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  1. No, I haven't that will be my next step, but I thought I would check here first. Regards, Marc
  2. Hi all, Our Acars system displays the fuel flow per hour using offsets 0918, 09B0, 0A48 & 0AE0 and this works for every aircraft in our fleet except for the Majestic Dash 8. Does anyone have any idea how to get the fuel flow per hour for this aircraft? Thanks in advance, Marc
  3. Lockheed Martin has announced that P3D v4 which is 64-bit will be released on May 30th. As FSUIPC is a 32-bit DLL any idea if it will work in P3D v4. Are there any plans to support P3D v4?
  4. After many months of coding, we have finally released our new Acars system called CXAcars which replaces FSAcars. The response from our pilots has been extremely positive. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank Pete Dawson, Thomas Richter & Paul Henty. You have been absolutely fantastic in answering my question and I could not have done this without your assistance. Thanks again! Marc Wheeler (CXA001) Chief Executive Officer Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline® ~ Fly Virtually Anywhere! ™ ~ Web: http://www.CanadianXpress.ca
  5. We are in the process of beta-testing our new ACARs software and over all it is going very well. However, I have a very particular case where FSUIPC is returning the current latitude and longitude for one pilot only with commas instead of decimals. LAT= 47,464698792 instead of 47.464698792 LONG = 8,5491695404 instead of 8.5491695404 Offset<long> FSUIPCLatitude = new Offset<long>("FSUIPCLatitude", 0x0560); // Offset for Latitude. Offset<long> FSUIPCLongitude = new Offset<long>("FSUIPCLongitude", 0x0568); // Offset for Longitude. //Current latitude and longitude from FSUPIC. stringCurrentLatitude = Convert.ToString(FSUIPCLatitude.Value * 90m / (10001750m * 65536m * 65536m)); doubleCurrentLatitude = Convert.ToDouble(stringCurrentLatitude); stringCurrentLongitude = Convert.ToString(FSUIPCLongitude.Value * 360m / (65536m * 65536m * 65536m * 65536m)); doubleCurrentLongitude = Convert.ToDouble(stringCurrentLongitude); Worse case, I could put in some code to replace the comma in the string with a decimal, but I found this very strange especially since only one pilot is experiencing this. Any ideas on what would cause this? Regards, Marc
  6. You sir, are a life saver. :) Thanks again! Marc
  7. I am working with FS9, but came up with a bug in FSX/P3D. For whatever reason, I always have issues working with Bytes & BitConverters and I can never get the values I need. Offset<byte[]> FSUIPCHandle = new Offset<byte[]>("FSUIPCHandle", 0x0BFC, 2); //Flaps handle for FSX, P3D. //Get data from FSUPIC FSUIPCConnection.Process(new string[] { "FSUIPCHandle" }); labelCurrentHandle.Text = BitConverter.ToString(FSUIPCHandle.Value, 1); This is running in a timer that runs every 1 second and I always get a value of 1. I can confirm that there is not value for this in FS9. Sorry for the trouble, Marc
  8. For 0BFC, 1, Flaps handle index (0 full up) I need to read how many bytes from it. I have tried different values, but I am getting weird numbers. Regards, Marc
  9. As we are not a military VA, we do not have facilities to refuel during mid-flight. How would I go about prevent our pilots from adding fuel during mid-flight? I have looked at the different offsets and can't seem to find one that would prevent the pilot from adding fuel. Regards, Marc
  10. Thanks Pete for the great explanation. Reworked things a little bit and I am happy with the results. Regards, Marc
  11. I have a question regarding grouping and / or requesting data from FSUIPC and performance. Lets say I have a timer that every 5 seconds queries FSUIPC. As far as performance, is it better to request all the information at the begining of my process: FSUIPCConnection.Process(new string[] { "FSUIPCParkingBrake", "FSUIPCOnGround", "FSUIPCGroundAltitude", "etc..." }); or would it be better to request it as needed through out my code: FSUIPCConnection.Process(new string[] { "FSUIPCParkingBrake" }); Some code... FSUIPCConnection.Process(new string[] { "FSUIPCPOnGround" }); Some code... FSUIPCConnection.Process(new string[] { "FSUIPCGroundAltitude" }); Normally with a database, I would query everything at once as you need to create the connection, run the query, then close the connection, etc. As FSUIPC is always connected, I am curious as to what is the most efficient way to do this. Marc
  12. I realized that last night and switched to doubles. Did some more changes last night and I think I finally have the answer, but more testing is required on my part to be sure. Will advise. Marc
  13. I spoke to soon... My code worked great with the default C172, but when I loaded the default FS9 737-400 most handles which I was trying to get work. Back to the drawing board. :( Marc
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