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  1. I'm 100% with you there.
  2. I have a near-perfect VC-25 texture for FSXSE, which wilco also makes products for, why not Tower3d? Edit: I just realized those are freeware, and the chances of wilco releasing freeware addons are basically a snowball's chance in hell lol
  3. I dunno if I'm brave enough lol. I have my own JFK custom schedule that I've been working on about a year or so that I'm pretty proud of, I may make it public someday...
  4. Hi, just a suggestion, has Nyerges ever considered doing a VC-25 texture for the 747-200? Would be sort of cool to add variety to a custom schedule by adding a presidential visit, like they have to deal with occasionally at JFK and other airports, and all the traffic disruptions that come with VIP movement.
  5. Hadn't considered updating Real Traffic itself, that solved the problem- thanks for the assistance!
  6. Just bought CYVR and Real Color and have noticed a lot of the planes have livery glitches- especially the 789 and 359. Only one half of the plane renders properly, the other side and both wings have glitchy textures. See screeshot: https://imgur.com/a/W2sx463 I've already trying re-installing and I've confirmed that the installation path is correct, texpack 18 is right where it should be with all the other RC files... Thanks for your help
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