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  1. Pete B

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Thanks for the responses to my LAX drop off question. There are a few ways to add 'realism' to this sim...game play time is one of them that is a hindrance and totally unnecessary...its a game afterall! Come on developers...how about sorting out aircraft parking on gates where the aircraft actually fit without blocking taxiways! Thanks again
  2. Pete B

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Hi All Does anyone else have a problem with the mix of movements at certain times using this LAX schedule? I started the game at 6am and all is fine but around 9am the departures start to die off and then by 10am its literally all arrivals. Every gate fills up and by noon its down to one movement every 10mins or so even at x16! Arrivals cant be moved as the pilot replies gate is occupied, deal with that aircraft first! Is this game not designed to be played for more than a couple of hours? I've looked at the schedule Joe created and there seems to be a good mix of departures and arrivals every hour all day, but that is not what I am seeing during game play after 2-3 hours of play. Feelthere have a potentially great game here but it has so many flaws, why keep pumping out new airports when they should be concentrating on fixing the long list of errors on all the existing ones? I have bought JFK only so far (which was bloody expensive for DLC) and wont buy anymore until they make strides fixing the current problems with the already released airports, especially the ones that come with the game. And how about adding a day of the week option which will allow schedules to be built for all 7 days and playable? As for the livery developers, stop cashing in on supplying the same liveries for aircraft for different airports, that's deceitful - have one master downloadable aircraft/livery add on and perhaps have 2/3 updates per year. I for one wouldn't mind paying a small fee for the updates each time. Anyhow, would appreciate if someone can assist with the issues I am having with the movements drop off as something is clearly not right. Thank you Pete
  3. Pete B

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Hi Joe Thanks for all your great efforts in enhancing the game for all of us, much appreciated. I've been watching your videos on YT for a long while now but only just bought the sim for myself. Very addictive sim especially with the add ons and these real life schedules! A couple of things, I don't know if the schedule dictates what's already on the ground when you start playing but if I start an very early stint at LAX, 5am for example, there are a number of aircraft on the TBIT I would not expect to see at that time of the day...a number of Asian heavies etc. Are aircraft on stand at start up something you can dictate with the schedules at all as TBIT would be largely deserted at 5am? This blocks up stands that maybe needed later and many of these aircraft should be arriving later on anyway to then depart as per the schedule. One example is an Asiana A380 that is always parked on TBIT at 5am, in reality this should arrive at 0840 as AAR202 and departs again at 11am. I've not played the game long enough during this period to see if another Asiana A380 arrives at the proper time, so what happens to the extra one already on stand? Another thing is cargo, there are some Cargo flights, KAL214 and CAL5155 are two off the top of my head, that always push back from TBIT as well. I'm guessing this is because these airlines have pax flights as well and you cant have one airline operating from two different airport locations?? I really hope the developers can move this sim forward, there is so much potential, and I have a few things on a wish list I would like to see, one example being aircraft parked remotely on maintenance ramps that will be required to be moved onto stand, or vice versa, aircraft on stand that require a tow to a remote stand or maintenance. I realise from your vids and from my own limited gameplay that there are a number of basic issues to be ironed out first by the developers, some of the aircraft parking is not good, larger jets using stands clearly not suitable for that particular type etc., so enhancements my have to wait! Keep up the fine work Pete

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