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  1. Wow thanks for the videos. It is really difficult when you can't actually move the strips yourself as you have to remember whos is where :)
  2. Hello guys. No feedback? Nobody tried the challenge?
  3. Hello I've been having a lof of fun so far with Tower!3D Pro. Thank you for such a wonderful simulator. However I decided to put a little more realism into my gameplay to make it feel more like real life ATC work. I've noticed watching youtube videos, that many people find ATC perfection as possbility to handle more and more aircraft at a time. But it's not that simple in real life. The job of ATC is not only giving proper clearances but also monitoring every aircraft and trying to imagine the whole 3D picture by using only the projection he can see with from tower. It's also remembering
  4. KPHL In my opinion west to east direction is simpler. We use 9L for departures and 9R for arrivals. Departures should use taxiway K (use K3, N or T to join K from J for eastern aprons departures), while arrivals either go via C-J or via N-J. In case of overwhelming number of departures runway 35 can be used via E with a simple scheme. Departure from 9L, crossing via E, departure from 35, repeat. 9R can also be used for departures with some care as taxi via J can block arrivals via C-J in that case they have to be routed via N. East to west direction is much more tricky. Basic and RL
  5. Hello I work as an ATC and came to few impressions and ideas about the game. I hope devs can read this thread and maybe think about these matters for their next version. There are some minor things that probbably everyone is aware of (for example possibility to backtrack, cross runway instruction etc.) but here I want to discuss the technology of ATC work. I think this game gives quite nice balance between realism and playability. While learning the correct prhaseology and the airline names may take few hours but after that everyone should be able to control the traffic pretty effect
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