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  1. Crystal Noir

    [Tower!3D Pro] Manual and question

    Hi there, In fine I bought the 3d pro version of the game. However, I think that the manual is some way to light for a beginner. I saw that the 2011 Se manual is more dense and instructive. Do you think I can use it to help me understand some concept or for some commands ? I started read both. Already got some questions, like the heading command. I saw that we can tell pilots a heading (head the airport they want to reach) but I don't understand where I have this information (what is the heading of the airport they want to reach ?) some things like that. So I wonder may be I could read both documentation and make sort of crossover of informations I will find. Thank you for your help. (Sorry for my english).
  2. Crystal Noir

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    That's why I posted this here, it's because I watch a lot of videos and I don't know what to think. I find the Tower3D! Pro version a little expensive for me. To reply it seems (that I've read from official answer somewhere) that the SE version of 2011 has the improvements of the voice recognition in the 3D Pro version. To complete my research, I've seen that the manual of 2011 is more detailed (a good tutorial at start of the documentation on St Thomas). After it's pretty the same things. A discount should be cool for this pro version. To say the right, I bought the first version of the 3D version, but refund it because of bugs and frustration (no voices commands). Now I have two difference versions with and a choice to make. If the price of thisi 3D pro version was cheaper may be the choice should have been more easy. However, I am a beginner (or a noob lol), do you think the 3D pro version could be ok to learn or may be it will be too complex for a first contact ? (want to use the voice command that's why I talked only about pro and 2011 SE. (sorry for my english).
  3. Crystal Noir

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    Thank you for your reply. I see a little bit more the differences. The fact is that I am a beginner with ATC. So 3D Pro is more realistic but may be to much more complex for a beginner like me to start with ? May be I should try 2011 Se first so ? In the other hand, 2011 SE misses some informations (we don't know in the ADIR what taxiway's name (A, B, C....). I saw that some players have them, don't know how. As a beginner, perhaps I should try 2011 SE first...It's a deal, don't know yet.
  4. Crystal Noir

    Tower!3D Pro or Tower!2011 SE ?

    Hi, I wonder if there is a something that makes Tower!3D Pro better than Tower!2011 SE ? What is the differences ? I know that this Tower!3D Pro is in 3D but after what make this game better ? I ask this because I love simulator and I never try one like this yet and I am totaly a newbie, but I don't know if I should start with the 2011 SE or Tower!3D Pro that is some way expensive... Thank you for your help, (PS : Sorry for my english).

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