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  1. Hi Luke, the only indication mine were disconnecting and reconnecting almost immediately in flight was the USB disconnect / reconnect sound being played. If you’re not hearing that (confirmed by entries in the FSUIPC.log then it’s not the problem I was having. Certainly keeping devices plugged in to the same ports is essential to avoid these problems. Good luck!
  2. Hi Pete, that’s why I removed my comment as I noticed he was plugging the yoke in only when the sim was running. But if Devices are disconnecting and reconnecting during flight then it sounds like the problem I had.
  3. Agreed Pete. Most seemed to be the taxiway link joining on the runway. Just a tiny segment of an otherwise normal path. Odd really because ADE is very good.
  4. Pete, I've been deleting the broken links and recreating them but for some unknown reason ADE v1.78 still sees them as broken. It probably needs reporting to the author. For now there doesn't seem to be any point in trying to correct them. Hopefully the t5.csv I supplied will help you.
  5. Sadly not. It's a manual job to do that. There are 13 broken taxi links in EDDB_AFX_OP01-BER.BGL. I've attached the report generated by ADE. I'm not sure how much impact this has on Ai. They seem to behave okay despite the ADE warning they may not. But it make have an impact elsewhere. EDDB_ADEP4_RAY_faultList.csv
  6. Hi Pete, Have you tried running the Fault Finder in ADE and see what it reports? There may be multiple broken links. ADEs are pretty near the bottom when it comes to airport design.
  7. @agutz, any chance you could provide that file to Pete please and perhaps also to me. I'll send you my email address privately. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Pete. I guessed you hosted it without unzipping. I’ll write to the developer.
  9. Gents, I've tried to use this utility for the first time. One problem. There is no executable in the zip. Just 3 txt files and a CPP file. Has anyone got this working and if so, how?
  10. I'll raise it on AvSim although Aerosoft would be the more logical site. But given you can never speak to the developer that is probably a waste of time. If others confirm the problem with v4.5 but then say it doesn't occur with v5 that's food for thought. Malaga or Bilbao to Madrid are also short hops. Malaga with northerly winds or Bilbao with southerly. Try to get some flying time in Pete inbetween the updates! 😁
  11. When I land at Aerosoft Madrid Professional the instant the wheels touch the ground there is the most appalling series of stutters. It’s been like this for a while but I decided I’d had enough and investigated. CPU1 is close to 100% so I loaded the LEMD utility and turned off all settings. All of them. Reloaded the flight 10 miles out and again, the same stutters on touch-down. CPU1 was still in the high 90s. To cut a long story short only by turning off DL in P3D did the stutters cease. But this is in daytime with no DL options enabled at Madrid. There must be some code that is call
  12. Not in v4.5. 😁 They give it realism. I don't spend enough time at airports to think about building shadows.
  13. I conducted some tests earlier with AA at various settings to gauge the impact on GPU rather than fps as that is adjusted back to 30 by removing Ai in FSUIPC. I was more concerned about trying to reduce the load on my 1080Ti. I’ll check shadows but this seems like one of those things where you could spend a lot of time tweaking to find the perfect settings. You’ll have far more leeway than I Pete. Cloud shadows are worthwhile but not sure about building ones. Vehicles certainly not. LOD has only been an issue with Concorde in v3 but I had to keep than low for VAS purposes.
  14. Hi John, the aircraft in question is Xtreme Prototype’s Learjet 25 from the 1970s. I tried another aircraft - Vertx Diamond DA62 - and the hit was far less. I didn’t set all lights on to run a full test but even looking at the GPU usage it was well down. It appears to be a combination of 1) Bilbao, 2) XP Learjet 25 and 3) 3840*2160. Remove any one of those and the problem disappears. This is in daytime, not dusk or night. You can use SimStarterNG for the settings in P3D but as you say, it can’t change them on the fly. I’m sure there must be a reason why LM never gave us this opt
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