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  1. Yes it is, but you have to constantly check for the updates in EZDOK Forum and install the updates. Never thought that EZDOK will block de rudder trim functionality. cheers!
  2. Good news! The problem is caused by EZDOK, nothing to do with FSUIPC, but, It is a good time for calibrating my FSYOKE via FSUIPC :) Thanks again for the patience and the support. cheers!
  3. Hi Pete, Have I try everything you´ve described, and unfortunatelly nothing changed. The Airplanes remains without taxing right or left. At this point I don´t see much rather than reinstalling everything. Any clue from there? thanks again the all the support given
  4. Pete: Ok // Will test those stuff and came back to you. Thanks million again! cheers
  5. ey Pete, Thanks for taking the case and help me with it. I will try later what you´ve set, but again, the odd thing is that the steering wheel turns R & L and the airplane doesn´t. Do you think that problem might me solved with that stuff you´ve wrote? and if so, why have been till now working and with the update to 4.1 not. thanks again! cheers R
  6. Hi Pete, Sorry for missing, please find attached my answwers Are you assigning in P3D or FSUIPC? YESWhat control are you assigning to? Rudder TrimAre you calibrating in FSUIPC? Yes, as well Also, let me tell you that for more tha +15 yers (FS2004, FS9, FSX, FSX Steam & P3D All versions) I have been using FSUIPC all previous versions and have never came across with this issue, Do my answers make sense? Thanks again! cheers
  7. Hi Pete, Thanks for the fast answer. Let me provide you more information: - Happens with every airplane in P3D - I am using P3D 4.1 and the issue arised when upgraded to 4.1 (was working ok with version 4.023) - I am using FSUIPC version 5.121b - Indeed (I have also installed FSX Steam Edition) works ok - The odd thing is the I DO see the steering wheel turning right and left but the aircraft remains straight or slightly to the left/right - I have CH SimYoke and I have assigned a knob to be used as the rudder trim, which, has been working perfectly for years. Any help would be more than gratefull!
  8. Hi pete, I guess something similar happend to me; I have upgrade to P3D 4.1 and -although the steering wheel seems to turn right and left- the plane wont turn to neither left or right while trying to taxi on ground. Have I upload to the latest version of FSUIPC. (5.121b?) Any clue though? Thanks in advanced!

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