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  1. Ray Proudfoot


    Hans, it will be once the other changes in this release have been formalised.
  2. Ray Proudfoot


    It’s 5151d you need Hans. Scroll to the last page.
  3. Ray Proudfoot


    Hans, There is another command for zapping you might want to check. It might have a wider kill area. Check the documentation. Regarding P3D crashing when running Radar Contact that has been identified as a long-standing bug in FSUIPC5. Scroll to the end of this topic and download a new FSUIPC5 which will fix the problem. Rename the txt extension to dll. Hope you're still enjoying RC4 and thanks for your voice set! πŸ‘
  4. Ray Proudfoot


    Hans, the Ai you wish to zap has to be right in front of you. For example an Ai approaching you head-on on a taxiway can be zapped and also one on the runway as you come into land. But an Ai more than 20 degrees from a straight-on view won't be. That is by design.
  5. Thanks John. Does that version include Ai counts on ground and airborne?
  6. Ah so it’s dormant until called upon by another app. Gotcha. πŸ‘
  7. Well done Pete. πŸ‘ I suppose it took the huge number of Ai injected into P3D to create the conditions for the crash. Funny that it only happened for me with RC running. I suppose different things happen when it is.
  8. Hi John, Two test departures from EGLL 27L. One in a default aircraft, the other in the PMDG737. Both fine with no crashes using 5.5.1.c. Logs available if required. Ai count was around 255 at EGLL. I flew to FL150 and 25nm from Heathrow towards Schiphol before terminating the flight. I will try a full flight to Schiphol in the next few days.
  9. Thanks John. I shall try my EGLL 27L departure using RC4 probably tomorrow now and report back. Hope you’re feeling better. πŸ‘
  10. No worries. You'll see from my earlier post I ran my test with and no crash on two separate tests.
  11. Mornin' John. I've tried two test flights out of EGLL with both a default aircraft and the PMDG737. Using FSUIPC5 v5.1.5.0 both were successful with no crashes and RC4 running. Hope that helps you narrow the problem. Total Ai were in excess of 260.
  12. Have you tried departing IAH at the same time? I can reproduce the crash when either lining up on 27L at EGLL or just as the wheels leave the ground. I will try my test with 5.15.
  13. v5.15. See John's post above.
  14. Arrgghh!! Thanks John. Easy to miss. πŸ‘
  15. Hi John, According to the FSUIPC4 manual automatic running of Lua modules is possible. However, despite my best efforts I cannot get it to display when a scenario is loaded. This is what I have in my fsuipc4.ini [Window.Radar Contact] Docked=196, 2457, 3575, 2548 [Auto.Concorde] 1=IAS Display [LuaFiles] 1=IAS Display [Window.LUA display] Docked=6456, 9340, 581, 683 And for suppressing / showing SimConnect windows I have these settings in the [General] section. ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No They seem okay but the only way of getting the lua to display is via a button assignment.

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