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  1. If you have a GPU that can support 4x or higher SSAA with good fps, this helps. Otherwise you can try using SGSS in the Nvidia Control Panel. Unfortunately the panels seem to require high levels of anti aliasing to make them legible.
  2. sho69607

    Pax cabin

    Yeah I don't get that. Same issue here, the avionics seem to slash the FPS in half.
  3. Tried doing this however Toper still says Airac 1303. Both airports_10 and runways_10 are updated, but airports.dat still says the file is from 2013. Does this mean the airac cycle was not updated correctly?
  4. Hello, Is it possible to add a flaps 1 takeoff option for the 737CL? I believe the -300 supports this option.
  5. I think I may have resolved the problem. I forgot the simple rule of running the tool as admin. Looks like several airports located on my external drive were not scanned.
  6. Hello, I am having an issue with RAAS calling out the correct runways at DD Seattle Airports Boeing Field. It continues to call out RW 13R/31L instead of 14R/32L. I have run the make runways tool several times but it still isn't picking up the correct runways at Boeing field. Any ideas?
  7. This isn't applicable with SODE jetways, correct?
  8. Ok thanks! Is this compatible with the E170/190 as well?
  9. Maybe I didn't install this correctly, but when I launch the aircraft in p3d, "no preview available" shows up and then the sim crashes. Normally this is tied to a facilities.dll CTD, but this is only happening with the E175.
  10. Is there a way to enable faster scrolling when dialing the altitude and hdg on the MCP? It takes a long time to scroll on the mouse up to my cruise altitude. With aircraft I have used in the past if you scroll faster, it speeds up.
  11. Yeah I don't think it is possible with the ground friction model, which unbelievably, is still an issue in p3dv5. Some developers have found a way around it, but it still is a problem unfortunately.
  12. Does the Ejets v3 have a terrain radar modeled? I can't seem to find the option.
  13. Hello, I just reinstalled Windows and when I went to install FSUIPC6 today, I received a "installer corrupted: invalid opcode" error. So far both downloads from Simmarket and here on the website have given that error. I saw another post about this but unfortunately that didn't help me. FSUIPC5 installs fine, but 6 is not working.
  14. Hello, I have an axis calibration setup for certain aircraft in P3D, however some planes I fly do not use nosewheel steering (namely the King Air 350). The calibration appears to be apply to all aircraft as I am unable to taxi with the rudders in the King Air with this calibration. I thought I cleared the axis settings in FSUIPC, but the options appear to still be applied. Is there something I am missing here?
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