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  1. Ha! Reinstalled everything for the 3rd time now and i found the folder! I think I may used the wrong installationpath of real traffic or somehow deleted the files... Everything works fine now! Thank you very much for your help and fast response! 😄
  2. Oh well... But i dont have this folders at all... and i bought real traffic and real color. Any idea how I can get them? 😄 But thank you already for the information!
  3. Ok so these are my folders (i hope you can see it). The first one is the airplane folder and the second one is the texturepacks folder inside the airplane folder. I am sorry I have to do two posts, but i can't uploade the scrennshots in good quality under 20kb.... No spam intended! Thank you in advance
  4. Hey, I found this comment because I have the same Problem at the moment. I bought Tower 3D pro via Steam and real traffic/real color from the Homepage. The installation was kind of successfull because as you can see in your Picture it recognized the texturepack but with this black graphic bugs. I reinstalled it two times and tried to save it in the folder airplanes (all planes were white) and airplanes/texturepacks (all planes had the colors but with the bugs). Are you sure you solved the problem by save them just under airplane? Because this doesn't work for me at all :(
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