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  1. Has anybody used this schedule? Does it work?
  2. FS1TR


    No, I forgot all about that one. I checked the faa.gov site mentioned in the post a little down from here. I'll go look for that previous post and try the VATSIM site. Thanks for the reminder. Tom
  3. FS1TR


    Is anybody working on a custom schedule for Newark? Does anyone have a link to taxi-way operations?
  4. Thanks to both of you. You've been a big help. Tom
  5. Thanks for trying but I didn't see anything that helped with taxiway usage., I was trying to find out how departures were sent to 13 and how arrivals got back to their ramp. Tom
  6. I just bought KLGA and was looking for a you tube video;. I wanted to see what the normal traffic flow looked like. According to faa.gov the most common runway set up is arrivals on 22 and departures on 13. I was unable to find any videos that used this runway set up. Does anyone here use this set up and, if so, can you give me some advice for traffic flow Tom
  7. My choice doesn't seem to be in the poll. I use Real Traffic but don't care about Real Color.
  8. Yes, this is LAX and it is definitely 25L and 26R. at my age I should never type from memory.
  9. I usually have my aircraft "cross LAHAB at and maintain 7000. As soon as they reach Lahab I descend to 5000 and fly heading 270 At this point you can immediately clear them for the ILS. Once established on the ILS, I issue a "contact tower at the outer on nnn" so that I don't have to keep track of them any longer. This is for 25R. For 26L, the idea is the same just different waypoints. I find that this is the easy part. The tough part is spacing the aircraft out so that they don't all reach the runway at the same time. Tom
  10. I had this problem and found the following solution: While working/playing on my computer, I came across Acronis True Image. In addition to its usual backup, I noticed that it was running a programs called " Acronis Active Protection." The pop-up window for this program indicates that it protects against ransomware. Being always suspicious, I turned it off. Lo and behold, I can now open Tower 3d windows without them disappearing.
  11. I chose not to use a full headset. With it I couldn't hear my wife call. This may have been a goo thing. However, I chose this from World Commander https://www.amazon.com/Executive-Communication-Systems-Professional-WordCommander/dp/B01M3VWP9N/ref=sr_1_1?crid=LQJTF4X584AD&keywords=word+commander+usb&qid=1574976635&sprefix=WORLD+COMMANDER%2Caps%2C137&sr=8-1
  12. In the absence of specific taxi instructions, aircraft taxiing to 13R from the east side of the airport will taxi through the middle of the north terminal. Is this a real life permitted taxi or would they be expected to go around on taxiway B?
  13. When following this link https://www.feelthere.com//product-category/p3d/ to the Feelthere store, the first two entries are EMBRAER ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ FOR P3D4 and EMBRAER ERJ145 P3D4 They're both listed at $24.99. What is the difference between the two 145s?
  14. For any given airport, I just sort the airlines.txt file on cols 1-3. Are you looking for more than that? Tom
  15. I'm running Tracon 2012 with the latest version of Windows10 with no problems.
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