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  1. Hi Unicorns, Thanks very much for the speedy reactions. In the meantime I bought the colors, so that the males and females in the tower can recognise the planes. Take care and have a happy December. Best regards, Eef.
  2. Hi Boys, Just bought Dubai and now wandering how I can get de real colors for Dubai. For the default I have real traffic and real color. Thanks for reactions. Eef
  3. I would be willing to help, as I am looking for liveries of of the Embrairs 170/190 myself too. However I have never tried to use a paintkit, so do not know how it works, but a can get along with computing in general very well and as I am retired, I also have time. Can I do something? Eef Klaassen.
  4. AV Writer: Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it works. So if I do not find the real reason its a nice working around. Thanks. Hexzet: Thanks. I just have a new computer and installed again a lot of programs. I did not play Tower a longer time, so which of all these programs is causing it ??? FeelThere Ariel: Thanks for the suggestion. Yes you also know how relative often Windows 10 is updated. My real problem is that I dont know when the problem started.
  5. I bought Tower Pro through Steam and now have following problem with which they cannot help me. I always played the "game" on two monitors. One for the tower view and the orther for the D-Brite, Adirs and Strip. That worked always perfect. However now the D-Brite and Adirs let themselfs still move properly to the second screen, but the Strip refuses and disappears by the attemp. After several attemps the game crashes. The game is working ok, but the strip must remain on the first screen with the tower view. Can someone give me an idea, why this is going wrong?? Thank you for reactions.
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