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  1. That's it! Thank you very much Roman for this brilliant idea! I have flashed the Bodnar cards with two different .bin# files and did the test again. Great! Unplugging the devices is not a good idea - but due to cirstumstances I cannot avoid it in any case. Anyway, I got deeper insight in this topic now. Have a nice weekend and thank you all again for great help! Christoph 141 Product= BU0836A 1 141 Manufacturer= Leo Bodnar 141 Serial Number= Bu15CF 141 Vendor=1DD2, Product=2241 (Version 1.38) 141 GUIDs returned for product: VID_1D
  2. This is what I did two days before; Interchanging the letters E and C in the ini File. And it worked. But that is of course very clumsy ....- by the way: the CRJ is not valid (I didn't achieve changing it). The others should work. There must be a problem wih the Bodnar devices (all others are working) - my saitek yoke got damaged and I repaired by by inserting a Bodnar card. It worked. Then I added a further Bodnar card to the saitek throttle (with PS/2 connector, which I removed). But that is different story. It worked - but no problems came up as described. Now I did another test. Jus
  3. Thank you for quick response - first of all I updated to 4.795a. This is very strange! If I reconnect the device (test 4 based on v4.795, s. attm.) then everything works fine. BUT: I did remove and reconnect the 2nd TQ - not the yoke - for sure! There are two bodnar devices: Yoke: E.GUID={AE7CFEC0-0B18-11EB-8002-444553540000} 2nd TQ: C.GUID={A74ECFB0-3F6C-11EB-8002-444553540000} Of course, if "C" is assigned to the axis elevator and aileron, it will not work - but what happened? Christoph joy_names_issue.zip
  4. Hello team, I am struggling with phenomena that devices (yokes or TQs) will not properly work after removing devices which I do not need for specific aircrafts. For example, for flying the Dash Q8 400 I need two TQs. If I now switch to a Cessna I remove one TQ and keep just one for mixture and throttles. The problem is that the remaining TQ works properly, but the yoke does no longer operate. All axis assignments and buttons are lost. Despite, the yoke GUID is recognized. Reloading of assignments does not help. For better understanding I have added all log-files and test description. Rega
  5. Hi Roman, That's it! Thank you so much. Christoph
  6. Hello Reinhard, thank you for quick answering. I am sorry, but this was only a copy and paste error in my post. In my lua script it is correct. There is still the problem with the EXT_KILL parameter. sioc is not terminated after fsx is shut down. Regards Christoph
  7. Hello, I have got a similar problem - I launched my software from lua file with handle, error= ext.run("C:\\SIOC.exe, "EXT_KILL") Sioc starts successfully. But the Parameter "EXT_KILL" has no effect, i.e. SIOC is not terminated after closing FSX. Maybe there is a mistake in Syntax? I got error =-3. Alternatively, I tried to start sioc directly in fsuipc.ini (last update) via Run command. But this does only work for all aircrafts. I only want to start sioc for PMDG 737 aircrafts. This can only be done for Lua scripts. May be there is another option? Christoph
  8. Hello Pete, ok - to be more precise: RESET of throttle calibration in FSUIPC was not successful in terms of it did not solve my problem. Of course, the RESET worked and I got button SET. Thank you for the re-worked script. The range from -16384 to 16383 is correct for Standard FSX Airbus! Now it works and I am able to control the lever. But unfortunately, it does not operate for the Aerosoft Airbus. Which are the parameters I have to sent via ipc.control? Christoph
  9. Hello Pete, thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, RESET of throttle calibration in FSUIPC was not successful. In my SIOC script values (0-255) are multiplied by 64 and sent to fsuipc offset 089A. There is no problem obviously. Now I have run the lua script with the standard FSX airbus A321: The lever in FSX jumps to "CLB". But I am not able to shift the lever continuously between IDLE and CLB. I do not right understand what happens with the parameter - let's say 2096 - after executing ipc.control. How can I get to know which is the apropriate one for controlling thrust betwe
  10. Hi, I am replying to this threat as I do not know if the problem has been solved. Anyway, I have got a similar issue: I want to control the throttle levers of Aerosoft Airbus A320 by an external device (self made homecockpit throttle quadrant) via lua script. I have already succeeded for the flap levers. But the throttles wil not operate. I have added the small lua script for testing throttle 1 and the log file. The lever position is written to offset 089A (by SIOC). This seems to work. Maybe, ipc.control number 66420 (throttle axis 1) is wrong.... Christoph Airbus_ttest.lua
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