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  1. Yep , I doubted myself as soon as I wrote it !
  2. I doubt that it would recognise evt files that have had their names changed unless the WASM is changed too. I would stick to the original file name.
  3. At the bottom of my ini file I have the following..... [EventFiles] 0=Mobiflight-Events2 1=Mobiflight-Events1 You only need one of these two lines if you are only using one of the EVT files from Mobiflight. I assume also that you have installed the Mobiflight WASM folder in the community folder. Hope this helps and sorry for butting in John! I thought that you may be busy Regards Keith
  4. This bug can be quite useful. The bug only affects events assigned to an "always on" type switch and only if the event is assigned in MSFS. The bug is not triggered if you assign all of your controls in FSUIPC7 (thanks John). To make use of the bug I have 1 switch (a physical toggle switch) assigned directly in MSFS . When i want larger increments for alt select, heading bug select, autothrottle speed select etc i flick my switch then switch it off again after i have selected my altitude or whatever. Regards Keith
  5. I have just found the Mobiflight event which operates the MFD map range in the Longitude. For anyone that needs it look for event numbers 180 and 181 in the mobiflight-Events1.evt file Whoop whoop ! regards Stinger
  6. Mobiflight are thinking of sharing their source code so look out for that.
  7. Hi John, I see that we can delete events from the .evt file if we don't need them, can we cut and paste events from one .evt file to another? Does that work? thanks Keith
  8. I have now tried this with FSUIPC7 and it works a treat. Just using evt file No1 at the moment. There are still more functions to add but I am sure they will come. I managed to assign the G1000 map range knob which works fine. Personally speaking I need it too for the Longitude but patience is a virtue. Thanks John for the info on installing it. Regards Keith
  9. Thanks John for clarifying. I'll try this tomorrow. Keith
  10. I am a little confused as to what is needed. Is it just a matter of installing the WASM into the community folder and then copying the .evt file into the FSUIPC7 installation folder? Do we still need to install Mobiflight itself? Sorry for being dumb ! Keith
  11. Thanks John. That would be brilliant.
  12. It looks like someone from Mobiflight has written a WASM module that now exposes all of the events that we are missing. It seems to be working with Mobiflight and Spad but I am not sure whether it will work with FSUIPC7. If not, is it possible to go down the same route for FSUIPC7? I'd rather like to stick to FSUIPC7 now that I have got used to it. here is a forum link which discusses this WASM module. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/simconnect-and-gps-event-ids/308990/125 regards Stinger
  13. Yes, it is working fine for me now John, thanks to FSUIPC7. It happens when a non momentary switch is set to an msfs function within msfs. I guess it then ties up cycles? . In fact use it to my advantage, i have a non-momentary switch set to an msfs function which I temporarily flick when I want larger increments. This works for both the heading bug and the alt select function. Trouble is, whilst I have been scenery designing I have temporarily forgotten which switch I used on my cockpit for this! Regards Keith
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