual and there is a sentence that says that "the pilot goes where the control tower told him, and will continue on this path if no one tells him what to do", so it seems that, despite the fact that the red line should be the flight plan of the pilot, I think he waits for me to guide him on his path. That seems idiot what I said, but until I have this one comes, the pilot always followed the red path, but for some particular "departure procedure" it's not the case, in fact, they take off to the north but the "red path" starts on the south of the runway and to go south with a big turn to east. If I don't say anything, the plane continue his path to the north that doesn't correspond to the pilot "flight plan". 3. Didn't know that we can select several runways on several airports at a time, I will make some tests and report you if this was the case (but I don't have a doubt, may be with my tests, I selected several runways in several airports without knowing that. For me what I had on the screen before hitting "start" is what I got, but it seems , it's not the case so I will verify.
  6. Crystal Noir

    [Tracon! 2012:SE] : Real traffic questions please

    Thank you, yes I misunderstood that but I believed that the addon provide us "real company name" with a real call sign ? I'm not living US so, it's a little difficult to have a good view of some things. If you have an idea for my other questions, my ears are opened 😄 Thank you 🙂
  7. Hi, I know I've already posted a topic about others things that wait for answers but I have another question here. I've installed the real traffic addons on the Tracon! 2012:SE edition. It seems to work but I have some things I don't understand : 1 - It seems that the old traffic is always here at the same as I have the new traffic ? I can see some real company like SWA....but I always have some traffic with fantasy name like N957AN ? 2 - I don't understand the red line when I CTRL click on a plane, it should tell me the route the plane has, but in fact I can see sometimes, the plane take a different route and go away from it, straight. That's the case for example with a flight in KLAS and the LAS VEGAS THREE departure, if I look the red line, after take off it should turn directly to the north-East but instead the plane go straight to the south ? 3 - Since I installed the real traffic addons, in LAS section, if I choose an other airport than KLAS for example KHND, the sim makes me control all the airport at a time, I can see departure from KLAS, KHND and others...what's wrong with that ? is there something I don't understand ? Thank you in advance, I would like to enjoy the sim but for now, it's difficult, I hope I will understand what I am do wrong or I don't understand.
  8. Hi there, first of all, I love this sim. I tried ATCpro that is more advanced but the voice recognition is a mess, with the TTS technology, it's more easy to make us being understood with the windows training method ! I'm a beginner and watch the manual but there are some things that are dark for me : 1 - The manual say for the altitude we have to say for example for 10300 : "one zero thousand three hundred". But when I want to say 13000 I say : "one three thousand" the pilot answer negative. To make it work I have to say "one three hundred" and the pilot answer ok but say "one three thousand" why I can't say "one three thousand" and the pilot can ? Is there something I don't understand ? : [seems to be because I don't let the sim to terminate the sentence before releasing the push to talk key] 2 - Radar contact. On my first session in LAS, all the departure refuse to communicate with me, each time I made a "radar contact" the pilot answer "negative", I have to restart the sim. : [It seems and after re-reading the doc, that the plane should finish its take-off before having a contact with us, I don't understand exactly when I can "radar contact" a pilot despite the manual, the manual talk about clicking the plane before or something like that, I'm not sure of what I have to do but before a small time, the "radar contact" works (but I have to make this contact before the pilote is 10 mn away from the center dans 3000 feet, something like that)] 3 - Also the manual mention the tag name of aircrafts but it seems that they not be used in the sim. I always have N456PC for example but never the tag mentioned in the manual like "LESLIE" or "FIELD AIR" etc... [Don't find anything about that, in Tower!3D we have this kind of plane directly, on this one just have to say numbers + letters to make it recognize the callsign, this part is a little dark for me....] 5 - Environment sounds not playing : no PTT sound, and no "radio noise" sound like I saw on Youtube video. The ogg files are here but never used it seems. What's going on here ? (I think that's why I don't have anything when the "radar contact" command is a success (On Youtube videos you have a radio noise). [I tried different things but it seems that I have no sound in this sim but the TTS speeches, and the alarm when we have a conflict. But the radio noise and the PPT "blip" noise never occur. I don't know why, the voice recognition works like a charm, just that 2 sounds that never play. It brokes the immersion imo but I didn't find anything to help me on this.] Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for my english.
  9. Crystal Noir

    [Tower!3D Pro] Manual and question

    Hi there, In fine I bought the 3d pro version of the game. However, I think that the manual is some way to light for a beginner. I saw that the 2011 Se manual is more dense and instructive. Do you think I can use it to help me understand some concept or for some commands ? I started read both. Already got some questions, like the heading command. I saw that we can tell pilots a heading (head the airport they want to reach) but I don't understand where I have this information (what is the heading of the airport they want to reach ?) some things like that. So I wonder may be I could read both documentation and make sort of crossover of informations I will find. Thank you for your help. (Sorry for my english).
  10. Crystal Noir

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    That's why I posted this here, it's because I watch a lot of videos and I don't know what to think. I find the Tower3D! Pro version a little expensive for me. To reply it seems (that I've read from official answer somewhere) that the SE version of 2011 has the improvements of the voice recognition in the 3D Pro version. To complete my research, I've seen that the manual of 2011 is more detailed (a good tutorial at start of the documentation on St Thomas). After it's pretty the same things. A discount should be cool for this pro version. To say the right, I bought the first version of the 3D version, but refund it because of bugs and frustration (no voices commands). Now I have two difference versions with and a choice to make. If the price of thisi 3D pro version was cheaper may be the choice should have been more easy. However, I am a beginner (or a noob lol), do you think the 3D pro version could be ok to learn or may be it will be too complex for a first contact ? (want to use the voice command that's why I talked only about pro and 2011 SE. (sorry for my english).
  11. Crystal Noir

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    Thank you for your reply. I see a little bit more the differences. The fact is that I am a beginner with ATC. So 3D Pro is more realistic but may be to much more complex for a beginner like me to start with ? May be I should try 2011 Se first so ? In the other hand, 2011 SE misses some informations (we don't know in the ADIR what taxiway's name (A, B, C....). I saw that some players have them, don't know how. As a beginner, perhaps I should try 2011 SE first...It's a deal, don't know yet.
  12. Crystal Noir

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    Hi, I wonder if there is a something that makes Tower!3D Pro better than Tower!2011 SE ? What is the differences ? I know that this Tower!3D Pro is in 3D but after what make this game better ? I ask this because I love simulator and I never try one like this yet and I am totaly a newbie, but I don't know if I should start with the 2011 SE or Tower!3D Pro that is some way expensive... Thank you for your help, (PS : Sorry for my english).

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