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  1. For smaller airports, two additional suggestions would be London City Airport and DCA (not that small, I guess).
  2. I would enjoy seeing Singapore, HKG or Incheon. Can’t wait to see what it is.
  3. Very cool. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the response!
  4. Any ideas yet on what will be next after EGLL?
  5. Understood, thanks for responding. Maybe they can make an exception for ORD since it is really down to 6-7 runways that are actually used. 22L/4R only ever seems to be used for departures on 22L these days, so that would make 13 directions. I don't think 22R/4L gets any use and perhaps could be omitted. Otherwise, hope they can make both airports work in the next iteration of the game.
  6. @Braf123456 - Do you mind elaborating about these limitations that make creating airports such as EHAM and ORD impossible? Perhaps obvious to some, but I'm curious. Thanks.
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