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  1. Could you possibly add the following: a. Silver Airways ATR42-600 currently flying out of Florida and the Caribbean.new color also. b. Liat Airlines ATR42-400- they don’t operate the Dash 8 anymore. c. Caribbean Airlines ATR72-600 currently flying out of the the Caribbean. d. Eastern also has B767-200. Currently only 767-300 is listed. e. Air Sunshine real colors. Models: SF3, CNA, and EM2 f. Intercaribbean airways. Real color. Models- DH6-300 twin otter and embraer 120 g. Winair real colors. Models: DH6-300 twin otter and ATR42-500 Obviously I’m trying to bui
  2. I really appreciate all the hard work that Feelthere and your associates do. Through this rough year, having a game like Tower 3D to pass the time has been helpful. Keep those airports coming and I look forward to new version. Take care and stay safe to all.
  3. A few months ago, the developers were nice enough to give us a heads up of new airports in development. Everything has been on point as far as release dates. Wink Wink, we are hoping EGLL ( Heathrow) is next. Hope we can get some kind of idea what might be coming in future releases as we wait for the next version of Tower 3d Pro. Here's my wish list : a. KMIA ( one of the biggest international airports on the east cost of the US) b. EHAM ( it speaks for itself) c. TJSJ ( if not the best int'l airport in the Caribbean) d. KDEN e. PEK Which ones would you like to s
  4. I uninstall everything, then reinstalled everything. I’m up and running. Thanks guys.
  5. None of my airports are working after KEWR download. 😢 After several restarts I gave up. I’ll try again later Saturday.
  6. KEWR not loading. Updated real traffic. It’s in the right directory. Restared the game and my computer. Help
  7. Thank you Hexzed. It worked. I appreciate it. Stay safe everyone.
  8. What's weird, EDDF, EDDM, LEBL, LFPG have the new United livery automatically for the 787's. None of my US airports that are in the master list do. Fun a way to get the Spirit yellow liveries in. They should be automatic for KRDU, KMCO.
  9. I have all the all airports except YMML, EDDS, and EKCH. I have all the real color packs for each also.
  10. I love this game a lot. However I am having a real problem getting all my airports to reflect the real colors for each airport based upon the all the new updates from the master list. I have downloaded the latest real traffic. I'm frustrated. Ready to uninstall the whole game if need be. Can anyone tell me what i maybe doing wrong. Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated. -- Edit subject line to reflect the question. -Mods.
  11. It would be nice to have TJSJ. It’s clearly an international island (US) airport. Lots of movements. Services not only mainland travels, also Caribbean flights also.
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