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  1. Hello All, I'm having a problem with my parking brake switch on the TQ. No matter which way I assign it in FSUIPC that switch always works backwards? I go into switches and buttons, move the switch assign it to parking brakes in both dropdowns and enter 0 for the parameter. It doesn't matter if I assign the switch with the lever up or down it always ends up working backwards? I must be doing something wrong. Please advise. Kind Regards, Paul
  2. From purely and EE standpoint valves do a much better job of signal reproduction after amplification. It's just a fact. The tubes I'm using are decades old and working great. I just flick them with my finger every once in a while to knock the ionization of the anode. Keeps them humming along. HA. I'm an old analog guy. Like vinyl also.
  3. Pete, I'm still using valves (vaccum tubes) in my ham radio amplifiers. They work the best!
  4. Hi Pete, Just and FYI. I could not get windows back up facility to work. It kept bombing out at the end. So I downloaded the program you suggested ( AOMEI Backupper ). Worked like a charm!! Yippy. Okay now I have a backup...next uninstall FSX. Thanks. Best Regards, Paul
  5. Well Pete I tried that. In fact I went to MicroSoft for help. As expected they were no help. HAHAHA. Their idea of help is to bring my computer to a place 90 miles from here, leave it with them for a week, then drive back to pick it up with a new copy of windows 10 installed and all my data gone. Thanks a lot! So I just tried to use the windows back up facility. It appeared to be working fine but failed at the very end issuing a message that said it couldn't copy a program because it was open? Strange because what I read about this backup is it did so it does not matter if a program is currently running or not. Well the only things open was explorer and maleware bytes. I try and try and try. Nuts isn't it?
  6. Okay. I told you Pete I am not a computer expert! I worked on mainframes not these messy little things. There's no need to be nasty. From my perspective (right or wrong) a backup is a copy of the c drive. I do not know all the computer buzz words or what the difference is between a copy of the c drive and what you call a backup. Sorry. Paul
  7. I have many backups going back to the first year. However, these backups are of ProSim, FSUIPC, WideFS and a few other programs. As you can tell I have never been able to backup the entire C drive. I suspect I will not be able to uninstall FSX since it is installed in C:\Program Files (x86) . This POS OS will not let me do anything with that folder. Logging in as admin does nothing. I even went into the registry and turned of user account control. It still won't let me copy the C drive!! Honestly Pete this has been going on for the last 5 years. For MS to push this piece of crap off OS on people is unthinkable. If it hadn't been for the blasted OS I would have had my cockpit working 3 years ago but I have had to come up with work arounds for everything. I had to trick it into letting me network my computers as it blocked my every attempt using the normal ways of setting one up. It kept telling me I lacked permission. It was nearly impossible to find out port numbers. Device manager wouldn't allow me to see certain things. I didn't have the necessary permission. On and on like this driving me crazy. I must have spent an entire week trying to figure out a way to network my computers. I purchased a new copy of Windows 7. I'm almost inclined to wipe the drive clean and start over with windows 7. At least I know it will let do what I need to do. But I guess I would not be able to do some of the newer stuff. What a mess!!
  8. Hi Pete, I just tried to make a copy of my C drive to a removable hard drive for a back up. Windows 10 won't let me even though I'm the administrator. I even went into CMD as administrator and put in the command at the prompt "net user administrator /active:yes" and the command was executed it will not let me copy most files. It says I need permission!! I hate windows 10. Since I have had it I am unable to do 90% of what I used to do taken for granted. It won't let me setup networks, copy files, install certain programs etc. To not let me make a backup is beyond belief! What a useless POS it is!!!!
  9. Hi Pete, Hmm. Don't know about ProSim leaning towards P3D but that would make sense wouldn't it? And no doubt whatever they are changing is somehow not compatable with this old FSX I have. What a mess. Ron tells me my computer is not up to the task of running P3D so I'm kind of stuck. Never thought the computer I have wouldn't be adequate to run a sim. It is an ASUS M51AD fourth gen I7, 3.1GHZ, 8mb cache, 12gb ram, 16gb expandable, NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 with 3gb video memory. Bought it 5 years ago. All that's on it is ProSim, FSUIPC and FSX and the regular MS stuff that I never use. Oh I also have navigraph. I really do not want another computer. I have 6 or 7 of them now. They just take up space. HAHA.
  10. So Pete I do not know what to do. When I installed FSX the first time I had a lot of trouble getting it to work. That much I recall. No doubt windows 10. I have no other add-ons to FSX just FSUIPC. I'd prefer to leave it alone. This is sad as I just got everything in my cockpit working....after 5 years.
  11. Hi Pete, Okay, you ask why SP1 won't install. It's because I get this error and if I try install SP2 it says I cannot install Sp2 Until SP1 has been installed. Does FSUIPC make registry entries? What I am told is all registry entries that are used by FSX must be uninstalled. I have no idea how any of this works and I am a bit reluctant to do this at all but it appears I have no choice. ProSim is not working now that I've upgraded to 2.23. And I do not have simconnect installed. Whatever that is. Ugh. I'm too old for all the techy stuff.
  12. Hi Guys, Well I've run into a bunch of problems with FSX. A while back Pete (and others) suggested I need to run SP1 and SP2 for FSX. Well I cannot run them. To that end I am now told I should uninstall fsx the reinstall fsx, then run SP1 and SP2. Fine but it's not quite as simple as just going to programs and features and uninstall fsx. Seem all the add-ons must also be removed, registry cleaned, bits and pieces of files in other places must be deleted. Ugh! Anyway, FSUIPC shows up in fsx as an add-on so I guess I have to remove it. But how? And if I do how do I get it back? I don't know if I still have my registration key around? Must be somewhere but I put FSUIPC on the computer 5 years ago and have only updated it since. Any advise would be appreciated. Best Regards, Paul
  13. Hi Pete, Well finally got around to installing service packs 1 and 2. I tried to install sp1 but get an error message that says: Internal Error 2329. 32, c:/Config.msi/6859d.rbf ? tried several times. No good. Won't install. Windows 10 strikes again. This has been the story with this computer since I got it. Every thing I try to do turns into this. Windows 10 will not let you use the computer. At every turn it blocks any attempts to change anything. It is absurd. If I uninstall FSX and try to change to P3D I'll just run into all the same problems all over again. Windows 10 has ruined this computer. It's pretty bad when you cannot do a simply thing like update software.
  14. Hi Thomas, I checked the registry by comparing the registry entries for the BU0836X on another windows 10 machine where it worked to what was in the registry for the BU0836X on my sim computer. I found one key entry "Present" was set to 0 on the computer where it worked but was set to 1 on the sim computer. I changed it to 0 and presto everything now works? Have you any idea what the key name "Present" is? Maybe the existence of the device? Not sure. Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Best Regards, Paul
  15. Hi Guys, I'm having the strangest problem. I have an older TQ I bought 5 years ago. It worked poorly but it worked on my windows 10 home edition cockpit pc. The TQ uses an BU0836X game controller. I then upgraded to windows 10 pro. Now I cannot use the microsoft calibrate feature nor does my TQ talk to FSUIPC. It does however, work with FSX? I can assign the thrust levers, parking brake and Flaps. Nothing else works. When I try to calibrate via windows it shows the device but when I double click the BU0836X to calibrate windows says it's a communications device not a game controller? Any idea what is going on? I've tried re-flashing the firmware and updated drivers and so on nothing has helped. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Paul
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