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  1. When u click the shift key, do u hear clicking sounds? If u do when you say something do u see anything at all...even if it's not what you said in the command box above ? (I hope that makes sense)
  2. Yes Hexzed it probably only affects some computers and users... and yes it can be frustrating but I am still extremely grateful I found this game and this forum!
  3. HI Mjkerr, this happens to me all the time (not with those exact examples off course) but in general I would first make sure no background noises in your room at all, 2nd. make sure the game volume is not too loud... i.e you can hear the noise of the planes lining up on the runway, etc., third make sure you speak clearly, not too fast and maybe a little louder than you normally would; and lastly don't let go of the shift key until you see what you said show up on the screen. Any of those things could help you. When this happens to me as a last resort I just type the command to go on if noth
  4. Hi Feelthere Ariel: I know this is not the correct thread for this topic; I just didn't know where to go to ask this question. Where can I go as sort of an introduction to how this is done; I know pretty much nothing about it. I am a little familiar with xplane 11 and am considering buying it. Is there a tutorial or an introduction somewhere on how to get started? (A booklet or something ). Can these be used on xplane 11? what is FS9, FSX and p3d? thanks
  5. EliGrim, yes I forgive you :) It was actually quite cool to be "quoted" by an expert :) Wir koennen auch in Deutsch reden wenn Sie wollen. Ashlee P.S.: I just have a general question. Feelthere sells "airplanes" on their site. What is the name of the topic to learn how this works. Are they used with a flight simulator? Do they go with xplane 11 or is there another software here they are used with. Just trying to understand. I think I will be concentrating on ATC but may want to at least look at this. thanks.
  6. Hi Jade 2942, I too had issues with speech, so you are not alone. Everyone is really helpful here so I will try to help you too because I know what it is like to face technical challenges. Everything Feelthere Ariel and Battlehawk 77 said is good information. Couple of additional tips: If you look at the pics I submitted the page "settings" that is a screen shot of the game, has proven to be very important also. You will need to play with the levels of volume like "Master Volume", "Speech sound volume" , "Sound effects volume" and "Environment volume. If they are not set correctly that cou
  7. HI, I think I got it to work. I am still having to figure out the speed of my speech and sometimes it does not type what I "tell it to" ... but in general it is working. I may still need some help tweeking. If you see anything that can be fixed in the above please let me know. Ashlee
  8. Hi Feelthere Ariel, Here are some screen shots; if I am missing something I am sorry; I am trying to fix this. I appreciate you helping me. I did try to run the game while having Norton disabled and had "some" success -- the system heard and repeated what I said.. but only bits and pieces so I feel I am really close. Norton had no problem with the main feelthere file, but I was not able to get a screen shot. I hope this helps I didn't know if you already wanted me to send you a log or not and also I wasn't sure exactly which file it was. Thank you Ashlee
  9. HI, I know this topic has been discussed sooo much; I think I have done everything I can to follow what has been written but i still have not been able to use voice. One thing I noticed that the file towerspeakbridge.exe is just a really small file in my feelthere folder. I don't know if that is the way it is supposed to be. I am able to speak to cortana and she can hear me; i am using an internal microphone, I don't know exactly how to make tower3d.exe trusted for my virus software...there is no button but I was able to see something that said Norton does not see any problems with Feelthere..
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses. I will try disabling the antivirus and see if that works. At some point I will upgrade to the new parallels and also talk to them if I can get a '"truer" Windows double monitor situation.. and last resort which is very very last.. buy a windows pc to play this game (that may not happen lol... but lets try some other things first). Thanks again. Ashlee
  11. Yes I do have Norton Antivirus on and also Acronis. I am running an IMAC with Parallels 12 (I have not yet upgraded to 15) so as default both my screens have the "imac" desktop image. When I open parallels (and it works because I can move my curser and move files freely between both monitors) and launch Windows 10, the 2nd monitor stays with the imac image and does not change to my Windows 10 desktop. (I hope that makes sense).. so this may also be a parallels issue... but... what I would like to know from any smart people on this message site... if I were to hypothetically be running thi
  12. Thanks, I posted a comment on that thread.
  13. Hi FS1TR or anybody who is still dealing with this topic, has anybody since the last message was made have any success taking the ADIRS and moving it to a second monitor while the "main game" is still on the first monitor? I tried what was mentioned by clicking on the little box on top of the ADIRS.. it did enlarge it on the screen and I was able to move it a little more off the screen but still not onto the 2nd screen .. and then the program eventually crashed. Let me know if you have had successes. Thanks, Ashlee
  14. Hi BLB. It's me again ... I wanted to thank you for all your assistance with my "A" issue 🙂 I will contact parallels and either upgrade to a newer version or pay for a "subscription" where I can get phone or email support. That however will cost me at least $50 which is not in my budget right now. For now the solution that works for me is closing the game but not exiting and "continuing." That fixes the issue and the A is there most of the time. The reason I am writing you is I have another doozy of a question and just wanted to know if you have any advice 🙂 When I play the game and I h
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