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  1. So I purchased LGA and ATL and their colors tonight before the promo code expired. I purchased from the atcsuite site and the downloads were delivered via the BMT links. I tried LGA first and got it downloaded. I started the exe and got all the way through the activation screen. I clicked next and then it the percentage bar came up but it failed to install and then my antivirus popped up saying it had blocked it as it contained a trojan. I tried using the other download links and they all were blocked after downloading as I could not even get to the exe file to run it. I was able to
  2. In real life... We only get handed off to tower while on downwind if its very slow or if it is going to be a very short approach while conducting a visual approach. Normally, tower will get us when we are on the Base turn or in the turn onto final. I have been handed off once to DCA while on downwind at 6k ft as they cleared us for a visual approach and we were told to turn final at least 3nm out.
  3. I selected a bunch of stuff from the site and applied the code which worked. Have Pro, real schedules, base airport color package, KLGA, LGA real color, ATL, ATL real color all for $100.31 using the code The LGA and real schedules are not discounted currently via that code. I finally broke down and got the game... testing it now! held off on all the packs except for base real colors and scheduled
  4. Is ATCsuites.com an official website for Feelthere or is it a third party? its confusing as it says ATCsuites by Feelthere. I saw an add on facebook that said it was sponsored by feelthere. it took me to the above site and has a code of TOWER30 for 30% off the order. When you click on the "buy link" it takes you to the same BMT micro Shopping site as when you click "buy" off of feelthere.com.
  5. Nevermind, I found a more appropriate thread to post my question in...
  6. I just saw they are doing 30%, do they adjust the percentage at all leading up to BLack Friday or is this pretty much the entire sale discount?
  7. Dont forget about United. YX is republic's current code RW is old republic code S5 is the old Shuttle America code. Shuttle was the delta side of Republic, but it flew some United as well. If anything, I would suggest YX being AA, RW for United and S5 for Delta if you are making individual airlines using the various codes.
  8. Hello everyone. I have not bought the game yet, but I have been watching videos non-stop on youtube as I have been looking for a game like this to play. In fact, I recently asked about LGA as I thought it would be a fun airport for me to get into the game, so im glad to see it finally out... I'm a pilot at heart, but I always loved playing as an ATC in FSX hence why I am drawn to this game. I am an airline pilot who flies for Republic Airline. So I have flown into and out of LGA many times... Hopefully this info will help some. Our operations at LGA include flights being opera
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