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  1. No worries. You'll see from my earlier post I ran my test with and no crash on two separate tests.
  2. Mornin' John. I've tried two test flights out of EGLL with both a default aircraft and the PMDG737. Using FSUIPC5 v5.1.5.0 both were successful with no crashes and RC4 running. Hope that helps you narrow the problem. Total Ai were in excess of 260.
  3. Have you tried departing IAH at the same time? I can reproduce the crash when either lining up on 27L at EGLL or just as the wheels leave the ground. I will try my test with 5.15.
  4. v5.15. See John's post above.
  5. Arrgghh!! Thanks John. Easy to miss. 👍
  6. Hi John, According to the FSUIPC4 manual automatic running of Lua modules is possible. However, despite my best efforts I cannot get it to display when a scenario is loaded. This is what I have in my fsuipc4.ini [Window.Radar Contact] Docked=196, 2457, 3575, 2548 [Auto.Concorde] 1=IAS Display [LuaFiles] 1=IAS Display [Window.LUA display] Docked=6456, 9340, 581, 683 And for suppressing / showing SimConnect windows I have these settings in the [General] section. ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No They seem okay but the only way of getting the lua to display is via a button assignment.
  7. Thought so, thanks John.
  8. Hi John, Yes, it's for FS Labs Concorde only available in 32-bit for P3D v3. I shall check the FSUIPC4 manual - thanks! Does it require a paid version to run Lua files? I'm assuming so. I have the paid version but it's something I want to distribute so that would be important.
  9. Hi John, I have a small Lua file that I want to run in P3D v3. It indicates the actual IAS because the aircraft’s own gauge isn’t always accurate. I have got it running by assigning a button press to start it but I was wondering if there’s a way of starting it automatically? I need that button for other things. Once displayed it can stay on screen for the duration of the flight as the window can be sized quite small.
  10. Ray Proudfoot

    CTD before P3D splash screen

    Hi Stephanev, yes, unfortunately even the BIOS on new PCs checks the OS and if not Win 10 won't boot up. To be fair I haven't had any real problem with W10. USB devices have been the worst and Windows updates will turn Power Management for USB back on so make sure you check those after any updates.
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    CTD before P3D splash screen

    Hi Stephanev, Im very pleased for you. That’s a brilliant setup you have there. I’m pretty sure I also had the same model of hub. It was certainly a D-Link as mentioned in my post here. I can’t check because I was so disgusted with it I threw it in the bin after getting the new one. 😀 Windows 10 eh? Don’t you just love it? 😠
  12. Ray Proudfoot

    Goflight modules

    Dave, You need an additional DLL available here before you can program buttons via FSUIPC5.
  13. @Drumcode, Pete is on holiday now and I know John has been working on finding a solution so please be patient. You will hear from John in due course. The short-term solution is to reduce Ai to around 60%. Not ideal but it should prevent the crashes for now.
  14. That's helpful but the reason I'm asking you to perform my test is because it's at a specific place. That is important when trying to replicate a problem.
  15. I cannot recall any crashes of this type so far into a flight. Would you try the EGLL test please? If you get the .NET crash followed by two FSUIPC crashes within a couple of seconds of the wheels leaving the ground that replicates mine and is reproducible on a third system which adds weight to the argument.

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