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  1. Vic I am quite used to using VC only cockpits so no problem there. Except maybe reading all the fine text on the buttons is not so easy and you really have to get your seat in exactly the right height or you lose the set speed indicator. Guess I will manage ok now I know though not so sure how this will go down with the great many people who really like their 2D panels. It does look like this was rushed out the door in a hurry if you don't mind me saying. Even the manual I had that has appeared in my Start menu Feel There section is in fact for version 2! Seems you are sending out the wrong one with the download and we can only get the correct one (well it will be when you take out the 2D cockpit) is to download from your site. Tony
  2. Jamie - thanks a lot that was the problem! I normally always open all FS related programmes in Administrator so don't know why I didn't see this myself. Anyway thanks for the help! Tony
  3. No I didn't. Good point I will try it. Thanks
  4. I found the Load Manager in my Start menu under Feel There. I set my preferences before opening FS as instructed in the manual but none of the preferences work when I run the E170 v3? Is it me or am I missing something? -- mods edit: added solved to subject line.
  5. Just purchased this yesterday and have similar problem. Running on P3D 4.5 and can't get the 2D panel view. Like Domingos I find hitting Shift 1 gives me a list of pop ups but no reference to the main 2D panel. Sitting in the VC cockpit then scrolling through the other windows using "A" gives me various views but no 2D panel. How do I get it? I have no skins or repaints installed just the House version. Regards Tony
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