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  1. Thank you BLB I will do that ! Ashlee
  2. BLB, it is 12.2.0 .. so not the latest. Thank you for your input... that is definitely a possibility. I know it's not major.. just annoying . Leave it to me to come up with something nobody has exprienced before 🙂
  3. Here you go; I assume this is what you wanted? I have another clue. When I close and pause the game and leave it like that for a while... and then resume it... the A comes back !!!????? This is so weird... I mean it is a good temporary fix....but why? Thanks for all your help. ! output_log.txt
  4. to blb: I am using Windows 10 but with Parallels on an IMAC. Keyboard language is English as far as I know on a wireless logitech keyboard and I am using a Kensington bluetooth mouse to feelthere ariel: I don't know.... if I am running in admin mode.. I assume so since I am the only one. (NOT SURE.. SORRY) Default language is English as far as I know. Now in the beginning I had lots of issues to get this program going. I always loaded in Windows 10... not the IMAC. ... But I first tried to install in C Drive ,... that didn't work; .. then I tried to install on an "X" Drive which is a data drive that works for both my Mac Files and PC files... that didnt' work; .. so finally I created a folder on the desktop... and that.... finally worked.... (I had so much trouble to install CDG airport which was the first airport I bought besides the LAX, PHL and the third one (the Island>.. I forget the name) ... but now finally that works... except for the " A" issue... and it comes so randomly I can't even pinpoint when.. usually when I start playing it works fine.. then suddenly it happens.. Now I have not messed with voice activation yet... I am just gaining some experience using the mouse... but loving this game 🙂
  5. To hexzed: I found the file you are looking for; but there were no dates... this is the bottom half; there was more... does this help?
  6. Hi BLB. Sorry it took a while to get back on here. See if you can read this image; you will notice on the DBRITE and DIRS the letter A is missing on the Airline call sign. This only happens intermittenlty though. Yesterday when I played it didn't happen... Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hexzed; not as of now but I will try to get something set up. It may be a few days
  8. In answer to hexzed's question, yes I do; I am new to this forum and not sure exactly how to do this; it says file cannot be bigger than 20 k... I did that but now it's not readable.. I noticed a few more things. The A disappears in both the DIRS and DBRITE screens. By accident I found out that when I exit the program and go back in the A comes back.. and then eventually disappears again. In answer to FeelThereAriel's question, yes it happens in both LAX and LFPG.
  9. Are you having the same problem as I am; on the DIRS on the call signs for the aircraft like for example UAL1234 the A does not show up on any of the planes? Actually it shows up when I first strart playing and then after a while the A's stop showing up. Has that happened to you and can it be fixed? thank you.
  10. I am extremely frustrated; I love the game but I am trying to install LFPG airport. As far as I know I have installed it in the right directory but it still does not show up in the airport pulldown list... (the list has LA, Philly and St. Thomas). LFPG shows up in the when I look at my files.. but it does not say application like the main one... it just says file...please help!!
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