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  1. Roman, I was aware of the starter switch as 0 & 50, but that wasn't enough; as you found out. I wasn't aware of the XML code. That is great to know, thanks. I tried this and it works. Thanks much for putting this much effort into helping, Tom
  2. Pete, thanks for your quick response. I did use the Lua plug-in to log the Lvars, but I can' t make sense out of all the stuff that happens when I toggle the switch. And, yes I tried mouse macro's. And I am setting the Lvars correctly; I've got everything else working using Lvars. Thanks again.
  3. (My apologies if this is not the right place to post this, please direct me) FSX, SP2, registered copy of FSUIPC (ver 4.974), Windows 7. I’m trying to setup a control panel for Manfred Jahn’s C47. I have everything working except the start switches. I actually have them so they do start the engines, but it behaves & sounds different than when I use my mouse to click on the switch. It doesn’t seem to need primer, doesn’t start until I let go of the switch, and only an elect motor type sound while spinning until it starts. I’ve tried numerous Lvars, FSX controls, offsets and many combinations. Anyone have this working or know what Lvars to use? I’ve used both the Lua logging and the FSUIPC logging to try to see which vars are being used. However, in both cases there are many that contain the word “start” or “eng” or other possible names. I can’t make much sense of what I see. Here’s what does start them. 111=CP(+B,6)B,26,Cx0200092A,x0004 ;Magneto Start 112=CU(+B,6)B,26,Cx0200092A,x0003 ;Magneto both 113=CP(+B,6)B,26,CM2:2,50 ;Starter switch 2 on 114=CU(+B,6)B,26,CM2:2,0 ;Starter switch 2 off [Macros] 1=L:Starter switch:1=SET 2=L:Starter switch:2=SET I’ve also tried: 21=L:Starter Switch:2_TMP=SET 22=L:DG_TFS_Starter_left1=SET 23=L:Startersound=SET 24=L:Checked ON-Starter=SET
  4. I must have been using the virtual cockpit. I just tried it and made sure it was the 2D and it worked. However, if you're saying it won't work with the A2A & Captain Sim planes, it won't be useful for me anyway. But thanks for your help.
  5. Yes it was the default. Not sure if it was the 2D cockpit, but I'll try it. And yes, I did enter a filename.
  6. FSX, SP2, registered copy of FSUIPC (ver 4.974), Windows 7. I'm trying to create a mouse macro using the user's guide. No matter what I do, I never see the green popup dialog. I've tried multiple controls in the A2A B17G and Captain Sim C130. I even tried to exactly duplicate the example in the user guide of the Beechcraft King using the Master Warning button. The Create Macro button is present and seems to work. I hit it and it changes to End Macro. But when I hit OK on the FSUIPC dialog and then use my mouse to actuate any controls, the green dialog never pops up. What am I missing?
  7. Roman, Thanks very much! Your first example worked quite well. I didn't try your second idea, but I may when I have some time. Tom
  8. Roman, Thanks I appreciate your reply; but I think you've missed my main question. I think I do understand, I just didn't realize the 'j' and 'b' shouldn't be included. 'B' was my joystick I'm using. It looks like your first example will use the conditions of the first two buttons (D,0) and (D,6) to enable (D,12). That's not what I'm trying to do. I want to set C65927 = 0 when none of the three buttons are pressed.
  9. Using FSUIPC 4.974 , FSX SP2, WIndows 7. Is there a way to use these to conditionally write to an offset instead of specifying a button action? I'm trying to control a magneto with a rotary switch. I can use 4 buttons, but I could get away only 3 if I could set the offset to 0 when none of the other three switches were on. I tried 24=CP(-jB,b0)(-jB,b6)(-jB,b12),Cx02000892,x0000 << ERROR 19! Line ignored >> Which of course didn’t work. I also tried 24=CP(-jB,b0)(-jB,b6)(-jB,b12),C65927,0 << ERROR 19! Line ignored >> Also didn't work (65927 is the control for magneto 1 off). Thanks Tom
  10. OK. Thanks for you help. And a cool product.
  11. OK, with 60 pages of numbers, I did miss that one. Thanks. Part of my question was also that Lua seems to have a library call that allows attaching a callback function to provide notification if a button changes. (I think) For C/C++, with just access to an offset, it must be polled to detect when a button changes. True? Also, I just downloaded & registered FSUIPC in the last week or so. I misspoke I actually have 4.974. Is that the latest? Awesome program, by the way!
  12. I guess I should add I'm using FSX with a registered version of FSUIPC 4.973. I just want my C++ program to know when a joystick button is presses.
  13. I've looked at the Lua examples and I can build and run the C++ example in Visual Studio. So I know how to read/write the offsets. In Lua, there are events that can be used to read input from joystick buttons. What's the equivalent in C++? I've searched and really can't find anything. Thanks.

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