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  1. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Similar to the above, at LAX at approx 20:19 there is a VRD1490 and about the same time ASA1490 appears.
  2. Anybody know a very busy hour at Philadelphia?

    Just to confirm. After installing ver 3.1, we then have to reinstall all our add-on airports and Real Traffic?
  4. KPHL Arrival Problem

    I'm finding KPHL unplayable due to ground conflicts. Mostly because arriving aircraft do not exit runway as instructed. For example playing at 8:00, I give a UPS arrival instructions to exit runway at K4. Pilot responds "unable to land, runway too short." This is fine because i'm quite happy to have him exit at T or anywhere beyond K4. Unfortunately aircraft exits at N and causes conflict. Am I doing something wrong or is KPHL at fault? Tom
  5. Issue installing ATCSuite - KSAN for Tower!3D

    When I installed KSAN the installer pointed to a Tower3D directory. It should be Tower!3D. Check your path, you may have the same problem.
  6. Save and load plans (answered)

    FSC cannot load P3D or FSX flightplans. The FSC flightplans are installed in the fsc9\\flightplan\fsc directory. Tom

    If you install tower SP3, do you then have to install each of the addons?
  8. A Different Speech Problem

    For the files below the in-game voice was set to female and the default text-to-speech was Microsoft David. game.log speech.log
  9. I am using Windows 10 and have Microsoft David and Zira installed. The problem occurs when the in-game speech selection is not the same as the Text-to-Speech default. If TTS is male and in-game is female, the female voice reads back what sounds like the some underlying HTML code and not the game commands. Again, this happens anytime the in-game voice is not the same gender as the default text-to-speech setting. Any ideas?
  10. Joe: A quick question on the terminal file. Does Ethiopian Air actually use terminal 6 or should it be at TBIT? Tom
  11. Joe. Do you have any statistics as to the number of arrivals and departures by hour? Tom
  12. Operations at KSAN

    What is the most common operation at KSAN - rwy 9 or rwy 27? If it is, as I fear, runway 27, what is the strategy to avoid conflicts on taxiway B? I was surprised to see that aircraft exiting runway 27 block taxiway B.
  13. At KLAX and KATL, is there a normal altitude at which aircraft are handed off to Departure?
  14. I was looking to purchase KSAN during the current sale but I can't find a PRO version. Are the add-ons now compatible with both the PRO and non-PRO?