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  1. Hi John, Just a follow up... So am I understanding correctly that I should not have both MobiFlight event files in the FSUIPC folder? Is there a reason you are suggesting to swap these files in an out depending on the equipment in each plane. I have both in the FSUIPC folder right now and events from both files all seem to be available to me which assigning keys or buttons. Am I just lucky that everything seems to be working? Also, what would be your suggested workflow as far as swapping these files as I go from one plane to another? Thanks for addressing all me dumb questions! Best
  2. Just to be clear, I did not know about using a LUA script to circumvent the issue with the rocker switches on the Bravo (greater than 32 buttons) when I posted my earlier message. But I did end up trying the LUA script and it worked perfectly for me. Now I have the 7.1.0a beta and obviously removed the LUA script and it is working perfectly for me as well. Thanks for all your work on this, John!
  3. Sorry to butt in here but I recently received my Bravo to go along with my Alpha and I can report that the toggle switches Paul is referring to are not recognized by FSUIPC7. MSFS2020 does recognize them and I can assign them within the control options section of the sim. But I cannot assign them within FSUIPC although they do show up as events in the event log. As you may know all the toggle switches on both the Alpha and Bravo continually generate events in either the On or Off position so reading the FSUIPC event log, live is undoable as everything is continuously scrolling up. This also ca
  4. Thanks John! And just like that, in less than 24 hours, I have it working on my X-Keys keyboard working with MSFS2020 via FSUIPC7. Thank you so much for all your efforts and support of the community. FSUIPC was one of the best purchases I have made for my flight simming. Now, I'm gonna have to go learn about the differences between Hvars, Kvars and Lvars. 😀
  5. Hello John or Pete, I am currently trying to utilize a PI Engineering XK-60 keyboard control board (USB key box) with MSFS. It can be configured to send out any keystroke(s) but I wanted to use my registered version FSUIPC7 to configure it. I would really like to be able to send commands to control the Garmin devices and was happy to see that MobiFlight has exposed the variables to do this. I have placed the mobiflight-event-module in the Community folder and I was hoping that FSUIPC7 would be able to "see" these new events and use them as controls within FSUIPC7. I hope I'm making s
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