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  1. In the non-pro version of the game it doesn't have the taxiways labeled so even if it would work where you could tell the aircraft the taxi ways to take it would be really hard to do if not impossible to do and when you want to go to the other version they wont upgrade you and steam sets a two hour play limit on returns so by the time you play the game one time you have pretty much exceeded the return limit.
  2. I am aware that it is a simulation but it has to realistically model ground movements which are assigned by the ground control which i could not get to work and even if it worked the taxi ways aren't labeled in the standard edition and not just randomly assigned and as far as gameplay i was referring to the fact that you have very little to do and that you spend long periods not having anything to do except watch the planes move because you do not have a ability to change the traffic flow. without the ability to change traffic there are time that there is nothing to do i said that i liked the "game" but said that it need better customer support and also needed to accurately portray itself on steam and if it would have better customer support i am pretty sure a lot of the reviews on steam would be different as customer support is one of the largest complaints on steam along with the fact that it doesn't have much to do I would like the game if it allowed you to actually do what it explains.
  3. I wanted to say that i reviewed your product on steam and "i was disappointed to see that over 2/3 of the reviews for the product are bad because it is a good game but they are fairly accurate and i am begining to agree with them at least with the fact that the game gets boring after a very short amount of time (about 3-4 hours) because there is basically no gameplay and that the company doesn't have very good customer support to the point that rather than allowing people to purchase an upgrade they expect people to pay the entire price to purchase a different edition of the same game with voice recognition and the ability to actually tell the aircraft what taxi ways to take like what this edition says it can do on the steam description which states "Advanced routing to and from the runways and terminals can be assigned" all this company cares about is bringing in money and don't care about there customers at all." This review would be changed but the company won't even do anything about the fact that people have very little good to say about the game on steam. i have heard a lot of good things about the developer and publisher not to mention the other edition of the game but from what i am seeing the developer don't care about this game they just want the money.
  4. why do you guys not offer a upgrade between standard and pro edition they are the same game and i have seen on all of the games i have seen offer a dlc for upgrading to different editions
  5. I want to switch from tower3d to tower3d pro i want to get rid of tower 3d and purchase tower3d pro so i only pay the difference in the games p.s. i bought tower3d on steam
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