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  1. He seems like an 11-year old, HORRIBLE spelling and grammar... almost unintelligible! Let me try to explain... "Hallo, ich suche einen Multiplayerserver. Ich habe New York, warum kann ich nicht Mulitplayer spielen, was ist das Problem?" "Hello, I am looking for a multiplayer server. I have New York, why can not I play multiplayer, what is the problem?" "Ich versuche im Multiplayer zu spielen, wie kann ich dies spielen?" "I'm trying to play in multiplayer, how can I play this?" "Wie kann ich in New York mit Multiplayer spielen?" "How can I play multiplayer in New York?" "I have Tower! 3D Pro and playing multiplayer does not work, why? Any 3 airports, help please!" I hope that was helpful!
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