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  1. Okay, Scoobflight, thank you for your efforts. Much appreciated. Herman
  2. Followed your advise re antivirus but there is not difference. I have a dedicated SSD for the simulator and normally an antivirus exception is being maintained. Did switch it totally off for testing (MS Defender). Can you further clarify, " Make sure the feelThere folders with the game are bit locked/protected"? Not exactly sure what you mean... My feeltThere folder properties tab indicates: Attributes - Read-only (Only applies to files in folder) The e170 configuration settings file indicates: [Preferences] ;Fuel measuring ;0 - pounds ;1 - kilogramms fuelUseKg=1 I note the spelling error in respect of "kilograms" but presume this has no impact as the line fuelUseKg=1 and thus applied. The relevent tab in the configurator keeps switching back to Imperial (LBS). Sorry to bother you with this but would like to have it sorted out if possible. Herman
  3. Hi Jeffrey, I downloaded both your GSX E170 profile and E175 aircraft livery as per above. Wonderful! Any chance you've had the opportunity to upload the GSX profiles for the rest of the FeelThere pack i.e. 175/190/195 v3? Thank you! Herman
  4. Thank you for your response scoobflight. I did install & run it in admin mode, however, it still keeps reverting to Imperial (LBS) on the Load Manager tab. Any other option? Thanks! Herman
  5. Hi - I notice that the configurator keeps referring to LBS instead of KGS. Is there a way whereby it permanently refers to KGS? Advice appreciated. Thank you. Herman
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