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  1. I tested informally, and I observed the B772 and A346 showing the problem. Both are the freeware versions of the AI models I think. Will need to do a more complete test of the major models and make some config changes, but please contribute anything you find as well. The "Depart Now" command is very helpful here for looking at particular models. Thanks Simon
  2. What you are seeing looks normal to me if you are missing a currently compiled airports database. Let's deal with your other problem first, and then see how it informs this one.
  3. STB knows how to read the Prepar3D AddOn infrastructure so can find AIG or any other add-on for that matter. Please set up a verbose trace as per appendix C of the STB user guide, compile the airport database, close STB and then send me the trace file. Please tell me where you think the AIG folders are (i.e. the OCI Settings) Thanks Simon
  4. Yes, working fine here. You'll only get full flight numbers after compiling the airport database. The simulator only publishes them over SimConnect ones an AI aircraft is something other than parked, which is a legacy all the way from FSX.
  5. Peter, Please contact Aerosoft, all I do is supply the materials to them and ask them to update their website. Simon
  6. STB-DS for V5 is out there, I just loose touch of where all the touch points are such as the place you visited. www.supertrafficboard.com/downloads/stbds_p3dv5.zip Thanks for finding my oversight. Simon
  7. I'm adding a setting to enable/disable the AI departure flaps command in the next update. The best way is to configure the departure flaps handle setting for individual aircraft, but this setting will globally enable or disable the capability. If this is happening a lot in your AI package, it might be worth switching off entirely. I don't remember anything specific, but I'm sure I've seen some AI models that do departure flaps without needing STB to help out.
  8. Not sure what's with the icon, I always get a few applications on my desktop loosing their icons. Can't do notification tray as it causes lots of problems in the functionality, but auto minimize on startup is already available: Just make sure the option is checked, and next time STB-DS is started it will apply. The only exception is when you run the configuration wizard in the same session, in which case the minimize is postponed to next time. Simon
  9. This is STB working as designed and configured. STB sends a "deploy a bit of flaps for takeoff" command at the start of taxi-out, this was done long before any AI packages had the capability to do so independently. The amount of flaps is set in the aircraft config section of the STB Settings Notebook (simulator "flap handle position", which can be 0 through 6). For most aircraft I supply pre-packaged configurations for, this is 2 or 3. However for some AI models, flaps are linked to other systems such as reverse thrust. I don't know why that is, but whatever the reason you need change the flaps handle value in STB to zero for the aircraft concerned. If you can tell me the exact type and model as STB understands it I can update the source material. Thanks Simon
  10. This has beeen resolved. If anyone else experiences it, please contact me directly. As far as I know it's just an issue in the older STB V3 for Prepar3D-V3 and is specific t the way that version was built. Thanks Si,om
  11. Glad it's working, we've all been there!
  12. That's exactly the problem, the SimConnect API which is part of Prepar3D. The fact you got the error about Visual Studio download being required is an indication of the SimConnect.dll failing to load, so something very strange has happened to your Prepar3D install. This sort of thing used to happen once in a blue moon with FSX also, and one trick we had was to install the SimConnect client msi which would typically fix the problem. Unfortunately LM don't supply these, just legacy ones from FSX which won't help. Other than that, I guess you'd need to ask LM how to fix this, and I imagine if they tell you anything they may well tell you to reinstall. Reinstalling STB isn't going to help, as the problem is not in STB. The trace simply tells us we tried to connect, and SimConnect failed: FS Open Connection Exception Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. One other thing, please check for simconnect.cfg files in MyDocuments/Prepar3D V5 Files and the STB Install folder.
  13. It's difficult because 3.4 is out of support now, and help can only be offered on a best efforts basis. I'll see if I still have the source code. I hate making suggestions like this, but one thing the error could suggest is a corrupted file in your STB-DS installation or wider .net as it's failing to load an assembly. Reinstalling may or may not resolve it but worth a try perhaps as there are few other options from an STB point of view. Simon
  14. This is the running STB and Prepar3D V5 on the same computer?
  15. What version of STB-DS is this please? Thanks Simon
  16. I can appreciate why they are doing it - Thanks. I do map them to the aircraft manufacturer once inside STB, but as AIG changes a lot (which is a good thing), it's quite a bit of work to keep up. I would like to try to publish updates a bit more often. Simon
  17. If there's other utilities out there that already do it, please consider using those. I don't really want to take the best ideas in freeware and add them to a payware product.
  18. *** Updated May 26th, now available for Aerosoft as well as SimMarket. As many of you will have seen, STB V5 for Prepar3D-V5 is now available. SimMarket and Aerosoft has it live, the others will follow in due course (maybe a little slower than usual given the situation we are all in). If I have any news to share on that it will be here. Glad to say I've been able to contain the costs with the investments into the infrastructure over recent years, so this one like the others for Prepar3D is once again free of charge to existing customers with STB for Prepar3D. Simon
  19. No problem, sorry it was late, if only there were more hours in the day.... 🙂
  20. The tank is empty tonight, but tomorrow is another day 🙂 What is "not installed in the sim"? Where does that come from? Simon
  21. Never has been available at SimMarket. It's only provided on my website, which seems to be a bit slow catching up today. See here for details:
  22. OK, SimMarket should be live now with STB V5 for Prepar3D V5. Anyone here ordered through SimMarket, and if you did would you mind checking your account to see if the V5 download is available alongside the others? SimMarket are first as I have a lot of control over my little part of their world. The others will come, but more hoops to jump through. If you can't wait I quite understand, and you are quite welcome to contact me in the mean time to request it. You'll need to email me your original invoice for STB and then we are all set. Thanks again Beta Testers! Simon
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