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  1. I'll raise it on AvSim although Aerosoft would be the more logical site. But given you can never speak to the developer that is probably a waste of time. If others confirm the problem with v4.5 but then say it doesn't occur with v5 that's food for thought. Malaga or Bilbao to Madrid are also short hops. Malaga with northerly winds or Bilbao with southerly. Try to get some flying time in Pete inbetween the updates! 😁
  2. When I land at Aerosoft Madrid Professional the instant the wheels touch the ground there is the most appalling series of stutters. It’s been like this for a while but I decided I’d had enough and investigated. CPU1 is close to 100% so I loaded the LEMD utility and turned off all settings. All of them. Reloaded the flight 10 miles out and again, the same stutters on touch-down. CPU1 was still in the high 90s. To cut a long story short only by turning off DL in P3D did the stutters cease. But this is in daytime with no DL options enabled at Madrid. There must be some code that is called on touchdown that is causing this. Crazy it has such an impact on performance. Does the same happen in v5 in daytime flights with DL enabled in P3D. If it’s fixed it might be worth considering a switch. The alternative is not to have any taxi and landing lights illuminating the ground which takes away a degree of realism. Madrid seems alone in this problem. Maybe the airport is coded differently to other Mega Airports.
  3. Not in v4.5. 😁 They give it realism. I don't spend enough time at airports to think about building shadows.
  4. I conducted some tests earlier with AA at various settings to gauge the impact on GPU rather than fps as that is adjusted back to 30 by removing Ai in FSUIPC. I was more concerned about trying to reduce the load on my 1080Ti. I’ll check shadows but this seems like one of those things where you could spend a lot of time tweaking to find the perfect settings. You’ll have far more leeway than I Pete. Cloud shadows are worthwhile but not sure about building ones. Vehicles certainly not. LOD has only been an issue with Concorde in v3 but I had to keep than low for VAS purposes.
  5. Hi John, the aircraft in question is Xtreme Prototype’s Learjet 25 from the 1970s. I tried another aircraft - Vertx Diamond DA62 - and the hit was far less. I didn’t set all lights on to run a full test but even looking at the GPU usage it was well down. It appears to be a combination of 1) Bilbao, 2) XP Learjet 25 and 3) 3840*2160. Remove any one of those and the problem disappears. This is in daytime, not dusk or night. You can use SimStarterNG for the settings in P3D but as you say, it can’t change them on the fly. I’m sure there must be a reason why LM never gave us this option especially DL as it has such a profound impact on performance. SimStarterNG is great for having different scenarios where you might want very different settings for each. I’ve used it since it was donation-ware. Very clever author.
  6. Hi Pete, I just checked RTSS against Task Manager / Performance and for a single display it's spot on. But for rich people with more than one it sounds ideal. 😁 I've found the culprit for stutters at Bilbao. I was testing using a 3rd party Learjet with nice cockpit lighting. It takes a real toll on DL. 10% extra with flight deck flood lighting on but the real killer is taxi and landing lights both required for take-off and landing because of the switch configuration. GPU usage goes from 64% (C&D) to 80% with instrument lighting on. Turn on taxi lights and it goes to 99% and fps drops below 30 with lots of stuttering. Add landing lights and it goes even worse with fps down to 21. With them both on plus instrument lighting it pushes GPU to 100% which is where the stuttering starts. In comparison the PMDG737 with all lights on does max out at LEBB too but without changing anything switching to LEMD - a far bigger airport - has the GPU at just 65%. I'll write to the developer and ask if anything can be done to improve it.
  7. Hi Pete, Most of the time especially during daylight flights having it off is not a problem. But during dusk and when flying some aircraft the enhanced effects it gives makes it desirable. And there are some ORBX airports like LEBB where even in daylight the DL option kills performance in UHD. It was for that airport where a toggle option would have been helpful instead of going into the menu. Since I posted I've been doing some research and testing. The MSAA settings does have an appreciable effect on performance so I've switched it off as I never really saw any benefit running at 3840*2160 anyway. SSAA is even worse and I never used that. AA is also off for obvious reasons. Some flight deck lighting on certain aircraft has a big impact on the GPU so I'm avoiding using those. All this has been possible by using Riva Tuner RTSS which is great for monitoring performance.
  8. Hi Pete / John, Dynamic Lighting at some airports imposes a significant hit on my frame rate. To get around the problem I have to bring up the menu and switch it off. I wondered if there was a command in P3D to do it but there isn't. Neither does a Toggle Dynamic Lighting appear in FSUIPC commands. Is it possible to control this outside of the P3D menu? Having a button to toggle it on/off would be helpful. This is with P3D v4.5 but the same would apply to v5 too I imagine.
  9. Sorry for resurrecting this topic but I had the same problem after installing my new Fulcrum One yoke and have found a solution. In ChasePlane - Control Assignments - there are view commands that you can associate with keys. These include Tilt Up, Tilt Down, Pan Left and Pan Right. I associated those to CTRL+UpArrow, CTRL+DownArrow, CTRL+LeftArrow and CTRL+RightArrow. If you then associate those key commands with the relevant hat switch in FSUIPC you then get full panning and tilting in the VC. Assign them in Buttons & Switches tab. The external views and panning / tilting remain the same.
  10. Thanks Pete, will do. I definitely saw those entries in the Events drop-down for exits. Hopefully we’ll get a solution.
  11. Pete, It's probably best if you read the dialogue between me and Steve regarding this problem. I'm just passing on what he said. https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/vanillaforums/discussion/1230/exit-lights-wont-illuminate#latest
  12. Thanks John and Pete. The reason for the access into FSUIPC is to read 3367 for the status of exits. Apparently SimConnect reads them once and not again so they’re not available via the usual means in GIT. Hence the access to FSUIPC5. I’ll install the pack tomorrow and hopefully it will fix the problem. Thanks!
  13. Hi John, GIT is to allow communication between GoFlight hardware and P3D but also accessing FSUIPC. I have narrowed the problem down to a port number that is trying to be accessed but being denied. I am talking to the GIT author but wondered if you had any ideas about this error in the fsuipc log:- 50703 LUA.1: beginning "D:\P3Dv4\Modules\gitlua.lua" 50703 *** LUA Error: D:\P3Dv4\Modules\gitlua.lua:5: module 'socket' not found: no field package.preload['socket']socket no file 'D:\P3Dv4\modules\socket.lua' no file 'D:\P3Dv4\modules\socket\init.lua' no file 'D:\P3Dv4\modules\lua\socket.lua' no file 'D:\P3Dv4\modules\lua\socket\init.lua' no file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Lua\5.1\lua\socket.luac' no file 'D:\P3Dv4\modules\lua\socket.dll' no file 'D:\P3Dv4\modules\lua\loadall.dll' It can't find the socket. Any suggestions?
  14. An update. That IP address relates to 'local host'. I've now changed it to the IP address of the PC. But access still fails because of a port number in FSUIPC5 not being accessible. Is 8385 the correct one?
  15. Hi chaps. Frustrating problem trying to get GoFlight Interface Tool (GIT) to read an offset in FSUIPC5 for the status of the exits so when I flick a switch to open an exit the LED for the T8 comes on. It’s the only way of getting the led to work apparently. The GIT log records all actions but it’s this one that has me beat... 14:20:49 FSUIPC: Connection Failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. I’ve disabled the firewall but still no joy. All this is one the same PC. There was no entry for GIT in the list of approved programs in the firewall so I added it with private access. Still no joy. One program is trying to read another all on the same machine but the firewall is blocking access. Any ideas how to fix it?
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