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  1. Hello, I want to modify the tilesix script in order that it works in this way: When activated by pressing a button it should appear on the monitor a request to input a number Each number (one for each aircraft type) correspond to a specific panels positioning on the screens example if for the variable "aircraft" is assigned the number 1 that can correspond to the Learjet 45 the following are executed ext.position("Electrical", 0, 0, 40, 20,3) ext.position("APU", 40, 20, 20, 15,3) ext.position("Throttle quadrant", 0, 20, 40, 76,3) ext.position("Trim", 65, 0, 20, 15,3) ext.position("Fuel", 40, 0, 25, 20,3) on the other hand if to the variable aircraft is assigne the number 2 than can correspond to the "grumman" the following are executed ext.position("Electrical", 28, 70, 35, 21,3) ext.position("Trim", 0, 70, 28, 26,3) ext.position("Fuel", 0, 48, 50, 22,3) ext.position("Overhead Panel", 0, 3, 68, 46,3) ext.position("Radio stack", 68, 3, 26, 71,3) ext.position("Landing Gear", 50, 48, 15, 22,3) Better if the script can automatically recognize the aircraft type. Can anyone help me? Cristiano
  2. Hi, In the FSUYIPC log file I have an event that continously appear every second. First 8 digit number always changing then I have *** EVENT: Cntrl =66066 (0x001020c), Param = 0 (0x00000000) LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF It's very annoying because it continously switches LANDING LIGHTS OFF. so i can't use them. Into the FSUIPC4.ini files there's no 66060 control nor LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF. How can I find where does it come from???
  3. GOT IT!!! I used lua log lvars and i found out that there was one first mistake "ECAMS Display" instead of "ECAMS2 Display" Then the second mistake was the case sensitive issue that Pete indicated: ipcPARAM was the right one. Thanks a lot to all of you for your help!
  4. If I wel understtod: I wrote 321ECAMS.lua with only the line ipc.writeLvar("ECAMS Display", ipcparam) copied in the module folder and assigned to a button with a parameter (a number from 0 to 5) in the FSUIPC dialog a got different controls choices : Lua toggle 321ECAMS Lua set 321ECAMS Lua value 321ECAMS I tried with alll of them but nothing happened. If I select Lua debug 321 EICAM when i press the buttom i got this in the log window: LUA.0: beginning"C:\.... 321ecams.lua" LUA.0: Global: ipcPARAM =5 LUA.0: ended "C:\.... 321ecams.lua" but nothing happens in FSX What am I doing wrong???
  5. Thanks Roman, but I'm pretty new with lua (started yesterday!). If I understood well I should: - create a lua file with that local vars: but which script must it contain? - save it in FSX/Modules; It's clear! - open fsuipc and assign to my buttons; It's clear!
  6. Talking about A321 FXsteam default aircraft. In the lower side of the ecams display (ident =503) there are 7 buttons that allow to change the display information: ENG - BLEED - PRESS - APU - HYD - FUEL - FCTL I already tried in the logging tab but it doesn't show any param/ident, so i guess I have to try via mouse macro. I'll let you know! Thanks by now. Cristiano
  7. Can't find the right ident for a321 ecams submenus. Can anybody help me, please?
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