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  1. Sorry for the late Answer, didn't get a Notification. I've send you the inis via PM. As reported, the problem somehow went away with a fresh OS/P3D Install and new/fresh Install of the newest FSUIPC Version (.13). Regarding your Answer on the three Configuration Parameters (LuaTrapKeyEvent, SetForegroundOnKeySend, KeyboardFocus): These are not existent within the new ini File (currently in use in the new/fresh Installation). But the strange thing is, I only added/altered these Parameters in the attempt to troubleshoot the old Installation (and therefore old ini-File)
  2. Hello Captains, I have programmed a StreamDeck-Plugin because I couldn't find anything which suited my needs. It connects via FSUIPC to the Sim, so it is not limited to P3D (v5) alone - but that is the only one I can test. The Plugin Supports multiple ways to trigger things in the Sim (Macros, Luas, Controls, Offsets, Lvars, FSUIPCs vJoys) and can read from any Offset and Lvar Value. So it can offer "dynamic" Buttons on the StreamDeck to represent the State of a Control on the Deck. It is designed to be highly customizable and flexible for it to be configured and tweaked the way yo
  3. Unfortunately the Workload in my normal Job is pretty high this Week, just came out of the last Session for today. So I'm slower than I wanted to be 😕 (But hey, it pays the Bills^^) Depending on how big the urgency is: the "PilotsDeck-latest.zip" I just uploaded has most of it included already! Besides some further Optimizing/Testing/Polishing the only thing left is to add the Images with the "native" Resolution for the XL. (And obviously document all that in the Readme^^) So if you wish, you can start with that! When the Release-Version includes these Images, there is nothing to rec
  4. Should be ready in the next 2-3 days, want to add/improve some other things 😉 (crispier display on the XL, profile switching when multiple decks are connected, easier way to change the sim - I can't test but could eventually run with XP/2020).
  5. I just realized how "ignorant" your analysis was. To be fair, I myself was also ignorant. At least I don't go ahead and write lengthy posts on things I didn't bother with. You say this was "collaborative" - I can't judge if it was generally. But personally: it is not a style I'm compatible to. It didn't encourage me in any way to bother with your problem any longer, I just stumbled on the realization by accident (was looking for something else in the Offset Document). The thing is: Would I have spent some more minutes on your Code, especially on what FSUIPC Facility you're using the
  6. Uhm ... okay?! 🤔 Thank you for your Insight on your Use-Case. I now know that it has to be this Approach because of completely different Premises. It would have been completely fine to just write "Thanks, but this doesn't suite my needs!"
  7. For all still interested: I made some good progress with my Plugin now. It is hosted here on GitHub 🙂
  8. Hey @pilotjohn, I'm currently working on a StreamDeck Plugin myself. It's on Github, you can try it if you want here . It doesn't present / create any virtual Joystick Buttons that would be assignable in the Sim - the Assignment is done directly in the StreamDeck Plugin ("this StreamDeck Key fires Offset/Lua/Control/Macro/Script XY in the Sim"). Don't if that fits your use-case, but maybe it is a more straight-forward way? 🙂
  9. Maybe you'll find more help in the FSLabs Forums 😉 Have a look for the Copilot lua script in the Downloads section there. (You can disable all automatic functions and just use the lua interface) Also for the LINDA Module for FSLabs to get a List of Mouse-Macros. Both way much easier and more powerful (imho) than the rotaries!
  10. That is still the Case 😉 When P3D is open, go to (focus) another Window on the second Monitor, execute this simple script via Joystick Button Assignment - then the focus is switched back to P3D and the mouse-input is blocked. Sometimes for everything but P3D, sometimes for everything. It's more noticeable if I hit the Button a few times in a row (for testing purposes). When I repeatedly click or alt-tab (quantity depends on how often the button was hit) everything is back to normal. This focus steal/blocking behavior is most noticeable when P3D is not focused. But I also noticed, this "som
  11. I have moved the repeated Calls of the Lua Scripts inside FSUIPC it self (Auto loaded Script which uses event.timer) - so that they don't have to be invoked from the outside. Roughly the same result, regardless if they are called via ipc.macro or ipc.runlua. Roughly meaning, that Mouse-Input to the Sim is still blocked, but not the whole OS and there is sometimes a chance to get some moment of control to at least gracefully close P3D. Since I'm already inside a Lua Script there is no real need to call another Script anymore and I can mitigate this Blocking. Luckily this Bug/Effect is no
  12. Both latest Versions, I knew I forgot something 😅 P3D v5.1 HF1 ( FSUIPC v6.0.12
  13. Hello! I've found a strange problem when FSUIPC runs Lua Scripts: it changes the Focus to the Sim and blocks globally (whole OS) every Input. I have to repeatedly click on something that either the Sim or any other Program can receive input again. It only does happen when the Sim is not focused. It does happen regardless if the Script is invoked by a FSUIPC Button-Mapping or externally called (e.g. FSUIPC SDK for C#). The Script can be as simple as local lightPos = "PSEUDO" I did not notice it much while flying, just wondered why I sometimes have repeatedly click something in the
  14. @W4rl0ck Yes, it is possible - I programmed a prototype myself months ago (but on hold since then). Have you already tried multiple Buttons/Controls? Are you using ReadLVar / SendControlToFS Functions for the interaction? I'm asking because my prototype had issues when multiple buttons where assigned (e.g. Lights, TCAS, APU). Maybe some kind threading-issue with the library I used (StreamDeckLib).
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