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  1. I see that now. 😧 I removed it the alpha channel (didn't realize it) to put custom windows on and didn't re-add the alpha. I'll add it back in and update. Thanks for the input and the catch. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  2. Now available on AVSIM. Here's the link: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dacrp&DLID=217049 Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  3. Jeffrey S. Bryner


    Thank you. Also a huuuuge debt of gratitude to you for all your support of this product on these forums.
  4. You're reading my mind somehow. 😄 Yes, I plan to get the Alaska Op'd by Horizon out in the next day. Enjoy, and thank you for the response. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  5. Alaska Airlines NC Operated by SkyWest E175LR (N185SY) arrival... I just uploaded my content to AVSIM. I'll keep an eye out for it to be published. Here's a couple of promo shots (included in the upload):
  6. Jeffrey S. Bryner


    Has it been updated at all with the SP or is it (are they) the same as what was released with the initial product? Thanks in advance for your reply. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  7. Alaska Airlines Op'd by SkyWest E175 reg N185SY - On final... A couple more previews of N185SY, Alaska Airlines Operated by SkyWest before I publish it to AVSIM tomorrow (Mar 29). Here it is on the ramp at KSEA pushed back from the gate at Terminal B .
  8. Quite welcome. Doing my best to complete it as soon as possible. Stay safe and stay well.
  9. Greetings. It is not painted over. Look at every repaint including those provided with the product. It's one of the many challenges of repainting this model. The model does not have a metal texture for the (heated) leading edge of the winglet. There are many discrepancies "baked into" the model. What you refer to is one of them. Others include the exit door configuration/modeling (e.g.: incorrect and incorrectly placed "handles" on those doors), wheel covers, windows and window spacing, light placement and other items. So, we repainters "roll" with these issues and reproduce the repaints as best we can. If you've got a paintkit that corrects all of these, I am more than happy to use it to produce a more accurate repaint. I include a lot more detail than most repainters including decals that are a challenge to place as well.
  10. Alaska Airlines Op'd by SkyWest - On approach for arrival very soon.... Here's a teaser of the tail and aft section of N185SY on the ramp at KPDX. So, this has been a complex repaint on an aircraft that has proven very challenging to repaint (lineups, texture distortion, etc). Hopefully finishing this weekend; have to tweak the beziers on the engines and line up the text on the forward doors as well as the top of the starboard cargo door. Lots of details and accuracy (given the model) makes for long paint time.
  11. This has been published on AVSIM. Here's the link. Enjoy! https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dacrp&DLID=216883
  12. I have completed the Copa Airlines E190AR, registration HP-1556CMP. Please see the preview screenshot included in this post. I will be posting it to AVSIM tomorrow, March 18th in the AM (GMT-4).
  13. Thank you for catching it. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  14. TAP Express Operated by Portugalia Airlines (CS-TPQ) 'FARO' is now published on AVSIM's site and can be downloaded at this location: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dacrp&DLID=216827. Enjoy! I've been heads down in the Copa Airlines E190 and forgot to check. Kindly, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  15. I will indeed, as I always do 😉. I am still waiting for AVSIM to post the file. I submitted it to the library for publishing last evening, and they usually post within 12 hours, but for some reason it's not there yet. I'll keep monitoring, and when it's there the link will be posted here. Thank you for your interest. As a lot of us are at home more due to the COVID-19 situation, I'm using the time to get some other repaints out. I hope to finish the Copa Airlines E190 this evening. I'll post a preview shot when it's ready. Kind Regards, Jeffrey S. Bryner
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