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  1. This has happened to me in the past and I believe (it was a while ago) that it was because it could not find the route folder.
  2. After a while using MTXLite as I needed a computer upgrade I am now ready to reinstall MTX. The installers I have available are 51, 51B, 52, 52B and 53. I see on SimMarket there is also 54C but no 54B - yet I read a post that 54B is required to be installed first. So, what do I need before I purchase 54C and where do I get 54B. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the latest upgrade. Just gets better and better. Unless I have missed something (and at my age that is quite possible) I have a small request - would it be possible for the user to be able to specify either FlyOver or FlyBy as a default? Thanks.
  4. If you are having difficulty understanding the windows help at control panel - Network and Sharing centre then input your problem in the search page at http://www.sevenforums.com - should be able to find all you need there.
  5. You need an AFCAD for it - there is one for UGTB with scenery at http://www.flightsim...chid=7128749��- install that, run the database manager and all should be fine.
  6. Sounds like you have missed a waypoint and it is giving the distance back to it and then to destination. Easy way to check is whether the time you passed each waypoint shows on the flight plan.
  7. And an even bigger problem is UT Alaska which has dozens of airports where runways are not recognised. It has been reported and it would seem nothing can be done. They put it down to flight planners that 'aggressively scan for any airport content' which is what I thought we wanted flight planners to do!! In the meantime I am sticking with FSC and dumping UTX.
  8. Probably too late now but at another forum where some have been having trouble with not seeing AI one member found that by going back to FSUIPC 4.80 the problem was solved. May have been coincidental but worth a shot. Anything is better than a reinstall.
  9. Would it be possible in a future update/version to restrict the showing of airports under a certain length so that it omitted all the farm strips and club airfields. The problem is especially rife in the US where there are thousands of tiny airfields. Alternatively, could everything be omitted other than the route (and the two airports) in the flightplan (as was possible in FSNav I seem to recall from the long distant past). Seasons greetings to all.
  10. Ruedi - see you are based at Zurich - have you seen this? Full screen and the sound turned right up!!
  11. There should be above 'Print options' detail of the AFX/AFCAD file used in red. It is not there so something is amiss with the scenery database it would appear.
  12. I thought that as well but can find nothing in the GUI or the manual other than for duplicate runways in the same scenery. Worth Eric having a look though - http://www.airportdesigneditor.co.uk/ for the editor
  13. Can you not change it with window / options / flight plan tab?
  14. There is a way and it comes at a price (unless anyone knows a freeware utility that will sort it out). Amongst many other things this will find all duplicate afcads and list them. The problem with an automated system would be which one to delete.
  15. Hi - you clicked 'Enter Flight Simulator' - that is not FS but a little app for exploring Google Earth.
  16. Try disconnecting from FS and immediately reconnecting. That worked for me as far as getting the greyed out area to be accessible.
  17. Looks like you may have an error in your scenery.cfg - areas 105 - 110 would seem to be looking at the wrong folders as they are looking at the FSGX folders the same as areas 188 - 193. [Area.105] Title=FlyTampa-Boston Layer=105 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=D:\fsgx\oce [Area.106] Title=Imagine Simulation - KATL Atlanta Layer=106 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=D:\fsgx\eur [Area.107] Title=NL2000 v4.0 Fotoscenery object excludes Layer=107 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=D:\fsgx\asi [Area.108] Title=NL2000 v4.0 Fotoscenery Drenthe Layer=108 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=D:\fsgx\csa [Area.109] Title=NL2000 v4.0 Fotoscenery Flevoland Layer=109 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=D:\fsgx\afr [Area.110] Title=NL2000 v4.0 Fotoscenery Friesland Layer=110 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=D:\fsgx\LocalMeshes
  18. I have had problems in the past with UK2000 scenery so I started to install it into the Addon scenery folder and have not had any problems since.
  19. Before doing a reinstall you can drag the folder out of the program files folder and then use the FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool to correct the registry. You will find which third party applications you need to reinstall as you come to use them but that is far easier than a total reinstall.
  20. There is a workaround you can use. It involves the first two icons on the toolbar. Click the second icon - Airport Selection box opens Using the example of O69 (that's the letter O) enter it into the top box on the right and hit enter on the keyboard Two airports will appear in the box below - hightlight one of them and click select The box will go Now click the first icon on the toolbar and the airports will now be there.
  21. On the matter of failed registration, after reinstalling FSX today I made an error in the registration details and found that this could not be corrected on the screen. The program needed to be restarted. Some may be making that mistake.

  22. and the final speed must be lower then 60 kts.
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